26 24. Venturing Ou

    "That's great that you are she is staying there as Karen will surely take care of her," Sarah said with a smile on her face. "That's right...anyway, I should be going now as they have arrived." Karol said as he covered his nose and started to walk towards the entrance of the guild. "Alright, then and all the best for your first quest," Sarah said with an excited face. "Thanks, I will do my best," Karol replied as he kept walking while Sarah returns back to her work.

    "Oh! You are finally here...guys he was the one I was talking about." Josh said as he pointed towards Karol as people beside him looked at Karol with curiosity in their eyes. "You are saying that he is the one who passed the test." The girl beside Josh who looked almost identical to him said with a suspicious gaze. "Yup," Josh replied with a smile.

    "Are you really sure, as he doesn't look any special." The girl said with arrogance in her eyes while Karol's face tightened. "Hey! Don't talk like and I am sorry about her as she wasn't here yesterday." Josh said laughing awkwardly. "Ah! Don't worry about it as it doesn't really bother me." Karol said shrugging his shoulder.

    "Oh! That's great then and anyway, this girl is my sister Jessy and that man is Ron." Josh said as he pointed towards a man in his early twenties with black hair and eyes as he stood there quietly with a bow and quiver strapped on his back as he looked at Karol with curiosity.

    "So, is that all of us or anybody else is coming," Karol asked with a calm face. "Oh! That is all of us so we should be going then and here is the quest we will be doing." Josh said as he gave him a piece of paper as they exited the guild and started to walk towards the west side of the town.

    Looking at the paper, Karol saw a drawing of a four-legged feline beast with large stirpes on its body with two large fangs extending out from its mouth. "Huh, do you know where we can find this?" Karol asked pointing towards the beast in that paper.

    Josh suddenly smiled and said, "I don't but he does." As he pointing towards Ron who was walking quietly. "Okay then," Karol replied nodding his head.

    A few minutes later.

    They were standing in front of a large metal door in the middle of the wall surrounding the town with two smaller doors in it, with which many people were going in and out of with some guards standing there checking the people coming inside the town. "Buy anything you want to as we will not coming back before hunting that beast," Josh said looking at Karol. "Oh! I have all the things we need we should just go." Karol said with a calm face.

    "Okay then let's go," Josh said as they exited the town with any checking. Walking outside Karol saw a large forest few hundred metres away from his with a black road parting it and looking back he saw the road connecting to the gate and surrounding the area outside of the wall of same materials.

    "So that is the Anmon rocks," Karol mumbled as he looked at the road with curiosity glimmering in his eyes. "Okay then just follow me," Ron said with a cold voice as he diverged from the road and walk towards the north-west direction directly towards the forest. Karol then took a deep breath and with an excited face started to follow them.

    Just as they arrived in front of the forest a horned rabbit appeared in from of them as Karol was about to pull out his sword, an arrow pierced its head as it falls to the ground bleeding. "Woah, that's was pretty quick," Jessy muttered with a surprised face as the fireball from her diminished. "Should we go now," Ron mumbled coldly. "You..." Jessy mumbled angrily. "Hey, hey, let's go as we shouldn't waste time fight," Josh said as he arrived between them.

    "Okay." Jessy just grunted as she walked into the forest as Ron followed her quietly as Josh just laughed awkwardly. "You guys aren't familiar with each other?" Karol asked with a curious face. "Ah! You are right as we also met him yesterday." Josh said with a smile. Karol just nodded his head as both catches up to them.

    As they were walking, Karol suddenly stopped as he touched his sword but suddenly a ball of fire travel just near his face as it hit something behind him. "That was cool right?" Jessy asked with an excited face. "Hey! That could have hit him, you should be cautious next time." Josh said angrily as she just grunted and walk towards their destination. "I am sorry about that as she can be a rash person sometimes," Josh said with an apologetic face.

    "Ah! It's okay she was just trying to protect me." Karol said with a smile as he looked towards the snake behind him that was burnt to the crisp. "Ah! Okay then but still I am sorry about her." Josh said as he walks ahead while Karol looked at the snake with a calm face and mumbled, "Interesting...anyway, I should be going now." As he catches up to them.

    "It should be around here," Ron mumbled arriving in front of a river flowing from the west side. "Ok then, we should split into a group of two and look around the area," Josh mumbled with an excited. "What should the composition of the group then," Ron asked with a suspicious face. "Oh! About that, I was thinking about me and Jessy, you and Karol."

    "Wouldn't it be a disadvantage for me," Ron asked pointing towards Karol. "Well it will be not, as what you need is just a distraction as you are archer plus me and Jessy have a great synergy," Josh said with a smile. "Okay then," Ron said as he walked towards the east side with Karol following behind him while Josh and Jessy walked towards the west side.
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