28 26. Dead

    "Huh? A Cave?" Karol mumbled as he looks towards the cave inside of the hill. "Let's go inside as we will be able to find something," Jessy said as she ran inside the cave with an excited face. "Hey, Wait," Josh shouted as he ran behind her. "Let's go inside," Ron said looking towards Karol. "Ah! Yeah, let's go." As they entered the cave.

    "What am I forgetting?" Karol mumbled as he looked towards the corpse if the baby beast that attacked him. "Whatever, let's focus what is ahead." As he looked around the cave to found a small cavity in a wall and after a few metres, they reached the end of the cave.

    "What the heck, it wasn't even worth coming in here," Jessy grumbled loudly while Josh just laughed at her. Karol's face suddenly turned into a terrified one as he mumbled, "Those claw marks..." As he saw large claw marks on the wall.

    "Hey what happened?" Ron said shaking his shoulder. Karol just pointed towards the wall, looking at it Ron step back as he mumbled, "Claw marks of that depth can only be done by a monster of expert rank and above." "You are right and also that beast is also the mother of the beast we killed before," Karol mumbled with a terrified face.

    "Shit, we got to run away from...Hey, you two let's go." Ron said as he turned around to find the siblings looking at the ground. "Hey! Ron, Karol come here and look at this." Josh said as they backed away a bit from their initial position.

    Both of them nodded their head as they walked towards the spot to find some plant growing there. "Huh! We got more-" Ron stopped as some Spalttering noise was heard, turning around Karol saw a sword piercing through Ron's stomach as blood falls from there.

    "What-" Karol felt immense pain on his back as he slowly falls down to the ground. "Looks like both are dead," Josh mumbled with a cold voice as he looked at both of their body with a smile. "Well, it was easier than we expected anyway," Jessy replied laughing.

    "Stop laughing and get those flowers," Josh said as he crouches in front of the flowers. "You don't need to tell me that," Jessy said grunting as she started to pick those flowers.

    A few seconds later.

    "What about them," Jessy said pointing at Karol and Ron. "Just take their weapons and you would have also seen that," Josh said pointing towards the claw marks. "Okay then," Jessy replied as she takes their weapons. "Let's go then and they will also act as a bait for that beast," Josh said laughing as both of them exited the cave.

    A few minutes later.

    Movements can be seen in Karol's body as he slowly stood up from his place. "Hey, are you alive," Karol mumbled with a cold face as he looked towards the dead body of Ron. Shaking his body, no movements can be seen from it, "Looks like I am the only one alive." Karol mumbled laughing.

    "Shit...it still hurts," Karol mumbled as he put his hand on his wounds at his back as he slowly started to move towards the cavity he saw earlier. "Here should be fine," Karol mumbled as he sat there and started to remove his leather armour. Removing the armour, chainmail can be seen on his body with a large dent on his back.

    "Good thing it protected me," Karol mumbled as he also removed the chain main to show his bare chest. "It is still here, Huh?" Karol mumbled with a cold face as a large scar can be seen on his chest. Slowly, ripped apart some parts of clothing on the leather armour and tied it around his wounds.

    While he was tending his wounds a thumping noise was heard from his back. "What the fu-" Karol mumbled as he saw a large bipedal wolf standing in front of Ron. Suddenly it picked Ron and tore his body in half as he started to eat him while blood and guts fall on the ground

    Karol looked away from that scene as he covered his mouth. Suddenly the chewing noise stopped as strange silence filled the area. Karol suddenly started to smell a rotting stench and with each second the stench keep intensifying.

    Looking out, he saw the beast face in front of his looking at him with rotten eyes. Just as he was about to move the beast picked him up and looked at with curiosity. Karol started struggling when the beast bites his Right Arm and tore it apart. "Ahhhhhhhhh." He shouted as he slowly moved his other arm towards his legs.

    The beast howled loudly and just as he was about to rip his head apart, a knife pierced his chest as a blue light glow from that wound. Slowly the beast falls to his back as Karol looked at his body to be rotting. Suddenly Karol coughed out blood as he looked at his missing arm with a terrified face.

    Suddenly a blue light gleamed on his face and looking towards it, he saw it glowing from the beast chest. He then slowly moved the blue light and ripped it apart from the beast. Suddenly it howled loudly but stopped a few seconds later silence prevailed the area as Karol sat few metres away from it looking at the blue orb in his hand.

    The blue orb was cracked in the middle and was the half the size of his fist. Karol looked at it closely for a few seconds but suddenly started to cough as blood fell on the orb turning it blue. "What should I do?" Karol mumbled as he looked towards his hand then the orb with a face covered in blood.

    Suddenly he ate the orb and slowly stood up as he looked towards the beast laying there dead. "Let's get ou-" Karol coughed out blood as he looked down to see a beating heart hold by a large hand covered with fur piercing through his chest. Turning around he looked at the beast looking at him with a smile as Karol's falls down to the ground and the beast howled loudly as it also falls on the ground with light in their eyes disappearing.
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