24 22. Limit Breaker Exercise

    The sun was setting while a boy can be seen standing in front of a large tree. "Well looks like it broke," Karol mumbled as he looked at the broken wooden sword in his hand while he was sweating profusely. "Well looks like there isn't any difference in my speed to master a skill than an average person." As he looked at the sword in his hand and mumbled, "Well there is at least one advantage I have." As he shrugged his shoulder while throwing the broken sword on the ground as he turned around to enter the house.

    "Huh? How long for do you were here?" Karol asked with a surprised face as he saw Lily standing in front of the door with a smile on her face. "I arrived here just a few minutes ago but brother that attack was very cool." Lily said with an excited face to which he just nodded his head. "but why didn't I feel her presence." Karol mumbled with a confused face.

    "Brother, can I ask you something," Lily asked with a curiosity gleaming in her eyes. "Ah! Sure, ask me anything." Karol said snapping out of his thought. "Even though that attack was very powerful but why didn't that tree fell down," Lily asked with a confused as she pointed towards the tree. "Oh! You probably wouldn't have known but that is because of mana." Karol said with a smile.

    "Huh? Lily didn't understand that." Lily said with confusion in her eyes. "Well, it's pretty simple...you know that the humans can absorb mana to make themselves stronger right?" To which she just nodded her head as he continued, "But it does not only applied to just the humans but to every living as that tree is a living being and pretty old so it's gotten pretty tough so this is why my attacks were not very effective against it." Karol said with an excited face.

    "Now, I understand but how does brother know all of it," Lily asked with a curious face. "Well, I have read it in a book and if you want to know anything just ask me or take some books from my room," Karol said shrugging his shoulder. "Thank you, brother," Lily said with an excited but her expression turned into a gloomy one as she looked down at the ground.

    "Huh? What happened?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Lily is sad because she can't absorb mana as she can't become strong to protect Mom and big brother." Karol looked at her with a surprised face as he mumbled, "Look's like mom told her about the incident." "How about this then, if you act like a good girl and take care of mother then I will find a way to make you an absorber." "Really?" She asked with an excited face. "Yup really, really," Karol said with a smile. "Thank you, brother." Lily cheered happily. "Anyway, let's go inside," Karol said with a smile.

    "You should go and take any book you want while I go and wash myself up," Karol said patting her head to which she nodded her head and ran towards Karol's room. Looking at her back he mumbled, "Should I be happy to form such a strong relationship in a short span of time or be sad that I am so weak that even she wants to protect me." As he stands there silently. Suddenly, he started to laugh as he mumbled, "Well, whatever let's take a bath first." As he enters the bathroom.

    A Few hours later.

    Karol can be seen skimming through a book titled 'Limit Breaking Exercise' while sitting on his bed while some empty plates were right next to him. Suddenly he closed to book as he mumbled. "Okay, so I got to expand the ten main mana membrane nodes to complete it but..." as he sighed and continued, "I got to do it one more time at each level up then at the expert level..." He suddenly shakes his head as he slapped himself and with a calm expression mumbled, "Let's just think about the present for now."

    Karol then stood up and sat in on the ground in the middle of the room as he closed his eyes and with a determined face mumbled, "Let's do this." As he started to focus on his body, he started to see many blue interconnected membranes throughout his body but ten stood amongst them as they were darker in colour and larger than the rest which was connected to each of his hand, his legs, one at his stomach, one at his chest, at the neck and three at his brain.

    "Let's start with the left hand," Karol mumbled as he started to supplied the purified mana to the membrane and as the time slowly passes by the membrane started to stretch in its size as the mana started to fill in its gap. Suddenly, Karol opened his eyes and started squirming on the floor while holding his left hand tightly as he mumbles, "I can't shout, I can't shout but it **ing hurts a lot." As he kept squirming on the floor while making strange expression for a few seconds.

    "Let's do this once again." Karol mumbled after calming down as he started the process once again but once again started squirming on the floor while making even more strange expression as he mumbled, "Shit, looks the injuries from that still haven't healed and is hurting the progress."

    A few minutes later.

    Karol was laying on the ground with a calm expression while looking at the night sky as he mumbled, "Let's not do this as I will just injure myself even more and just do the absorbing and strengthening only for now." As he sat down while closing his eyes and started to strengthen himself.
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