20 18. Buying

    "Follow me, Sir," Paul said as starting to go downstairs as Karol calmed his emotion while following him. Arriving at the end of the stairs, he saw a large corridor with many rooms to its sides. "Sir, she is one of our finest slave here," Paul said as he pointed towards the first room at the left of the corridor. Turning around Karol saw a room with a simple bed, toilet and a drawer with a long bar of steel acting as a gate.

    "Sir, I would glad to serve you." A woman said looking to be in her early twenties with the blonde while wearing a revealing dress as she stands in a seductive position. "She is expensive right?" Karol asked with a calm face.

    "Yes, sir you are right but she also very talented as she got the bloodline level of seven and you would have realized how beautiful she is," Paul said with a beaming smile while the woman nodded her head with pride. "The price," Karol said in a calm voice while smiling.

    "Well, sir it isn't much but just...20 golds but she is totally worth that price." Paul said as he smiled widely. "Well I would love to buy her but show me the cheapest one," Karol said with a smile as he pointed towards the corridor ahead. "Shit." The woman said as her expression turned into full of anger as she kicked the bed while Karol looked at her with surprise in eyes while Paul just laughed awkwardly. "Sir, let's go." Paul sighed while started to walk ahead. Looking around he saw many rooms like the first one with different kinds of slave in those rooms.

    "Hey, how do you feel doing this kind of business," Karol asked with a curious face. "Well, If I was doing this thirteen years ago, I would have probably been sad and depressed but..." Paul then looked upwards and said, "Right now am just okay with it as I know that chance of them being killed if pretty low and additionally all of them are either orphans or those who lost everything so it is good that they will find a better life after being sold." As he showed a small smile.

    "But I still don't know it good or bad as one hand, I am selling someone's life while on other they will get a better life than they had, so what do you think? Is good or bad." Paul said looking at Karol with a curious eye. "I mean like they will not die or get harmed as long they are a slave then I would say it's great but hey what can I say as I am just a child experiencing the world around me so I can't just say you are good or bad just by meeting you for the first time," Karol said as shrugging his shoulder to which Paul just laughed loudly.

    Just as they reached at the end of the corridor, "Well, anyway here is the cheapest slave in my shop worth twenty silver." Paul said pointing towards in her girl with long black hair and blue eyes. "Why is so cheap?" Karol asked with suspicion in his eyes. "Well, because she has bloodline deficiency...So, still want to buy her." Paul asked with a curious face. "Well, I don't really care about if she can't become an absorber and she is at cheap price anyway so yeah," Karol said shrugging his shoulder.

    "Well then, sir just wait here as I will back in a while," Paul said and started to run towards the direction they come from. "Well kiddo, what's your name and age," Karol asked looking at while she looked straight back while staying silent. "Hey, can you speak or not?" Karol waving his hand to which she just nodded her head. "So, what your name and age?" Karol asked with impatience in his eyes while she just stayed silent.

    Karol just sighed and said, "Just don't talk if you want to." And just stand with crossed arms. "I-I don't...don't know my n-name and my a-a-age is 10...10." The girl suddenly said with some fear in the eyes. "Huh, why is that?" Karol asked as she looked at him for few seconds and said, "I l-lost my...my m-memories of m-mine." The girl said with fearful eyes. "Interesting...and yeah you don't need to fear me as I am not going to do anything," Karol said as he rubbed his hand with a smile while the girl just nodded her head and looked at him with curious eyes.

    After a while, Paul came back with a black collar in his hand, "Thanks for waiting for sir and just wait a minute."  Paul said as he put his hand on the wall next to her room and suddenly the steel bars were sucked into the ground while Karol looked at it with calm eyes and said, "You didn't tell me about her memory loss."

    Hearing that he just laughed awkwardly and said, "Looks like she told you, well that's a good thing as I was going to tell you anyway." "Well, that's good then as I am expecting a total of 40% discount," Karol said with a smile. Paul just smiled and said, "Looks like you came prepared."

    "Well, I can't just come here with knowing anything," Karol said shrugging his shoulder. "Anyway, kiddo here, wear this," Paul said as he gave her the collar. The girl then looked at the collar with curious eyes and tried to wear the collar in her hand and looking at that Karol just laughed while Paul just sighed and said, "Give me that." And then put it on her neck.

    "Well just put some of your blood on that grey stone her collar," Paul said as he gave Karol a needle. "Okay then," Karol said and took the needle as he stands in from of her. Just as he pricked his finger, she looked at him with worried eyes, "Don't worry and standstill." Karol said with a smile as he put his bloodied finger on the grey stone of the collar
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