2761 Level Skyrockets

    Its dead?

    That was close! For a moment there, I thought we would all get flattened!

    I am never going to go near Superior Mythics ever again before reaching Tier 4! These arent things Tier 3 players like ourselves can do anything against.

    After everyone saw Todelya bisected, they slumped down to the ground and breathed out a sigh of relief, rendered speechless by this narrow escape from death.

    However, many people also felt fortunate about their survival and couldnt help laughing happily.

    As for Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart, both were too tired to pay attention to Todelya. They only wanted to sit down, rest, and relax their minds.

    However, before anyone could catch their breath, divine sounds descended from the sky and echoed throughout the valley, so melodious that everyone felt intoxicated.

    As expected of a First Kill in the Ruined Mountain Range. Even without Divine Providence, the loots quality can actually trigger a Divine Hymn. Shi Feng, who was lying on the ground, was a little surprised by this situation. He never thought that the First Kill of a Realm Lord would yield such excellent loot.

    Initially, he had been thinking of using Divine Providence and personally dealing the finishing blow to Todelya. However, the situation at the end did not permit him to do so. As a result, he could only rely on Frobero to finish the Realm Lord.

    While the Divine Hymn resounded in the valley, bright rays of light enveloped all the survivors. Shi Feng, who was initially at 78% of Level 125, leveled up twice and reached 4% of Level 127.

    Everyone else leveled up at least three times, with some even leveling up four times. The abundance of the EXP awarded utterly dumbfounded everyone.

    A Superior Mythic Boss actually awards so much EXP?

    If it were before, we wouldnt get this much EXP even after killing 30 Superior Mythics. With this, we save at least half a month of grinding.

    Its a pity that everyone else died. If not, they wouldve saved on plenty of grinding time as


    Everyone couldnt help sighing over the abundant EXP from Todelya. On one hand, they felt grateful that they could save plenty of time. On the other hand, they felt guilty for those who died. Not only did the dead players not receive any EXP from the raid, but they would even lose one level after resurrection. And even if Illusory Words and the other healers of the team resurrected them, they would still lose nearly half a levels worth of EXP.

    Only Shi Feng remained unfazed by this situation.

    Setting aside that this raid happened after the first major update, just the fact that Todelya was both a Superior Mythic monster and a Realm Lord already meant that the EXP granted upon its death would be incredibly lavish. The descent of a Divine Hymn would also increase the EXP awarded.

    Furthermore, Todelya was a Level 128 monster, whereas most of the players on the team hadnt even reached Level 120 yet. The bonus EXP these players received would be significant.

    However, it would be almost impossible for them to level up so quickly again in the future. After all, each region of the Ruined Mountain Range had only one Realm Lord, which took five natural days or more to respawn. Moreover, the Realm Lords for each region werent fixed.

    Hence, although their team had secured information on Todelya the Soul Singer, this information would be useless because the next Realm Lord that spawned in this region would probably be some other Superior Mythic monster.

    It was almost impossible for players to come across the same Realm Lord multiple times in forbidden lands such as the Ruined Mountain Range. Every Boss that spawned would be new. Hence, players couldnt prepare for specific Bosses and could only rely on brute strength or tools to secure victory. new.

    Standing up slowly, Shi Feng looked at his teammates and commanded, Start resurrecting the others. Thorn, you guys patrol the surroundings. Make sure no monsters come ambushing us.

    Although Froberos presence had scared the surrounding monsters into fleeing and the likelihood of an ambush was low, it never hurt to be careful. After all, whether it was a forbidden land for all life or a forbidden land for humans, a single mistake was all it took to team-wipe.

    Leave it to us.

    Lifeless Thorn nodded before leaving to patrol the surroundings together with Cleansing Whistle and the others.

    As for Yan Ya, Illusory Words, and the other surviving healers, they began resurrecting the team members killed by the Soul Devourers.

    Although these people had died because they had their Concentration sucked dry, their souls did not get damaged. Hence, resurrection was still possible. Only, they would be in a weakened state for several hours after getting resurrected and wouldnt be able to participate in battle right away.

    While the others were busy with their respective tasks, Shi Feng slowly made his way to Todelyas corpse and waited for the loot to appear.

    Regarding Todelyas loot, none of the members of Unyielding Soul or Crimson Emperor gave it much thought.

    After all, Shi Feng was the organizer of this team. Before they went on this expedition, they had already agreed that all discoveries made and items obtained would belong to Shi Feng. This was the basis for the cooperation of their three Guilds.

    Moreover, even without the agreement, both Unyielding Souls and Crimson Emperors peak experts would be too ashamed to ask for any loot.

    From start to end, they had merely played a supporting role and barely did anything during the raid. In fact, if not for Shi Feng landing the finishing blow, they wouldnt be alive right now. They also wouldnt have leveled up three or four times and gained a 15-day leveling advantage over the outside worlds peak experts.

    One could say that the EXP harvest alone already made their trip to the Ruined Mountain Range worthwhile. Not to mention, they also got to learn about the Ruined Mountain Range and find out just how dangerous the neutral map was. With this information, their two Guilds would have a much easier time exploring the neutral map in the future.

    Lets hope the loot isnt too bad. Id even settle for just one or two Tier 4 Skill Books or a Legacy Guidance Fragment, Shi Feng prayed inwardly when he saw the dark clouds in the sky gradually scattering.

    Compared to the outside world, the Ruined Mountain Range was impoverished. Unlike what most people of the outside world imagined, the Ruined Mountain Range wasnt a place where one could just kill a few random mobs and get rich quick.

    On the contrary, be it forbidden lands for humans or forbidden lands for all life, both were scarce in material resources. Instead, the reason players and NPCs deemed forbidden lands to be rich in resources was the Legacy resources found there.

    In the current Gods Domain, the kingdoms and empires controlled Tier 3 Legacy resources. In the case of Tier 4 Legacies, though, even the kingdoms and empires barely had any; some had none at all. However, the various forbidden lands still contained a considerable number of Legacies for Tier 4 and above. Hence, forbidden lands were far richer in Legacies than the maps in the outside world.

    Meanwhile, after players reached Tier 4, there were three ways they could improve themselves.

    The first and simplest method was upgrading their weapons and equipment. Such items were readily available in the various kingdoms and empires.

    The second method was significantly more difficult: obtaining Tier 4 Skill and Spell Books. After reaching Tier 4, aside from spending Legacy Skill Points to obtain Tier 4 Legacy Skills, the only other way players could obtain Tier 4 Skills was through Skill Books. However, the monsters in the various kingdoms, empires, and standard neutral maps almost never dropped Tier 4 Skill Books. Only the monsters in forbidden lands would drop these items. Moreover, only monsters at the Mythic rank or above dropped them, and the drop-rate was incredibly low.

    Tier 4 Skills and Spells were crucial in deciding a Tier 4 players strength. Oftentimes, the result of a duel between Tier 4 players could be predicted based on the number of Tier 4 Skills and Spells the two sides held. This was because Tier 4 Skills were magnitudes stronger than Tier 3 Skills, with some capable of instant-killing players of the same tier.

    Therefore, after reaching Tier 4, acquiring Tier 4 Skill Books was key to increasing a players strength. The improvement players could gain from a Tier 4 Skill could rival Fragmented Legendary items. Moreover, unlike Fragmented Legendary items, learned Skills and Spells didnt have a chance of dropping upon death.

    The third method to improve ones strength was also the most difficult one: obtaining Legacy Guidances for Tier 4 or above.

    After players reached Tier 4, levels would no longer be as important as before. Even if players reached Level 150 and fulfilled the minimum condition for promotion to Tier 5, they wouldnt necessarily reach Tier 5.

    Getting promoted to Tier 5 was far more difficult than reaching Tier 4.

    For the Tier 4 promotion, players only needed to find their Tier 4 Legacy Land and learn a Tier 4 Legacy Skill within the allotted time.

    However, there were no such challenges for the Tier 5 promotion. Players werent required to complete a troublesome Promotion Quest, nor did they need to search for some random location.

    Instead, getting promoted to Tier 5 was a very straightforward process. Players just had to raise their Concentration to the Tier 5 standard, then reconstruct their own Mana Bodies, which would allow their essence to achieve a qualitative improvement.

    This was how one became a Saint!

    Upon reaching Tier 5, players would no longer be an ordinary human. Their Life Rating would reach an extraordinary level. This was why very few players and NPCs would ever manage to reach Tier 5 in Gods Domain. Those who did would be dragons and phoenixes among men.

    The first step to reaching Tier 5 was breaking through the limits of ones Mana Body at Tier 3. While this might seem like an insignificant step, it would provide players with great help when they tried to reconstruct their Mana Bodies at Tier 4.

    The most difficult step was going from o to 1. Meanwhile, Violet Cloud had already taken the first step on the path to Tier 5.

    Meanwhile, Legacy Guidances could aid players in understanding the operating principles of Mana because they recorded the comprehensions of ancient powerhouses on Mana and the methods to utilize Mana. Some even contained methods and experiences for constructing Mana Bodies.

    This was also why Shi Feng had chosen to receive the Crimson-eyed Sword Saints Legacy Guidance without hesitation.

    At Tier 3, despite receiving samples of Mana Bodies, players still faced incredible difficulty constructing their Mana Bodies. If players wished to get promoted to Tier 5, they would need to construct a Mana Body that was at least ten times stronger. The difficulty of this feat was simply unimaginable.

    Hence, Legacy Guidances were incredibly important. Only by continuously learning about Mana and Mana Bodies could players construct a Mana Body rivaling Tier 5 existences. Otherwise, they would remain at Tier 4 for the rest of their lives.

    However, obtaining Legacy Guidances was easier said than done. Legacy Guidance Fragments were no less rare than Fragmented Legendary items. Generally, only the Bosses of forbidden lands at the Realm Lord status or higher would have a small chance of dropping this treasure.

    This was also one of the reasons very few independent players ever managed to reach Tier 5.

    After all, let alone soloing Superior Mythics of the same level, even soloing Superior Mythics of a lower level was impossible for Tier 4 experts. Normally, raiding such monsters required the cooperation of multiple Tier 4 players. Moreover, even if players killed a Superior Mythic, they wouldnt necessarily obtain a Legacy Guidance Fragment. And even if a fragment did drop, how many people would get a share of it? In addition, the Guilds would frantically contest for these Bosses, which further increased the difficulty of reaching Tier 5 for independent players.

    Unless one possessed a sufficiently strong backer or heaven-defying talent, Tier 5 would forever be beyond ones reach.

    Meanwhile, as Shi Feng was praying and looking to the sky with an exhausted expression, dozens of dazzling items descended around him. The appearance of these items immediately attracted the ambient Mana from several hundred yards around.

    When Shi Feng spotted a strange stone sculpture of a monster among these items, his eyes instantly lit up. He even rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had seen wrong.

    An Ancient Beast Sculpture?! Did this monster swallow an Ancient Gods treasury?!
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