791 Old Monster

    Chapter 791 - Old Monster

    Above the wide, spacious dueling ring, the system displayed Fire Dance and Violet Cloud's names as this match's victors.

    When the audience saw this announcement, an extraordinarily heavy atmosphere overtook the venue. With a mysterious combat technique, Fire Dance alone had defeated two great experts from the Glorious Lions Battle Team.

    At this moment, Fire Dance's name etched itself deeply on everyone's hearts.

    "Amazing. I had never thought that Zero Wing would've hidden so much of its strength. It's no wonder why Black Flame could afford to excuse himself from such an important event." When Phoenix Rain looked at Fire Dance, she felt as if a whole new world had opened up to her.

    Although Fire Dance's combat realm was mediocre at best, the Assassin's bewildering combat method was a first for her.

    Even Blue Phoenix, a Void Realm expert, would not have any defense against Fire Dance, much less Long Rainbow and Blood Sun. The only method to deal with the Assassin's mysterious combat method was to use large-scale Destruction Spells or manipulate several dozens of flying blades like Aqua Rose had and attack from a distance. Even having significantly higher Attributes than Fire Dance would be of little use against the Assassin. However, both large-scale Destruction Spells and the Tier 1 Spell, Soul Cloud, had a long casting time. During this period, with Fire Dance's speed, she could kill her opponent several times over.

    If even magical classes would have such a difficult time against Fire Dance, physical classes would have even more trouble taking her down.


    Even Hua Qiushui, who watched from the spectator stands, was stunned by the match's outcome for quite some time.

    The Asura Battle Team, a team new to the Dark Arena, possessed such a strong framework. It was simply inconceivable.

    Whether it was Thousand Blades, who had fought in the first match, or Blood Sun and Long Rainbow, who had just been defeated, all three were experts that she had handpicked herself. She was very familiar with their strengths. Yet, all three had failed. She had never expected this outcome.

    Where did this Asura Battle Team come from? Hua Qiushui wore a gloomy expression. She was in a very bad mood.

    To avoid the unexpected, she had been as careful as possible, yet after dispatching the members of Team Two, they had still lost two matches in a row. If they lost another match, they would lose the entire competition.

    It's no wonder why he dared to challenge my Glorious Lions Battle Team. Sure enough, he has some ability. Hua Qiushui could not help but shift her gaze towards Shi Feng.

    Initially, she had seen Shi Feng a minor character that did not necessitate any attention. Now that he was the Asura Battle Team's leader, however, she could not afford to ignore him.

    Meanwhile, when Exemplary Willow saw Hua Qiushui's gloomy expression, she more or less understood the Glorious Lions' situation.

    However, Exemplary Willow was truly confused. Zero Wing was merely an upstart Guild. She could deal with the Guild's victory over the Star Alliance in the previous war, but it now forced Hua Qiushui's battle team into a serious predicament. This was simply inconceivable.

    "Aunty Hua, we will win this competition, right?" Exemplary Willow asked worriedly.

    Before the competition had begun, she had wagered all of the rare materials and equipment she had obtained after many difficulties on the Glorious Lions' victory.

    She had obtained the materials and equipment from Twilight Echo to use as bets. As a precaution, she had bet her funds on the Glorious Lions. On the off chance that the battle team lost, Twilight Echo's development would most likely stagnate...

    "Rest assured; although the Asura Battle Team's performances were shocking, such powerful Skills and equipment are not that easily obtainable. The fact that the Asura Battle Team had two or three such items is impressive. However, it is unlikely that they will show off any more in the following matches," Hua Qiushui responded confidently.

    Her confidence stemmed from the fact that the third match was a one-on-one. The Glorious Lions had sent their strongest fighter, Sirius, into this match.

    Hua Qiushui had also investigated Zero Wing during the small break after the last match. The Guild only had so many experts. Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud were known as the Guild's three greatest experts. After including Ye Feng, a hidden expert of the Guild, Zero Wing only had four. The other experts within the Guild were mediocre at best. They had no reason to fear them.

    One of the remaining matches was a one-on-one, while the other two were three-on-threes.

    In a three-on-three, Ye Feng was the only true opponent the Glorious Lions had to face. Even if the Glorious Lions' members were no match for Ye Feng in a one-on-one, with three people using their Sure-kill Skills simultaneously, they could easily finish off the Swordsman as soon as the match began. Afterward, they could take their time finishing off the other two Asura Battle Team members.

    If Ye Feng fought in the one-on-one, all the better. Sirius could win the competition by himself. The following matches would only be for show.

    Regardless of what decision the Asura Battle Team made, the outcome would be the same.


    "It seems the Glorious Lions can't endure this any longer." Phoenix Rain's lips curled up slightly when she saw Sirius walk onto the dueling ring.

    The Glorious Lions' lineup was gorgeous.

    After all, the Super Guild Battle Wolves supported the battle team.

    Zero Wing was merely an upstart Guild. The fact that it had forced the Glorious Lions into a corner was considered a miracle in the Dark Arena.

    "Big Sis Rain, who do you think the Asura Battle Team will send for this match?" Blue Phoenix could clearly feel the terrifying aura Sirius radiated. The instant Sirius entered the ring, her instincts warned of extreme danger. This was the first time she had experienced such a feeling.

    Although she had never fought Sirius, she could already see her defeat.

    The gap between them was simply too wide. He was someone she could currently defeat.

    Phoenix Rain only shook her head in response to Blue Phoenix's question. Even she didn't know what was going through Shi Feng's mind. After all, the man's performance until now had surpassed her expectations. "Hopefully Ye Feng won't try to be a fool. As long as he doesn't fight Sirius, there is more than a 50% chance that Zero Wing will win the competition."

    Blue Phoenix nodded, agreeing with Phoenix Rain's words completely.

    In the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, although Martial Dragon was strong, he was not so strong that she could not see the difference between them. On the other hand, Blue Phoenix could not even begin to guess how wide the gap was between her and Sirius.

    However, after giving it some thought, Blue Phoenix thought that this situation was reasonable. After all, Martial Dragon had only recently awakened his Domain. Sirius, on the other hand, was already an old man in his fifties.

    In front of an old monster like Sirius, Martial Dragon was no more than a newborn. Martial Dragon only had the potential to contend with Sirius in the future.

    Although Shi Feng was also very powerful, he was not yet qualified to face Sirius.

    "Please, don't be a fool!" Blue Phoenix suddenly worried for Shi Feng.

    Experts were prideful beings. When they encountered stronger experts, they had the urge to challenge them. Furthermore, opportunities to fight against old monsters like Sirius were extremely rare.

    If Shi Feng acted rashly and tried to fight Sirius himself...

    This competition would truly be over for the Asura Battle Team.


    "Brat, what are you waiting for?" Sirius, who waited in the dueling ring, chuckled softly as he said, "Or are you a coward?"

    "This old bastard..." Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Sirius's provocation.

    "Leader, are you really going to face him?" Aqua Rose, who sat beside Shi Feng, asked. After feeling the killing intent Sirius radiated, she had paled to a ghostly white. This was the first time she had felt such a cold and tangible killing intent. Just bathing in it stole her breath.

    The difference in their combat experience was like the difference between heaven and earth. They were on entirely different levels.

    "Of course, I'm going to face him. Opportunities to fight such old monsters don't come by very often," Shi Feng said as he contained the excitement in his heart. Slowly, he approached the dueling ring.
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