785 The Cursemancer That Shouldn’t Be Provoked

    Chapter 785 - The Cursemancer That Shouldn't Be Provoked

    The three six-meter-tall treants earned shrieks from the audience the moment they appeared in the dueling ring.

    "Do Cursemancers have such a Skill?"

    "What Skill is that?"

    "Three Special Elites! The Glorious Lions are going to have a difficult time winning this match."

    The players in the audience were not ordinary, but experts with extraordinary insight.

    Ordinary players might never have the chance to watch a match between God's Domain experts, but to these players, such opportunities were readily available. Hence, they were very familiar with the amazing aspects of God's Domain experts. They were even more familiar with classes Skills in God's Domain.

    Cursemancers mainly relied on Control Skills in combat. As long as they could restrict their opponent's movements, they could finish them off easily. However, Cursemancers were somewhat weaker than Elementalists and Summoners when it came to survivability and damage output.

    However, if they had a meat shield to pin down the opponent, a Cursemancer's threat level would rise exponentially.

    After all, Cursemancers' Tiers and Levels were still low, and many of their powerful Skills had relatively long cast times. The class was not suited for expert battles.

    In a battle between experts, the outcome could be determined at any moment. It would be suicidal to use a Spell with a cast time of more than one second.

    Hence, very few Cursemancers were found in the Dark Arena's battle teams. Generally, the battle teams' casters were Elementalists and Summoners.

    However, now that three Special Elites had appeared to assist the Cursemancer, these monsters would easily make up for her deficiencies.

    "I've really underestimated the Asura Battle Team. It's no wonder why they dared to send a Cursemancer into the fight." Sirius could not help but shift his gaze towards Shi Feng, who sat quietly on the other side of the dueling ring. "Tell Thousand to stop holding back. We must win this match."

    Everlasting War nodded. He then left his seat and approached the side of the dueling ring, forming hand signals to inform Thousand Blades.

    Players inside the dueling ring could not receive any messages or hear anything from outside the dueling ring. However, they could see what was outside the dueling ring. Hence, the various battle teams in the Dark Arena had created their own hand gestures and code words to convey instructions.

    At this moment, Thousand Blades' continuous retreat was exhausting him.

    Not only were the three Forest Sprites' Defenses very high, but their Movement Speed was also relatively high. Avoiding the three treants took a lot out of him. He also had to deal with the various Control Skills Aqua Rose sent at him. Hence, he had no choice but to focus on his defense.

    Yet, if he only defended without attacking, he would, inevitably, suffer defeat. Previously, he had accidentally allowed one of the Forest Sprites to graze his shoulder, and instantly, his HP had fallen by 2,318.

    His total HP was just slightly over 10,000. A few more hits would definitely finish him off.

    Huh? I can go all out? When Thousand Blades noticed Everlasting War's hand signals, his lips curled into a smile. He then retrieved three golden arrows from his quiver and fired them at the three Forest Sprites.

    Imprisonment Arrows!

    The Imprisonment Arrow would prevent enemies within a certain range from leaving the area, and the only way to break free from the seal was to destroy the arrow itself. However, the Imprisonment Arrows would also reduce summoned creatures' damage by 80%.

    Even to Thousand Blades, these arrows were precious. After spending a large stock of precious materials, he had only managed to produce five Imprisonment Arrows. Now, however, to win this match, he had no choice but to use them.

    Three golden streaks of light struck the three Forest Sprites. Immediately, the treants were trapped inside golden cages.

    Meanwhile, each of the golden cages had 100,000 HP. Even though the Forest Sprites were Special Elites, after the 80% damage reduction, it would take them quite some time to free themselves from the cages. By the time they escaped from their imprisonment, the match would be over.

    After imprisoning the three Forest Sprites, Thousand Blades activated his Berserk Skill, Beastmaster's Soul. For one minute, his Agility increased by 80%, Strength by 60%, and Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 50%. The Berserk Skill also had a Cooldown of ten hours.

    After the Ranger's Strength and Agility jumped, not only were his arrows faster, but they also contained far more power.

    In the next moment, a sonic boom echoed throughout the dueling ring. Numerous arrows arrived before Aqua Rose.

    However, as if she had expected this, Aqua Rose simply smiled as she waved her hand. Suddenly, three figures covered in blue flames appeared before her.

    When the powerful arrows struck these blue figures, they were forced to step back. Aqua Rose, however, remained unharmed.

    "You..." Thousand Blades' eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

    How was she a Cursemancer? She was basically a Summoner!

    He could accept the three Forest Sprites, but Aqua Rose could also summon three Elite ranked Bluefire Crows.

    "Go!" Aqua Rose immediately directed the three Bluefire Crows to charge towards Thousand Blades.

    Although the Bluefire Crows were not as powerful as the Forest Sprites, they were faster.

    Thousand Blades knew he could not afford to clash with the Elite monsters head-on. Hence, he had no choice but to run about the dueling ring while finding opportunities to attack. If he dealt with the summoned creatures first, Aqua Rose would have enough time to activate an advanced Spell. If that happened, the summoned creatures wouldn't be his only problem. He absolutely could not give Aqua Rose that kind of time.

    "Still not giving up?" Seeing the arrow fly at her, Aqua Rose activated the Power of Darkness, her Attributes rising abruptly. She also activated the Bluefire Heart's Skill, Bluefire Devour.

    Although she would lose a significant portion of her Mana and increase her Mana consumption rate by 200%, her Skill effects would increase by 200% for 30 seconds.

    Aside from Bluefire Devour, Aqua Rose also activated Elemental Domain.

    [Elemental Domain]

    All allies within a radius of 50 yards will have their magic damage increased by 15%, cast speed increased by 15%, and Mana consumption decreased by 20% for 1 minute.

    Aqua Rose then fired a Dark Arrow.

    When the Dark Arrow clashed with Thousand Blades' Scorpion arrow, the latter was thrown off course, whereas the former continued towards the Ranger.

    Seeing this, Thousand Blades hurriedly fired another arrow, successfully diverting Aqua Rose's Dark Arrow.

    Why is it so powerful?! Thousand Blades was stunned.

    The arrow he fired after activating his Berserk Skill was even weaker than before...

    Thousand Blades had no clue that the staff Aqua Rose wielded was the Epic ranked staff, the Song of Beatrice. Aqua Rose already had higher Basic Attributes than Thousand Blades. Now, not only had Aqua Rose activated her Berserk Skill, but she also had a Support Skill empowering her attacks. Hence, it was only natural that her Dark Arrows were far stronger.

    However, Aqua Rose did not give Thousand Blades too much time to think about it. She sent one Dark Arrow after another. At the same time, Dark Weakening's ominous fog began to appear around Thousand Blades. If the dark fog caught him, not only would his speed fall sharply, but his Attributes would also decrease significantly.

    Again, Thousand Blades was forced to focus on his defense, escaping for his life. This time, however, he struggled far more than before.

    Previously, he had only needed to deal with the summoned creatures. Now, he had to deal with the summoned creatures and Aqua Rose's Dark Arrows. As a result, Thousand Blades' mobility was restricted.

    Meanwhile, this situation gave Aqua Rose sufficient time to cast the Tier 1 Spell, Soul Cloud.

    Soul Cloud gathered the power of shadows to form ten flying blades that could only be dodged, not blocked. Soul Cloud was considered one of the Cursemancers' Sure-kill Spells.

    After Bluefire Devour's amplification, Aqua Rose was able to summon 20 pitch-black flying blades.

    However, she wasn't satisfied. Just before she finished casting Soul Cloud, she activated the third Skill of the Song of Beatrice, the Song of Sprites.

    [Song of Sprites]

    Increases the effect of a specific spell by 300%.

    Meanwhile, Aqua Rose chose to amplify none other than Soul Cloud.

    Immediately, the 20 pitch-black flying blades increased to 60. Each flying blade was even stronger than Aqua Rose's Dark Arrows.

    Impossible! Thousand Blades paled when he saw the swarm of flying blades hover before Aqua Rose, a chill crawling down his spine. He could feel the power within those pitch-black blades. A single one of them would devour at least half of his HP.

    Without waiting for Thousand Blades to react, Aqua Rose waved her finger.

    Immediately, the 60 flying blades transformed into 60 streaks of black light as they shot towards the dazed Ranger from all directions.

    Hua... Hua... Hua...

    Even if Thousand Blades had already reached the Refinement Realm, he was powerless against the attacks of three summoned creatures and 60 flying blades. In the end, the streams of black light consumed him, and he died tragically.
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