25 23. Lef

    Sunrays were shining on Karol's face as he kept fumbling around in his sleep while making an expression of discomfort. "Karol! Wake up, the food is ready." Rebecca's voice was heard, "Yeah, Yeah, I am coming." He replied yawning as he wakes up lazily from his bed and stood in front of his bed and started to tidy it up.

    Just as he was about to take his first to exit the room, he stopped as he looked down with a smile and mumbled, "Not this time." As he picked up the books from the ground and put them back on the table and walks out of the room as he walks towards the bathroom to fresh himself up.

    A Few minutes later.

    "Oh! You are already here." Karol said with a calm expression as he saw Lily sitting on the dining table as she fumbling her legs around. "Yup, Lily was waiting for brother to come as Lily wanted to eat together," Lily replied excitedly. "Oh! That's great," Karol said with a smile as he patted her head and sat next to her while she giggled happily.

    "Mom and Aunt Rebecca is in the room, right?" Karol asked with a calm expression. "Yup, they are eating in that room," Lily replied as she looks at food and then at Karol with an excited face. "Ok, then now let's eat the food," Karol said with a smile as they started to food.

    A Few minutes later.

    "Oh! Looks like both of you have already eaten the food, just give me those plates and I will wash them." Rebecca said with a smile as she entered the room. "Thanks, Aunty, for the food and how is Robert?" Karol asked with a curious face.

    "Don't ask about that boy, ever since that incident he has been training all the time," Rebecca said sighing. "Yeah, that's right," Karol replied while laughing awkwardly.  "Who is Robert?" Lily asked with a confused face.

    "Oh! He is my son, your brother's best friend and also your brother." Rebecca replied laughing. Lily then looked Karol to which he just nodded his head with a smile. "Aunty, can you do me a favour?" Karol asked with an anxious face. "No need for such formalities, just ask me anything?" Rebecca replied with a smile as she was washing the plates.

    "Well, I am thinking of taking some quest but you know mom right, she will be pretty tough to convince her so I just need you..." "Oh! Don't worry about it as I will convince Karen and All the best for your first quest." Rebecca said with a smile. "Thanks, Aunty and now I am going to get ready," Karol replied as he ran out of the room with a smile while Lily looks at the ground with a sad face.

    Karol then entered his room as he first takes out his leather armour, Iron sword and his leather bag from his closed and equip all of them and exited the room with a smile but his expression turned into a surprised one as he saw Lily standing there looking at the ground.

    "Huh? What happened?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Lily is sad because Lily wanted to play with brother but..." Lily was mumbling when suddenly Karol patted her head as he looked at her and with a smile said, "Don't be sad and how about this...tomorrow I will play with you all day." As he kneeled in front of her. "Really?" Lily asked as she tries to avoid his eyes, "Yup really." Karol said laughing.

    "I love you brother," Lily said with an excited face as she hugged him. "Me too Kiddo...anyway, I should be going now and take care of yourself and mom." Karol said as he looked at her with a serious face. "Don't worry brother Lily will take care of mother." Lily said laughing excitedly. "Okay, then I should be going now kiddo," Karol said as he exited the house. "Bye, brother and come back soon as Lily will be waiting for you,"  Lily said waving her hand excitedly.

    Karol just laughed as he walked towards the middle of the town but suddenly his expression hardens as he looked at the sky and mumbled, "I got to work harder or Robert will get ahead of me but first I have to earn some money to heal mother then got to get stronger as I still have to kill that bastard." As he clenched his fist tightly.

    A few minutes later.

    "Well looks like they are still not here," Karol mumbled as he arrived in front of the adventurer's guild. "Oh! Right, I should sell that thing then." Karol mumbled as he entered the guild but immediately covered his nose as he looked around the guild with disgust and walk towards the counter faster than normal.

    "Oh! Hey there Karol, so what brought you here." Sarah asked with a curious face. "Oh! Nothing just wanted to sell some stuff and after that going to do some quest." Karol said shrugging his shoulder. "Oh! If you are going to do any quest you should join a party as it will be easier and less dangerous." Sarah said with a calm expression. "Already found one and this is what I want to sell," Karol said giving her the slave collar.

    "Oh! Looks like Karen did it faster than I thought." Sarah said with a surprised face. "Huh? You already know mom was going to do that?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Don't tell me, you forgot about Karen hate towards slave business at that time," Sarah asked with a surprised face. "Uh...I kind of forget." Karol said awkwardly to which she just laughed awkwardly.

    "Anyway, this is worth 15 silver...so, here take it," Sarah said as she pulled out 15 silver from the drawer below the counter. "Oh? Thanks, but are all slave collar priced same." Karol asked remembering something. "Oh! There are different types of slave collars priced differently but enough about that, tell me about the person you bought." Sarah asked with a curious face. "Well..." Karol then started to narrate her all the events occurred at the slave shop and his home
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