22 20. Clothes

    "How did this happen again?" Karol asked with a confused face. "You know right? What is my feeling towards slave and slave owner?" Karen asked narrowing her eyes while Karol laughed awkwardly and said, "Yeah, yeah right...I am very sorry mom." As he grovels in front of Karen. "It's okay but never do it again," Karen said with a calm expression.

    "So, as I was saying, I can't take her inside the house as a slave but also don't want her to go back to that life, so this is why from now on she is my daughter and your little sister." Karen as she patted her hair and said, "Lily I don't know about your past but from now on this your family and if you need anything just tell me or your big brother." As she smiles pleasantly while Karol just shrugged his shoulder and mumbled, "As long as someone is here to take care of mom then I don't really care."

    Suddenly tears started to fell from Lily's eyes as she mumbled, "Lily c-can't b-believe this h-h-happening as she..." and stopped there and started to cry silently while looking down at the ground. "It's okay and calm down as everything will be okay and tell me what happened?" Karen said as she hugged lily and tried to calm her down while Karol looked at this with a surprised face.

    A few minutes later.

    Lily calmed down as Karen said, "Tell me what happened?" as she patted her head. Lily didn't stop hugging her and mumbled, "Lily never thought she is going to get a family as she has lost her memory and can't become an absorber." "Is she telling the truth," Karen asked looking at Karol as he just nodded his head.

    She tightened her grip while closing her eyes and with a fearful voice she mumbled, "Are going to abandon Lily after knowing this?" Suddenly, Karen lightly hit on her head and with an angry face said, "Are you an idiot, why am I going to abandon my daughter." As she looked at her with a smile. Suddenly, Lily laughed and with a pleasant smile and with wet eyes, she hugged Karen tightly.

    "Well, I should be going to be going now." Karol said as he stood up and just as he was about to leave, Karen said, "Wait!" as he turned around with a fearful eye and said, "Mom, I am really sorry and I will never do this again."

    Suddenly, she started laughing and said, "It's not about that but I want you to go with Lily to buy her some clothes but now that you have reminded..." "Mom, I am going and Lily come with me," Karol said as he ran out of the room while holding Lily's hand. Suddenly Karen shouted and as she said," Take care of Lily." "Don't worry about it, mom." Suddenly Karen laughed looking at him and mumbled, "Isn't it a great coincidence of him saving me and him saving her." As she looked at the sky with a smile.

    "Follow me kiddo...I mean Lily." Karol said as he started to walk after exiting the house as Lily's mumbled, "Okay big b-b-brother." As she started to follow behind him while Karol faces reddened for few seconds but was back to normal to once again and kept walking towards the west side of the town with Lily behind him.

    A few minutes later.

    Both of them were standing in front of a one-storeyed building with different types of clothes on the display, entering the shop they saw a middle-aged lady behind the counter sitting on a chair with many types of clothes in the shop. Suddenly the lady ran in front of them and hugged Lily as she looked towards Karol and with an angry face, "Aren't you ashamed of her wearing this type of clothes." "Brother didn't do..." Suddenly he patted Lily's head and with a sad face said, "It isn't what you think it is."

    "So, what is it?" The lady asked with a furious face. "It started in the morning when I was roaming around the town to look for some job as my family is very poor as I encounter in the streets laying on the ground in the shadows as she was crying..." as he wiped his tears and said, "When I asked her what happened, she replied that her parents are dead and no is there to take care of her, hearing that I wanted to take her in my family as my little sister as I realized my family is very poor but I still decided to take her because of my kind heart and here you are, miss, saying this type..." as tears started to fall from his eyes.

    Hearing all of that, she started crying and said, "I am really sorry for my behaviour and as compensation, I will give her six full sets of clothes at 50% discount." "Thank you miss, I am very grateful," Karol said bowing. "Ah! It's okay and you come with me." The lady said as she takes Lily with her and started to show her many different kinds of clothes while Karol smiled and mumbled, "Well, that was easy."

    A few minutes later.

    "Brother, I have chosen these clothes," Lily said with a smile. "Miss, can you tell me where is the trial room." "Ah! It just in the left corner." "Thank you Miss, and Follow me, Lily," Karol said he took the clothes and holding her hand as he took her to the trial room. "It is great that she has found such a great brother." The Lady mumbled with a smile.

    "Is it okay for us to do that." Lily suddenly said looking at Karol. "Ah! Don't worry about it." "But..." Suddenly he patted her head and said, "You should not care about these things and be just happy and anyway go try these clothes." Karol said as he gave the clothes to Lily as she enters the trial room with a smile as she touched her head.
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