2853 Upgraded Soul

    Chapter 2853 - Upgraded Soul

    Reconstruct my Sea of Consciousness?

    Shi Feng was shocked and confused as he looked at the system notification.

    The concept of reconstructing one's Sea of Consciousness wasn't foreign to him. In fact, he knew plenty about it.

    However, it was precisely because of this that he found this situation unbelievable.

    The Sea of Consciousness, to put it simply, referred to a player's soul. It was also something related to the promotion of Tier 5 players to Tier 6.

    The qualitative transformation of the soul!

    Any player who wished to get promoted to Tier 6 needed to have not only a powerful body but also a powerful soul. Only when both requirements were met could players get promoted to Tier 6.

    Of the two conditions, the requirement of a sufficiently powerful soul was more difficult to fulfill. This was because the soul was an illusory object. The only thing players could do to upgrade their soul was continuously raise their Concentration standard. By doing so, their soul would automatically grow stronger over time.

    However, this form of improvement was incredibly slow. Even if a player's Concentration reached the Tier 5 Peak standard, their soul wouldn't develop that fast. If one wished to let one's soul undergo a qualitative transformation, one would need to experience numerous events that tempered the mind.

    Of course, there was an even quicker method to do so-raising one's Concentration to the Tier 6 God-ranked standard!

    This was an incredibly frightening Concentration standard where players could continuously modify and improve their Sea of Consciousness through their own will. The benefits a Tier 6 Concentration provided were far superior to those of a Tier 5 Concentration.

    In addition, there was also a third method-relying on external items to destroy one's inherent Sea of Consciousness and construct a new one. This method was similar to how players with Tier 6 Concentration modified their Sea of Consciousness, only much more ruthless and thorough.

    Reconstructing a Sea of Consciousness meant destroying everything that currently existed and creating a completely new one. It was different from what players with Tier 6 Concentration did; these players would gradually address the flaws of their existing Sea of Consciousness, refining it over time.

    For Tier 5 players, the opportunity to reconstruct their Sea of Consciousness was both rare and precious.

    Shi Feng never even dreamed of receiving such an opportunity before getting promoted to Tier 5.

    After pondering in silence for a moment, he chose to accept the World Blessing and the opportunity to reconstruct his Sea of Consciousness.


    System: The World Blessing will be granted in 30 seconds. Please make the necessary preparations. The higher your Completion Rate, the better the reconstructed Sea of Consciousness will be.


    The higher the Completion Rate, the better?

    Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng took a deep breath, stopped work on the bridge, and focused only a portion of his consciousness on stabilizing it to prevent it from collapsing. He planned to give the reconstruction process his all.

    Thirty seconds went by in the blink of an eye. Shi Feng felt an unprecedented pain assault him as if his soul was getting ripped out of his body. Had he not absorbed the Tier 4 Hellfire before, he wouldn't have been able to endure this pain at all.

    However, after ten seconds of this soul-wrenching pain, it disappeared all of a sudden. Simultaneously, Shi Feng felt his mind go completely blank. As for his soul, what remained of it were only countless soul fragments.

    Immediately afterward, numerous magic arrays appeared before him. These magic arrays were so complex that despite being a Half-step Grandmaster Magician himself, he was still shocked.

    He spotted over a dozen Grandmaster Magic Arrays. As for Master Magic Arrays, they easily numbered over a hundred. Meanwhile, all of these magic arrays joined together to form an incomparably large Soul Array.


    System: You have four hours to reconstruct your Sea of Consciousness. Once four hours have passed, the World Blessing will disappear. If you do not achieve at least a 40% Completion Rate by the end of these four hours, your Sea of Consciousness will not be reconstructed. Afterward, as a consequence of having your soul shattered, you will enter a Weakened Soul state for 20 natural days.


    Twenty days?

    Shi Feng wasn't particularly surprised by the penalty for failure. Opportunities and risks came hand in hand in God's Domain. In fact, a 20-day penalty could even be considered very light.

    If a Tier 5 expert were to find out that this opportunity came with such low risks, they would do everything they could to secure it.

    Subsequently, Shi Feng stopped thinking about other things and focused on copying the Soul Array into his Sea of Consciousness.

    He couldn't decide whether he was fortunate or unfortunate.

    The fortunate part of this situation was that he had accepted the World Blessing while in this special space full of Eternal Energy. He would have a much easier time drawing the Soul Array in this environment. The unfortunate part was that, along with the destruction of his soul, he had lost the ability to stabilize the broken bridge.

    In other words, he didn't have four hours to complete the Soul Array at all.

    Despite his frustrations, Shi Feng did not give up on this opportunity. Moreover, due to the Eternal Energy's effects, he managed to familiarize himself with the Master Magic Arrays and replicate them with ease.

    The Soul Array's Completion Rate rose at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    1%... 3%... 7%...

    In just one hour, Shi Feng had already completed 16% of the gigantic Soul Array. At this rate, he could definitely reach the required 40% within four hours. Even if copying the Grandmaster Magic Arrays later would slow down his progress, reaching 40% shouldn't be difficult.

    Another one and a half hours went by, during which the Soul Array's Completion Rate had reached 35%. Shi Feng found his progress unbelievable.

    Hence, he attempted to copy his first Grandmaster Magic Array. The instant he completed the magic array, his progress rose from 35% to 38%.

    It increased by this much? Shi Feng looked at his progress bar in surprise.

    Completing a Master Magic Array didn't even increase his progress by 0.5%. Now, completing just one Grandmaster Magic Array had raised his progress by 3%. Meanwhile, under the Eternal Energy's effects, his speed in copying the Grandmaster Magic Array wasn't much slower than when he worked on the Master Magic Arrays.

    Without my support, the bridge can last three hours at most. I only have about 20 minutes left now, so I can only attempt one more Grandmaster Magic Array.

    Although Shi Feng guessed that the broken bridge would remain stable for three hours without his support, that was only an estimate. As a precaution, he decided to conclude his attempt after copying one more Grandmaster Magic Array.

    The Soul Array was massive. However, the crucial parts of the Soul Array were still the dozen or so Grandmaster Magic Arrays, particularly the six serving as the Soul Array's core.

    Originally, Shi Feng had thought to complete more Master Magic Arrays to allow the core magic arrays to exhibit greater functionality. Unfortunately, he clearly did not have time for that.

    Now, he could only grit his teeth and draw the second core magic array.

    Time passed quickly. Ten minutes later, Shi Feng finished drawing the second core magic array.

    The Soul Array's Completion Rate jumped from 38% to 41%, reaching the system's requirement.

    Upon seeing this, Shi Feng chose to complete the reconstruction.


    System: Magic Array Completion Rate at 41%. You have met the basic requirement for reconstruction. Your Sea of Consciousness will be reconstructed according to the constructed magic array. Do you wish to begin the reconstruction?



    Shi Feng promptly chose to go through with the reconstruction. Although he had more than an hour remaining before the World Blessing disappeared, if he died midway, his reconstruction attempt would become forfeit as well.

    The next moment, after he approved the reconstruction, the Soul Array drawn in his Sea of Consciousness began operating.

    Although the Soul Array was still incomplete, just like the system stated, it was functional.

    As his Sea of Consciousness's reconstruction began, Shi Feng experienced an unprecedented mental clarity. His mind became much more active, and his reaction speed also improved significantly.

    After 20 seconds into the reconstruction, he discovered that his previously blurry Sea of Consciousness had become much more tangible. The change was akin to mist condensing into water.

    The change might not seem significant, but the density of his Sea of Consciousness had undergone a qualitative transformation.

    Although his Sea of Consciousness was still in an illusory state, Shi Feng could tell that his thinking speed had more than tripled. So long as he focused his mind, he could observe the world around him in a decelerated state.

    Amazing! Shi Feng was astonished as he inspected his newly reconstructed Sea of Consciousness. No wonder so many Tier 5 experts in the past had been so crazy about reconstructing their Sea of Consciousness. With my current Sea of Consciousness, even though my Concentration is only at the Tier 5 Basic standard, the rate of my soul's improvement is probably faster than someone with Tier 5 Peak Concentration.

    His Concentration remained at the Tier 5 Basic standard. However, his soul's strengthening rate was superior to even that of experts with Tier 5 Peak Concentration.

    The next moment, when Shi Feng opened his eyes again, his surroundings looked completely different from before.

    The range of his mental perception had increased from 100 yards to 500 yards, and his five senses had also undergone a qualitative transformation. Similarly, his body felt more flexible and sharper than ever before.

    At this time, even though he wasn't actively manipulating his Mana, the two-meter-long bridge under him actually remained nearly stable.

    Moreover, his Concentration was no longer depleted. Instead, it was brimming like never before.

    It seems I shouldn't have any problems completing the trial now. Shi Feng smiled subconsciously as he looked at the relatively stable bridge.

    Previously, he had to make an effort to ensure that the bridge did not collapse. Doing so had taken up a lot of his focus. Now, he no longer needed to split his attention between the reconstruction and maintaining the bridge's integrity. He only needed to concentrate on reconstructing the broken bridge. This would reduce his mental stress by a large margin.

    Following this, Shi Feng resumed reconstructing the bridge. He had a much easier time than before, which allowed him to progress at a flying pace.

    After just three more days, his progress finally reached the one-third mark of the entire bridge.

    However, Shi Feng had no intention of stopping here. After all, the Eternal Energy in this place was simply wonderful. By staying here, he could not only further his understanding of the various Mana types but also familiarize himself with his new Sea of Consciousness and verify the theories he thought up for his new Mana Body.

    Hence, he did not rush to exit the trial, continuing to advance and reconstruct the broken bridge.

    As Shi Feng got closer to the distant land, he found that he also had to improve the quality of the supports he constructed. Otherwise, the bridge wouldn't be able to withstand the corrosion of the abyss below.

    After working for another four days and arriving at the halfway mark, he could no longer advance any further.

    However, his failure to progress wasn't because he had exhausted his Concentration but because the supports he constructed could no longer withstand the abyss's corrosion. Short of a qualitative transformation, they wouldn't be able to hold up the bridge at all.

    It seems this is as far as I can go.

    Shi Feng couldn't help feeling a little disappointed as he looked at the distant land. At this time, it looked much clearer than before. From what he could sense, he should be able to receive massive benefits in that land.

    However, with his current standards, it was evidently impossible to construct a bridge of a much higher quality.

    Shi Feng immediately chose to leave this special space.
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