29 27. Transform

Karol can be seen laying on the ground with a large cavity in his chest through which the blood can be seen to flow out. Suddenly Karol opened his as blue light illuminated from his eyes and slowly cover the area where Karol and the beast body's lies. Slowly the light diminished as both of their body can be seen floating in the air with a blue light between them. Suddenly both of them started to spin around the blue light as the whole area was once again covered in blue light.

A Few minutes later.

Slowly all of the light disappeared while the whole cave was turned black in colour and in all of it a naked body of Human can be seen laying on the ground. Breathing sound can be heard as Karol slowly opened his eyes as look around then smiled widely while slowly standing up. He then looks at his and his body as he touched face and slowly started to laugh.

Suddenly roar was heard as a large black feline beast looked at Karol with bloodshot eyes. Karol then looked at the beast as his eyes suddenly turned golden while he tilted his head towards the left with a smile. The beast roared loudly as it ran towards Karol while Karol looked at with excited face as he also started to run towards it. While running large claw appeared from his finger as his teeth also got sharper while white and black started growing from his body and whole body started to get larger as he slowly transforms into a bipedal wolf with black and white fur and golden eyes.

Just as the black was about pounce on him, he slowly swings his arm, cutting the beast in half as he slowly licked the blood of his claws. Karol then looked at the beast body with an excited face as he howled loudly. He then crouched down in front of it and picked up its body but just as it was about to move closer to his mouth, his eyes change into the colour of red as he howled loudly while throwing away the corpse.

Suddenly Karol eyes once again change into the golden colour as he looked the beast and just stomped it with his legs as it howled loudly with excitement and ran out of the cave as he kept running in a straight line on all his four.

"Was it really necessary to kill them," Jessy asked sighing as she looked Josh in from him. "You already know why we did that so don't ask such question," Josh replied with a cold face. "My hands are still shaking knowing today I just killed someone even the cause to help someone," Jessy said with a sad face. Josh just looked at the flower with a sad face as he mumbled, "I will commit all evil to heal you."

"Hey, I am sorry you have to do something like this," Josh said as looked at the sky with a sad. "Hey, why-" Turning around he saw a large bipedal wolf standing there and at his feed Jessy body can be seen cut in half. Josh looked at the beast with a terrified face as it slowly tilted its head towards the left with a smile. Josh slowly moved his arm towards his back but his vision darkened as his falls on the ground with his head rolling on the ground with a scared expression on it.

Karol looked at their body with a cold face as he slowly picked up the back hold by Josh as he howled loudly looking at Sky but suddenly it stopped as it looks towards the east side with bloodshot eyes as it ran towards the east destroying whatever stood in his path.

A few minutes later.

Karol stood in front of a large clearing as he looked around the area with a bloodshot eye. Just he took one more step, the area lightened up as a small village appeared in front of him with all of its houses destroyed. Slowly he walked towards the end of the village looking around the area with a furious face. Suddenly he stopped as he looked at a house with only its foundation remaining and slowly walk towards it.

Walking on the wooden floor he kept looking around but stopped as he walks towards the corner with a smile and Kicks the floor, destroying the wood as he falls underground. Looking around he saw a small area covered in rock with a metal door in front of him. Walking towards the door he saw a small hole in it as smiled widely and swing his claws to cut the door in half.

Looking around he only saw a large stone podium in the middle of the room and human bones scattered around the room. Karol just walked in front of the podium as he crouches down in front of it and stood up with a steel necklace having a small red stone in the middle of it. Karol looked at the necklace with bloodshot eyes as howled loudly.

Suddenly he started groaning in pain as his eyes slowly turned red while he kneeled on the ground. Slowly he moved his hand towards his head to wear the necklace while he kept fumbling his head, avoiding the necklace while screaming in pain.

After some struggles, he was finally able to wear the necklace as he howled loudly in pain while his body was slowly turning normal as he mumbled, "Am I alive?" As he slowly falls on the ground with a clam face. Suddenly the necklace glowed in purple as a spirit of a girl of purple colour with a small scar on her forehead appeared in front of him.

The girl looked around the area then at Karol with a sad face as she looked at his right arm with a strange face as she slowly patted his head and turned into purple light and returned back into the necklace.

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