23 21. Candy

    "Miss, can you wait here for a while and help her if she needs anything as I will be back in a while," Karol said with a smile. "Ah! Don't worry and go wherever you want." The lady replied laughing to which he just nodded his head and exited the shop while the lady stayed in front of the trial room.

    A few minutes later.

    Lily exited the trial room wearing a red top and blue skirt while closing her eyes as she stands there and mumbled, "How d-do I l-look B-Brother?" as she waited for the reply but even after few seconds she didn't hear any reply as she opened her eyes but she only say saw the lady standing there with a worried face while Karol can nowhere to be seen.

    Suddenly tears started to flow from her eyes as she looked towards the lady with a gloomy face and mumbled, "W-where is my B-brother." As she started to shake while falls on the ground. The lady was looking at her with an anxious face and said, "Ah! Don't worry-" "Huh! Lily, why are you crying?" Karol shouted as he entered the shop and ran towards her. "Brother!" Lily shouted and immediately hugged him.

    "Ah! It's okay but why are you crying?" Karol asked with a surprised face. Lily kept hugging for a while but after a few seconds she calms down and looked towards Karol and mumbled, "Lily thought t-that b-brother have left L-lily here." Lily mumbled with a crying face.

    Karol laughed as he wiped her tears and said, "You really are an idiot as I am never going to leave you." Hearing that, Lily looked at him and extended her hand and said, "Pinky promise." Yup, Pinky promise." Karol said laughing. "And here it is for you," Karol said as he gave some candy to her.

    "Huh! How did..." "Well, I saw you looking at this when we were coming here but I should have taken you with me," Karol said laughing awkwardly. Lily immediately hugged him and mumbled, "Thank you, brother, as Lily is very happy." While Karol just laughed.

    Half an hour later.

    "That's all the clothes." The lady mumbled as Lily finished trying all of the clothes. "That's great and how much for all of this?" Karol asked with a smile. "Don't worry about the money as all of those clothes are free for her." The lady replied laughing pleasantly. Hearing that Karol looked at her with a surprised expression as he bowed and said, "Thank you very much." "Ah! It's okay and give me those clothes as I will pack them up." Lady said as she started to put the clothes in a bag made of clothes.

    "We should be going now," Karol said as he exited the shop with Lily following behind him. "Thanks for coming here and come here again if you need anything." The lady said with a smile. Looking at their back, she smiled and mumbled, "It's great she got such an amazing brother just like mine." As she looked at a necklace in her hand made out of pearls.

    "Here take this." Lily said as she gave all of the candy to Karol, surprised by her action he looked at her with a confused face, "Lily know that brother gave this to me because of that act." As she looked at the ground with a sullen face. Karol suddenly laughed as he gave candy back to her and said, "You really are an idiot, I didn't buy this because of that act because you wanted it so you are going to take it.

    Lily looked at him with a surprised face and laughed happily but her expression turned into a gloomy one as she looked down at the ground, "Huh? What happened now?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Lily was very happy at the shop as how brother treated me but Lily knows that all that was just an act." She said as tears started to appeared on her eyes. Suddenly, Karol pinched her cheeks and with a smile said, "Well I will treat like that then as you are my cute little sister." Lily looked at him and suddenly hugged him tightly. Karol then looked at her happy face and mumbled, "Well I can make some exception for her." As he looked at her with a smile.

    A few minutes later.

    "We are back," Karol said as both of them entered the house. "You should go and show these clothes to mom." "Huh? But what about brother?" Lily asked with a surprised face. "Well, I am going to practice now, so here take this," Karol said giving the bag of cloth to Lily as she enters Karen's room.

    "Well, Let's check that thing out," Karol mumbled as he picked up a wooden sword from below the table and a book as he then exited the house through the back door. He then started to skim through the book and after finishing the book, he mumbled, "Hope this works.". Karol then pulled his sword to the back with its tip facing the tree as the tip started to glow with blue colour. Suddenly he pushed the sword towards the tree, piercing through it while the book suddenly disappeared out of existence. Taking out the sword as he looked at it and mumbled, "Interesting, I just learned this skill in just one try well let's check the second thing."

    Karol then holds his sword in front of him while closing his eyes, suddenly the blue once again appeared on the tip but was suddenly disappeared as the blue light appeared on the side but was disappeared once again as he opened his eyes and mumbled, "Looks like I can't stack them." As he laughed awkwardly.

    "Well let's check if there is any difference in the mastery one," Karol mumbled as he started to use both skills simultaneously on the tree while taking breaks in between when his mana ended.
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