19 17. Slave

    "Well, the look's like the store is near the east gate," Karol mumbled as he looked at the card in his hand. Just as he was about to leave the guild he felt someone tapping on his shoulder, turning around he saw a brown-haired man in his early twenties standing there with a sword strapped on his back as Karol looked at him with a confused face.

    "Oh! Right, I am Josh and I wanted to ask you something?" Josh said with a smile. "What is it?" Karol asked with suspicion in his eyes.

    "Well do you want to a quest together," Josh asked while scratching the back of his head. "Huh? But why me?" Karol asked with a confused face."Well as a senior adventurer, I wanted to help you as you are my junior," Josh said laughing awkwardly. Hearing that Karol examined Josh and asked, "Are you the only one?"

    "No, No, there are two more." "Okay." "And you should think about it as we will be doing the quest tomorrow," Josh said laughing. "Okay then, I will think about," Karol said with suspicion in his eyes. "Then, meet me tomorrow here at the same time," Josh said and exited the guild.

    Looking at his back, Karol looked at his chest and mumbled, "Should I trust him or not...well I will think about this later." And the started to walk towards the south of the town.

    A few minutes later.

    Karol was standing in front of a one-storeyed building made out wood and with a book carved above its gate. Karol looked at the carved book and mumbled, "Well let's get those things." As he entered the building. Inside the building, there was a large number of books on the walls as it acted as a bookshelf and there was a counter towards the left side of the town.

    "Oh! What brings you here, kid?" An old man behind the counter asked with a book in hand. "Well, uncle Joseph, what do you think?" Karol asked with a smile to which Joseph just laughed. "Well, just get whatever you want and yeah, how was your bloodline test?" Joseph asked with curiosity in his eyes.

    "Well it good but I didn't get a great bloodline level," Karol said shrugging his shoulder. "Well, it's ok as I am sure you will do something and yeah if you ever need a job as a teacher just tell me," Joseph said with a smile.

    "Well, I will tell you if I ever need one but I should get some book first," Karol said laughing. "Ok then, Kiddo," Joseph said with a smile and started to read the book in his hands. "Well, I should read about that one first," Karol mumbled as he entered the door at the back of the counter.

    Entering the room, he saw many bookshelves lined up in rows with books in it. "Where would that be...Ah right there." Karol mumble as he picked up a book from the third row titled, 'Slave and their history' as he started to skimmed through it.

    A few minutes later.

    "Well that's about it and now the next one." Karol as he finished reading the book and put it back where it was as he then picked up another book and also started to skim through it.

    Half an hour later.

    "Well, now I should go," Karol mumbled as stretched his body and then exited the room. "Oh! You finally here...not going to take any book." Joseph asked with a surprised face. "Well not right now but later as I should be going now," Karol said laughing.

    Suddenly, Joseph sighed and mumbled, "If only could my idiotic son, Alan studied as you do then...". Hearing that Karol just laughed awkwardly and said, "I should be going now." As he immediately ran out of the library.

    "Well let's go buy one," Karol mumbled as he looked at the slave-trading business card in his hand as he started to walk towards the east of the town.

    A few minutes later.

    "There is the east gate then it should be there," Karol mumbled as he looked at the east exit of the town and then towards the left side of the street. "Ah! There it is." Karol mumbled as he found the shop which was a small building with a collar carved on its door.

    Just as he entered the shop, he looked at with a confused face and mumbled, "Huh? Is it the right place?" As he only saw a counter inside the shop with a fat man behind the counter.

    "Welcome to my shop Sir, I am Paul, the owner here and in this you can get any type slave you want such as small, big, weak, strong, cute, hot, beautiful, handsome and more," Paul said with a huge smile.

    "Is this the same place," Karol asked as he pointed at the card in his hand. "Let me see it," Paul said and Karol gave him the card. "Oh! It's the card I gave this Miss Sarah and with this sir, you can get a 20% discount on anything from my shop." Paul said laughing loudly.

    "But why did you gave it to her?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Well, I usually don't give out the detail but as you have the card, I can tell you...well I gave it to her because she is my regular customer." Hearing that Karol looked at him with a confused face.

    "But she is a strange one as she immediately releases whatever slave she bought," Paul said while he examined Karol while he just smiled as he looked at the card. "So anyway, Sir what brings you here?" Paul asked with a smile as he sat behind the counter.

    "Well I wanted to buy a slave but..." Karol said as he looked around the empty shop. "Oh! Then follow me, Sir." Paul said as stand up and pressed the wall behind him with his hand as the wall suddenly parted to reveal a staircase going down while Karol looked at it with a confused face.
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