27 25. Finding i

    "We will hunt whatever beast we encounter while searching for the target," Ron said looking towards Karol as they were venturing through the forest. "Okay, but what will be tactics of hunting the beast," Karol asked with a thoughtful gaze. "Well, it will be pretty simple, you will distract the beast while I shot arrows from trees to kill it instantly," Ron replied looking through the forest. "Okay, I understand," Karol replied as he pulled out his sword.

    "Wait!" Ron whispered as he pointed towards few metres away from them as Karol looked towards it with a curious face to find a Large boar sitting under the shade of the tree as it grumbled quietly. "I will hide on a tree while you try to distract it," Ron said as he walks towards a tree next to them.

    "Huh? Couldn't you shoot it right now as it has it's guard down?" Karol asked with a confused face. "I can't as it is an apprentice level monster and it is also awake right now," Ron replied with a calm voice as he started to climb the tree. Karol looked at the boar with a surprised face but suddenly he slapped his cheeks as he mumbled, "It will be fine, no worries."

    "Okay, then you should go now," Ron said sitting on a branch of the tree to which he just nodded his and started to walk towards the boar while holding the sword in front of him as his hands trembled as he looked around the area. Just as he was few feet away from the boar, it opened its eyes as it looks at Karol with furious eyes while fumbling its head as Karol looked with a calm face. Karol suddenly started to run towards his left side as the boar ran after him.

    Karol suddenly arrived in front of a tree and just as he was about to run into it, he jumped away while a rumbling noise was heard from behind him following by a sound of a sharp object hitting into something. Turning around he saw the boar laying on a pool of blood as an arrow can be seen piercing its head with some scorched marks near the arrow.

    Karol quietly stood up as he walks towards the corpse while looking at with a cold expression and suddenly stab it with his sword as he mumbled, "Looks like it died, huh?" "Well, looks like it is done and you were also a great distraction," Ron said arriving near him. "Well, it was nothing," Karol said laughing as he pulled out some knives from his bag and started to dismembered the body while Ron looked at his with a surprised face and helped Karol in dismembering.

    A few minutes later.

    Karol put all the important parts in his bag while leaving some of it behind. "You are pretty skilled," Ron said with an impressed face. "Well, I have some practice in doing this kind of stuff," Karol replied laughing. "Well that's great and we should be going now," Ron said as he started to walk deeper with Karol following behind him.

    A few hours later.

    "That one was easy as it was sleeping," Ron said looking at the dead boar in front of his eyes while Karol dismembering it. "Hey! They are here." A shout was heard from the behind and turning around they saw Jessy sweating profusely as Josh also walked out from some distance in the same state. "Huh? What happened?" Ron asked with a confused face. "Well we have finally found it and luckily it is also sleeping," Ron replied with a huge smile. "Where is it?" Ron asked with an excited face. "Just follow me," Josh said as he runs towards the direction, he came from with all three following behind him.

    A Few minutes later.

    "There it is," Ron said with an excited face it pointed towards the beast which had a yellow and black stripe on its body as it sleeping soundly under the shade of the tree. Ron pulled out an arrow from his quiver as he put it on the bow and suddenly fire appeared on its tip with a blue light surrounding the arrow. "You should ready some fireballs," Ron said with a calm face. "You don't need to tell me that," Jessy said as two fireballs appeared in her hands while she was smiling widely.

    Ron released the arrow as it flies towards the beast with two fireballs just behind it. Just as the arrow hit its head as the fireball follows it lighting the surrounding. Walking toward, Karol realised it was dead as he mumbled, "It is good that it wasn't damaged badly." Karol said as he started to dismember its body with Josh helping him.

    A few minutes later.

    "We should go back now," Karol said strapping his bag on his back. "Wait, I was thinking of going deeper into the forest as we can find something good," Josh said with an excited face. "I am up for it," Jessy said with a smile while Ron just nodded his head. "What about you?" Ron asked looking at Karol as he looked at him with a worried face but suddenly, he smiled and said, "Sure, why not." "Okay then, let's go," Josh said with excitement as he started to walk deeper into the forest with all of them following behind him.

    A few minutes later.

    While they were walking through the forest Karol suddenly stopped as he pulled out his sword as silhouette jumped on him launching him few metres away. Falling to the ground, he put the sword on front of his and as his vision cleared up, he saw a Black feline beast chewing his sword as it looked at him furiously. While holding his sword with one hand, he tried to move his hand towards his legs but a slashing sound was heard as the beast falls on the ground in half.

    "Well, that unexpected," Josh said as he holds his hand toward Karol while his other hand was holding a sword covered in blood. Standing up Karol looked at the corpse with a calm face while Josh looked at with a curious face. "Hey-" Josh stopped as he looked in front of him with a surprised face. Curious, Karol also turned as he also looked at it with a surprised face.
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