1045 Tyrant of the Seas

    Chapter 1045 - Tyrant of the Seas

    What rank is it?

    Shi Feng had seen the awarded Bronze Speedboat in the past.

    The speedboat back then had not possessed any magic patterns, yet this one did.

    In Shi Feng's memories, any ship that possessed magic patterns had been at least Mysterious-Iron rank.

    Following which, Shi Feng accepted the glass bottle and checked the speedboat's Attributes.

    [Swift Dragon Speedboat] (Secret-Silver Rank)

    An item created by a Grandmaster Engineer.

    Maximum capacity: 30 people

    Durability 500/500

    Additional Active Skill 1-

    Dragon Cannon: Range 1,000 yards. Deals a devastating blow to a radius of 15 yards.

    Cooldown: 15 seconds

    Additional Active Skill 2-

    Energy Pulse: Paralyzes all enemies within a 50-yards.

    Cooldown: 1 minute

    Additional Active Skill 3-

    Accelerate: Instantly increases Movement Speed by 100% for 20 seconds.

    Cooldown: 2 minutes

    Additional Active Skill 4-

    Magic Barrier: Envelops the ship in a magic barrier, granting immunity to all Spells and reduces physical damage received by 60% for 10 seconds.

    Cooldown: 30 minutes

    Additional Passive Skill-

    Braving the Winds and Waves: When sailing with the wind, Movement Speed increased by 50%. When sailing against the wind, Movement Speed is unaffected.

    As expected of a Grandmaster's creation! Shi Feng was shocked.

    He had seen many high-ranking speedboats before. He had even seen Fine-Gold Speedboats. However, speedboats of such rank were impossible for ordinary Guilds to obtain. Only Super Guilds had any hope of owning their own.

    Meanwhile, the Swift Dragon Speedboat's Skills was in no way inferior to Fine-Gold Speedboats.

    In the past, the best speedboat Shadow had obtained had only been Mysterious-Iron rank. Compared to the Swift Dragon Speedboat, that speedboat was garbage.

    With this speedboat, even delving into dangerous sea zones could be possible. As Shi Feng held the Swift Dragon Speedboat, he recalled numerous islands that had been famous in the past. These islands had offered extremely abundant resources.

    God's Domain's sea was vast. Its islands were like secret locations or super-large-scale Dungeons that contained countless treasures such as ancient secret lands, Treasure Chests, super-rare materials, and various kinds of ore. Hence, maritime exploration was no less important to the various large Guilds than land exploration.

    However, maritime exploration was different from land exploration. Not only did maritime exploration test players' strength, but it also had stringent hardware requirements. If a player's hardware did not meet those requirements, they would not be qualified to explore dangerous waters.

    This was because sea monsters were different from the Common monsters on land. They were not easy to defeat.

    Even the weakest sea monster was the equivalent of a Chieftain on land. As for their HP, it was multiple times higher than land Chieftains. In addition, the water greatly enhanced these sea monsters' combat power. On the other hand, players were restricted and couldn't use their full strength.

    As a result, even a full party of players had to flee if they encountered a Common sea monster of the same level.

    Fortunately, there were very few sea monsters in normal sea zones. Those players weren't nearly as dangerous. In the more dangerous sea zones, sea monsters were far more common. Parties of ordinary players were guaranteed to lose their lives. At the very least, one needed a Bronze Speedboat to approach dangerous sea zones.

    This was also why he had come to Dahl's Workshop.

    Based on Shi Feng's knowledge, there was a small island hidden in a dangerous sea zone. The island contained a Manatite vein. Moreover, it was a slightly rich vein.

    When the vein had been discovered, it had caused a commotion throughout the Apocalypse Empire, inciting a war between the empire's various large Guilds. The war then had sent tremors throughout God's Domain.

    After all, Magic Crystals were important, regardless of the era.

    Over 50 Guilds had participated in the contest for the Manatite vein, with the weakest being third-rate Guilds. The war had been between three factions led by Battle Wolves, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and Miracle. The maritime battle had incurred tremendous losses for all three, with the death toll reaching the millions. Moreover, these were not the deaths of ordinary players, but Guild elites.

    Currently, God's Domain had only launched a short time ago. It was still impossible for current players to reach that island.

    Hence, before completing the Hidden Quest, Shi Feng had planned to try traveling there.

    If he succeeded and claimed the Manatite vein, the development issues that would plague his future city would vanish.

    One could not complete a city by simply constructing an empty shell. The money and resources involved in a city's operation were astronomical. Even Super Guilds could barely afford to run a city, much less the current Zero Wing.

    The most important resource, of course, was the Mana Crystal.

    Unlike the Magic Tower, whose daily operation only cost 500 Magic Crystals, the Mana Tower cost 4,000 Magic Crystals each day. There were also many other establishments that required Magic Crystals as a power source.

    Now that the town's safety had been dealt with, he had to deal with the city's construction and developmental problems.

    He needed to claim a Manatite vein.

    Originally, Shi Feng had not been particularly confident of reaching the island. Now that he had the Swift Dragon Speedboat, however, his confidence grew.

    Following which, Shi Feng signed a contract with Rodney, stipulating that Rodney would work for Shi Feng for three months. The first task he assigned the Master Engineer was to construct the power source of his Shipyard's new cargo ship.

    After settling his affairs with Rodney, Shi Feng left Dahl's Workshop and prepared to make a trip to the Savage Wildland.


    As soon as Shi Feng reached the docks, he discovered many players shouting to form parties.

    "Four waiting for two! We already have a boat ready! The route is guaranteed to be safe! We'll set off once we have two powerful Level 39 DPS!"

    "Requesting companions to rent a boat together!"

    "Level 37 Cleric looking for a party!"

    "Level 39 powerful MT looking for a strong party!"


    Hundreds of players were trying to form parties. The scene was quite lively. Moreover, their requirements were high. This was nothing like White River City's party-forming area.

    Most of these parties were looking for players Level 39 or above. Moreover, members must have Secret-Silver rank equipment or above.

    "Fellow brother, are you looking to sail? Since you are alone, why don't you join our party? Once we reach an island, we'll split the items equally." As Shi Feng was walking towards the sea, a Level 40 male Elementalist suddenly approached and sent him an invitation.

    Although Shi Feng wore a Black Cloak, he had used the Demon Mask to adjust his appearance and displayed himself as a Level 40 Swordsman.

    Even among this crowd, players who had reached this level were rare.

    Originally, Shi Feng had thought of rejecting the invitation. However, when his eyes landed upon this male Elementalist's name, a surprised expression briefly appeared on his face.

    Hovering Feather!

    In the past, everyone in the Apocalypse Empire had known this name. He had been known as the Tyrant of the Seas. Although he had only been a Tier 5 Grand Wizard during his peak, even Tier 6 God-ranked players tried not to provoke him.

    It had all been due to this man's ownership of two Legendary items. Tier 6 God-ranked players had been no match for him, particularly, out at sea.
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