1280 Super Treasury

    Chapter 1280 - Super Treasury

    What's going on?

    Am I trapped inside this spatial tear?

    As Shi Feng entered the silver vortex, his surroundings remained dark. However, due to the Divine Might radiating from the path, he couldn't move.

    Normally, when he teleported to another location, even with the Seven Luminaries Ring's Space Movement, he would reach his target two or three seconds after entering the spatial pathway.

    However, looking at the system clock, Shi Feng noticed that three minutes had already passed since he stepped through the doors. He could have traveled across God's Domain a dozen times with a spatial path by now.


    After another five minutes, Shi Feng noticed a light at the end of the path. Soon, he could faintly see mountains and rivers. He could also see beasts wandering on the ground and flying through the blue sky.

    A short moment later, Shi Feng found himself on the top of a mountain.


    System: You have discovered the Dark Canyon. While you are here, you cannot use the system communication function or Return Scrolls.

    System: Asura Mode Promotion Quest activated.

    Quest content: Collect Seven Luminaries Source Stones and seal Demon King Storas. Rewards unknown.


    "Sealing a Demon King?" Shi Feng's face twitched when he heard the system's expressionless explanation.

    Although he had known that this quest would be difficult, he hadn't expected it to be quite this hard...

    A Demon King was the equivalent of a Tier 5 Legendary monster. It could wipe out entire cities. Current players were no match for such power.

    If Asura Mode was this difficult, it was no wonder Sharlyn had said that he would die if he challenged the God Mode Promotion Quest. If he had chosen God Mode, he would have likely died the instant he entered the quest area. However, after seeing Asura Mode with his own eyes, he knew he had no chance of completing the quest.

    He was only a Tier 1 Swordsman. Even if he had a thousand copies of himself, he would be no match against a Tier 5 Demon King.

    This was how God's Domain worked. The higher the tier, the greater the gap. Hence, the various large Guilds in the past had come up with all sorts of method to nurture powerful experts. During the game's later stages, quality was far more important than quantity.

    A Tier 5 player was more useful to a Guild than 100,000 Tier 2 players. Not only could the Tier 5 player defend a city without help, but they could also lead teams to raid Tier 5 Legendary monsters.

    Normally, one needed at least a 100-man team of Tier 3 players to raid Tier 5 monsters. Moreover, the players needed to know the monster's weak points and target them appropriately with various tools and items. Otherwise, such monsters were impossible to raid.

    Asking him to deal with a Tier 5 Demon King alone was asking for the impossible.

    Fortunately, the quest content mentioned something about gathering Seven Luminaries Source Stones. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief after he read the quest content again carefully.

    Shi Feng knew a little about the Seven Luminaries Source Stone.

    It was even more precious than the Seven Luminaries Crystal. The stored Mana was much more refined. However, unlike the Seven Luminaries Crystal, which contained every type of elemental Mana, the Seven Luminaries Source Stone was limited to one type. As a result, its usage was limited. It could only be used for special situations such as powering up certain sealing magic arrays.

    Since I've confirmed the quest contents, next up will be the search for the Seven Luminaries Source Stones.

    Shi Feng gazed down at the massive canyon below him. The canyon was poorly illuminated. However, he could hear faint roaring and sounds of battle. A tall tower had been erected in the canyon's center. This tower reached into the clouds, and it was several times taller than the mountain he currently stood on.

    A large number of flying monsters circled the tower.


    [Nine-headed Vulture] (Demonic Beast, High Lord)

    Level 60

    HP 30,000,000/30,000,000


    With so many Nine-headed Vultures circling the tower, it was impossible to approach the building from above.

    Since flying isn't possible, I'll have to head down the mountain and investigate the canyon. Shi Feng then activated Wind Rider and rapidly descended the mountain.

    The mountain path leading to the peak was very narrow. There were also plenty of powerful Demonic Beasts lying in wait, hoping to ambush unsuspecting prey. Seeing this, Shi Feng sighed in relief. Fortunately, he hadn't chosen to walk down the mountain path. Otherwise, he would have fallen into these Demonic Beasts' trap and died.

    After Shi Feng dove into the canyon's depths, silence and darkness wrapped around him.

    Although he hadn't seen it from the mountaintop, the darkness hid a large courtyard, in the heart of which stood the tower. From above, Shi Feng spotted all kinds of high-tiered Demonic Beasts roaming the courtyard. Some of these Demonic Beasts even fought each other for territory.


    As soon as Shi Feng entered the massive courtyard shrouded in darkness, he felt his body grow heavy. At the same time, Wind Rider's effect was forcefully removed, and he plummeted. The gravity acting on his body grew stronger as he neared the ground.

    Fortunately, Shi Feng had the Ring of Gravity. Activating Gravity Liberation, he freed himself from the pull. The speed of his fall also decreased. In the end, he landed on the courtyard's stone tiles safely without attracting the surrounding monsters' attention.


    System: You have discovered the Moonlight Courtyard.


    "The Moonlight Courtyard?" Shi Feng was stunned when he heard the system notification. "So, this is where the rumored Moonlight Courtyard is located."

    The Moon God had built this courtyard. The Moon God loved gardening, as well as alchemical and magic array research. For example, the Moon Drip magic array was one of the Moon God's creations. It could break any curse in the world.

    Meanwhile, the Moon God had frequently used the Moonlight Courtyard to conduct research.

    "Sure enough, Sharlyn did not trick me. I should be able to find a few God Crystals." A hint of excitement flashed in Shi Feng's eyes as he read the system notification.

    As the Moon God's favored research location, there were bound to be many items the Moon God had left behind. Regardless of how powerful these items were, they would contain divine power if the Moon God had used them frequently, and could be used in place of God Crystals. In any case, he needed the God Crystals to feed to the Soul Orb. If he came across a powerful treasure, he would reluctantly absorb it with the Soul Orb.

    Following which, Shi Feng stealthily moved through the courtyard.

    There were plenty of powerful monsters in the courtyard, and even the weakest among them was a Level 60 Chieftain. To avoid trouble, Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes to deal with his visibility problem and an Invisibility Potion to remain undetected.

    With his current strength, Shi Feng had no problems against a Level 60-plus Chieftain in a one-on-one fight.

    However, as soon as the battle began, the commotion would attract the attention of nearby monsters. If that happened, only death would await him. As for using Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls and Skills like Space Movement, Shi Feng had already tested them and found that he had access to none of them. In addition, this area barred flight. If he were surrounded, he would die. He needed to be very careful.

    After wandering around the courtyard for over two hours, Shi Feng finally got through the courtyard's outer area and entered the middle ground between the outer and inner areas.

    The inner area is so luxurious! Shi Feng wore a wistful expression as he gazed at the distant inner area.

    He could spot a herb garden in the inner area. Although the herb garden had existed since ancient times, due to magic arrays and divine ruins bolstering the garden, all of the herbs were healthy.

    Unfortunately, the Demonic Beasts were eating these herbs. Shi Feng noticed that many of the plants had already been devoured. Furious, Shi Feng even considered cooking these Demonic Beasts for his own meal.

    It would've been fine if the beasts had only devoured the ordinary herbs, but the garden also contained super-rare herbs such as the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life had a similar effect to the Water of Life and could heal an NPC of all their injuries. Shi Feng could also see Exotic Grass, which could dispel the majority of God's Domain's curses.

    Even in herb-rich kingdoms and empires, one would be hard-pressed to find these kinds of herbs, and unfortunately, no one knew how to grow them either.

    Yet, these extraordinarily precious herbs were nothing but food for the area's Demonic Beasts. It was no wonder why the Demonic Beasts here were so fat.

    "Hm? Moonlight Fruit?!" Shi Feng suddenly noticed a tree that was roughly 30 meters tall. Hanging from the silver tree's branches, Shi Feng noticed a translucent fruit. When he saw this translucent fruit, his heart began to pound.

    In the past, the Moonlight Fruit had sold at one of the superpowers' auctions. After that auction, not a single player throughout God's Domain had forgotten the fruit's name. However, this wasn't because the fruit had sold for an astronomical price. Rather, it was due to the fruit's effects. When consumed, the Moonlight Fruit would permanently improve a player's physique.
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