1203 Difference between Trump Cards

    Chapter 1203 - Difference between Trump Cards

    After Brute Spear used Demon Flash, he and his mirror images moved faster than when he used Charge. The surrounding spectators could barely see the three Berserkers' afterimages, much less their real bodies.

    Is this his true strength? Passing Monarch was deeply shocked when he saw this scene.

    It was no wonder Brute Spear was so confident before.

    With that kind of speed and destructive power, even if all of them went at him together, they would be fortunate to land an attack on him, much less shave away one-fifth of his HP.

    So fast!

    Although Shi Feng's physique had improved a lot after reaching Level 50, in the end, he had yet to obtain his Tier 2 class, which would provide a massive boost to his physique. At this moment, his eyes could no longer keep up with Brute Spear's speed. He could only rely on the changes in his surroundings to determine Brute Spear's movements.

    "You should consider yourself fortunate to fall to this move of mine!" Brute Spear executed Lightning Speed on Shi Feng once more.

    Compared to the time he attacked with Charge, the speed of his spear this time had increased by a large margin. Moreover, his two clones had also attacked using the same Strength and speed. If attacked at such a speed and from three different angles, even a Domain Realm Assassin expert would not be able to evade properly.

    Dang! Dang! Dang!

    However, just as the three crimson spears were about to reach Shi Feng, they abruptly stopped in their paths, unable to proceed even an inch farther due to Shi Feng activating the Swordsman class's strongest Lifesaving Skill, Defensive Blade.

    Brute Spear was not particularly surprised by this situation. After all, the Swordsman class's Lifesaving Skills were only second to the Assassin class's. Now that he had forced Shi Feng to use both Lifesaving Skills consecutively, he would have a much easier time dealing with the Swordsman.

    "So what if you blocked them?" Brute Spear sneered. In a single breath, he rapidly jabbed five times with his spear, targeting Shi Feng's blind spots. Meanwhile, his two mirror images had also launched identical attacks. Demon Flash did not just allow him to launch a charging attack on his target. The clones conjured lasted five seconds, during which, they would carry out the same actions as the main body. Moreover, they also possessed the exact same Attributes as the main body. Overall, Demon Flash was a Skill meant to counter Defensive Skills that could block multiple attacks.

    As a result, a total of fifteen spears struck at Shi Feng from three different directions-and extremely fast. Even Shi Feng failed to keep up with all fifteen spears.

    Meanwhile, these fifteen spear attacks had already exceeded the number of attacks Defensive Blade could block.

    Sure enough, a Baron Demon really is difficult to handle. Shi Feng finally understood why Demon nobles were so difficult to kill.

    In the past, when he saw certain experts on the God's Domain Experts List successfully killing a Demon noble, he had thought nothing of it. Now, however, it would seem that killing a Demon noble of the same tier was a very difficult task.

    Shi Feng immediately activated Killing Ray's Additional Skill, Summon Lightning.


    In the next moment, arcs of blue lightning shot down from the sky one after another.

    Not only did these lightning arcs deal 400% lightning damage to all enemies within a 15-yard radius to Shi Feng, but they could also inflict a Numb effect for 5 seconds on the targets struck. Afterwards, his attack range would even increase by 20 yards for 30 seconds.

    However, Brute Spear simply sneered at this attack. He did not bother dodging the lightning arcs at all as he abruptly stabbed his spear at Shi Feng. He intended to compete and see who could deal more damage.

    While the fifteen spears struck at Shi Feng, the lightning arcs also bombarded Brute Spear's body.

    The block count of Shi Feng's Defensive Blade was instantly exhausted. As for the several spear strikes that got through, Shi Feng used his swords to deflect them, so he did not receive any substantial damage.

    In contrast, Brute Spear had over -13,000 damage from the lightning strikes.

    What high Magic Resistance! Envy sprouted in Shi Feng's heart when he saw this damage.

    If a normal Level 45 player received this move of his, they would either die instantly or have very little HP remaining.

    However, a Baron Demon's high Magic Resistance had greatly reduced the damage Brute Spear received.

    Brute Spear had over 240,000 HP. By relying on battle recovery alone, he could recover over 2,400 HP every five seconds. In addition, Summon Lightning's Numb effect was ineffective against the Berserker.

    As Summon Lightning ended, Brute Spear launched five spear strikes once more.

    This time, however, Shi Feng no longer possessed Defensive Blade to protect himself.

    "What a pitiful bastard. He actually dared to challenge Boss Brute to a duel. He might have had a fighting chance if he had his Berserk Skill. Unfortunately, he's already used it against Chen Xu."

    "However, Boss Brute is also amazing. I feel that the Skills he used all have very high Completion Rates."

    When the five Flower of Seven Sins members saw this scene, they all knew that this fight was as good as over.

    Originally, Brute Spear already possessed a huge advantage in HP and Defense. Now, he was even using an attack method that trumped all defenses. If Shi Feng wished to deal damage to Brute Spear, he would have no choice but to clash head-on as well. However, Brute Spear still had two clones assisting him. It was simply impossible for a melee player like Shi Feng to stop Brute Spear.

    From this scene, Shi Feng also understood what was going through Brute Spear's mind. However, he also had to admit that this was a good plan, as he really did not possess any method of coping with it.

    Shi Feng used Silent Steps right away and appeared behind Brute Spear. He then pointed the Abyssal Blade at the Berserker.

    Abyssal Bind!

    Immediately, black chains materialized in empty space one after another, every one of them shooting straight at Brute Spear.

    Seeing this, Brute Spear sneered as he activated a Control Removal Skill without hesitation, causing Abyssal Bind to lose effect. He then charged at Shi Feng and launched another barrage of attacks together with his mirror images.

    "You want to compete using HP?" Shi Feng smiled. "Come, then!"

    Saying so, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill and Nine Dragon Slash.

    Although his doppelganger only possessed 80% of his Basic Attributes, which made it slightly weaker than Brute Spear, it should have no problems holding off one of the Berserker's mirror images. Meanwhile, the twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms summoned by Nine Dragons Slash could also easily stop the other mirror image. This way, the duel would revert to a one-on-one fight.

    At this time, Shi Feng activated Thunder God's Descent, increasing his Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 150%, damage by 50%, and decreasing the damage he received by 50% for 30 seconds.

    Without hesitation, he charged straight at Brute Spear and executed Sword's Orbit.

    Starlight suddenly filled Shi Feng's surroundings. However, Brute Spear paid no attention to this phenomenon whatsoever as he used all his strength to send out multiple spear strikes.

    Immediately, both sides' HP began falling continuously, the rate of decline giving the surrounding spectators a fright.

    "How is this possible?!" The five Flower of Seven Sins members were dumbfounded as they looked at Brute Spear's plummeting HP.

    At this moment, Brute Spear was losing over 10,000 HP with each attack he received, 20,000 HP with a critical hit. On the other hand, although Shi Feng was similarly losing HP, he was only losing around 3,000 HP with each attack he received. Moreover, the rate at which his HP fell was much slower than Brute Spear's. For each time Shi Feng's HP fell, Brute Spear's HP would fall two or three times.

    After just two seconds of exchanging hits, Brute Spear had less than 70,000 HP remaining-down to less than one-third of his HP. On the other hand, although they could not see the exact value of Shi Feng's HP due to him having hidden it with his Black Cloak, the HP bar revealed above his head showed that he had lost only one-third of his total HP so far. The difference between the two sides was obvious at a glance.

    However, despite this situation, Brute Spear himself remained unfazed.

    Just when Brute Spear's HP fell below the 30,000 threshold, a sinister smile appeared on his face.

    "Backtrack!" Brute Spear roared. Immediately, a blood-red magic array appeared in the air. A red light then shone out of the magic array, enveloping a radius of 30 yards around Brute Spear.

    This was the strongest Skill Brute Spear obtained after becoming a Baron Demon.

    Blood Backtrack!

    As long as he was not dead, the Skill would allow him to regain the HP he had six seconds before.

    This was the reason why he dared to exchange damage with Shi Feng.

    In the next moment, Brute Spear's HP directly recovered to full. In contrast, Shi Feng had less than half of his HP right now.

    "Despicable! He can actually recover his HP!" Passing Monarch could not help but curse out loud when he saw this scene.

    Brute Spear simply sent a contemptuous glance at Passing Monarch.

    Sure enough, he really does have a trump card hidden. Shi Feng was not particularly surprised by this scene.

    In reality, he also knew about Blood Backtrack. This was a move that all Demon nobles knew. Even monsters like Great Demons had used it frequently since it was a Skill specifically used to trap others.

    Hence, he also held back a trump card.

    Suddenly, the two swords in Shi Feng's hands released a blinding light.

    Flame Burst!

    Sword's Orbit!

    One sword light after another flew at Brute Spear.

    "A Sure-kill Skill?" Remaining unfazed, Brute Spear activated the Additional Skill of his Epic Equipment, Magic Shield, which reduced the damage he received by 30% for ten seconds.

    He promptly brandished his spear to deflect the oncoming sword lights.

    Although Brute Spear failed to deflect all the attacks, with his body's extraordinary physique, he still managed to deflect the majority of them. In the end, he got struck only three times. However, these three hits shocked him as each one actually took over 60,000 HP from him. In just three blows, he had lost over 180,000 HP.

    When Flame Burst ended and Brute Spear was preparing to counterattack, Shi Feng activated Dragon Breath.

    Dragon Breath was an AOE Skill that was impossible to block. Moreover, it dealt much more damage than even Flame Burst.

    Instantly, Dragon Breath devoured Brute Spear's remaining HP.

    At the same time, Shi Feng emerged the victor of this duel!
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