1620 Natural Bloodline

    Chapter 1620 - Natural Bloodline

    "What's up with the Guild Leader? Why is he staring at that blood-red stone?"

    "Is there something special about it?"

    "What's so special about a stone? It's just raw material. I wonder what kind of equipment the Purgatory Serpent dropped? It'd be insane if it dropped a piece of Legendary Equipment!"

    "Don't be crazy! No matter how you look at it, a Grand Lord will never drop a Legendary item. Though, it might have a high chance of dropping a Fragmented Legendary item. If our Guild obtains a Fragmented Legendary item, the Super Guilds will go mad with jealousy!"

    The players from Zero Wing launched into a discussion about the Purgatory Serpent's loot, growing particularly excited as they talked about the possibility of a Fragmented Legendary item dropping.

    Players in the various large Guilds had begun to reach Level 50, and some of the Guilds had already obtained a few Epic items. However, no one had heard of a Guild obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item.

    If Zero Wing found a Fragmented Legendary item, it would become the Guild's prized treasure, serving as a symbol of the Guild's strength. Such an item would definitely elevate the Guild's reputation since it would be the first Guild in God's Domain to possess such an item.

    Almost everyone who played virtual reality games paid attention to weapons and equipment. Apex weapons and equipment, in particular, were highly sought after.

    If news spread of Zero Wing's procurement of a Fragmented Legendary item, even players in other kingdoms and empires would learn of their Guild, much less Star-Moon Kingdom's players.

    A flood of players would visit their Guild Residences to join Zero Wing, making it much easier for the Guild to recruit experts and continue to increase its strength.

    A Fragmented Legendary item? Shi Feng could not help but chuckle when he overheard the hushed conversations.

    Zero Wing had acquired Fragmented Legendary items long ago, and the Guild actually had more than one. Although they were correct that a Fragmented Legendary item could improve Zero Wing's reputation, great wealth brought great misfortune.

    Although the Guild's fame would skyrocket if the public knew that Zero Wing possessed Fragmented Legendary items, it would also earn the Guild an endless number of enemies. Hence, he had forbidden the Guild's upper echelons speaking about these items to the public.

    Moreover, the blood-red stone in his hand was far more valuable than a Fragmented Legendary item.

    Bloodlines were extremely rare in God's Domain, even rarer than Fragmented Legendary items. When a Bloodline was found, even Super Guilds would use every weapon in their arsenal to obtain it, and the resulting bloodbaths would be horrendous.

    Obtaining a Bloodline increased a Guild's chance of nurturing an apex expert. Moreover, as players reached higher levels, the Bloodline's benefits would become more prominent. After a certain level, these benefits would even surpass those of a Fragmented Legendary item.

    Furthermore, the stone in his hand was a naturally occurring Bloodline, not an artificial Bloodline crafted by Ancient Gods.

    There were two types of Bloodlines in God's Domain. The first type included the Ancient Gods' creations, the main Bloodline source in God's Domain. The second type involved naturally occurring Bloodlines.

    The first type formed by drawing on the Ancient Gods' power, and in terms of potential, these Bloodlines were slightly weaker than their natural counterparts.

    Regardless, both types of Bloodline had their own advantages. Those created by the Ancient Gods catered to specific aspects. For example, Shi Feng's Dark Iron Bloodline improved his compatibility with melee Skills, helping him increase his Skill Compatibility Rates. On the other hand, natural Bloodlines weren't as specialized, but in return, they provided greater boons to Basic Attributes.

    Due to the nature of these Bloodlines, players who used them were generally known as humanoid monsters. To players who wanted to push the limits of their Basic Attributes, natural Bloodlines were invaluable.

    Shi Feng couldn't believe he had actually obtained a natural Bloodline from killing a Level 70 Grand Lord. Even though it had been an Archaic Species, it shouldn't have had a chance of dropping one, yet it had.

    If the Demon Players in the World Summit found out about this, they'd die of envy.

    Despite the various Demon Players trying desperately to ascend the Divine Staircase, they struggled to earn enough Shrine Points to purchase a Bloodline, yet Shi Feng had obtained one after killing a single monster. Moreover, the raid had been relatively easy, with one boss and no mobs.

    Moreover, this stone was top-tier among Basic Bloodlines. It was called the Shadow Bloodline.


    [Shadow Bloodline]

    Weakens presence and aura significantly. Effects double when in darkness. Improvements focus on Agility, followed by Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, and Vitality.


    Although the Shadow Bloodline's benefits to a player's combat power weren't as apparent as the Ancient Gods' Bloodlines, it would undoubtedly increase an Assassin or Ranger's survivability. Decreasing one's presence and aura wasn't just effective against other players, but monsters would also struggle to notice the player. Rangers and Assassins with the Shadow Bloodline would be able to explore high-level maps with ease, and they could enter places that players normally avoided. They could enter places that players normally could not set foot into.

    The Shadow Bloodline alone was more valuable than the Purgatory Serpent's combined loot.

    This trip was definitely worth it. Shi Feng could not help but smile at the Shadow Bloodline.

    Neither Epic Equipment nor precious tools could help nurture a true apex expert, but the Shadow Bloodline could. In fact, it might even help a player become a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.

    Even if he gave the Shadow Bloodline to an ordinary Assassin or Ranger in the Guild, he could instantly nurture an astonishingly powerful expert, let alone experts like Fire Dance.

    When Shi Feng finally finished admiring the Shadow Bloodline, he stored it in his bag. He had no intention of informing the others about the item. After he finished with the remaining loot, he instructed his team to rest up and prepare to enter the town.

    No one gave Shi Feng's decision much thought. They simply did as they were told while the healers resurrected the dead.

    Meanwhile, the magic barrier around the town had vanished after the Purgatory Serpent's death. Players could now enter the town without hindrance.

    Of course, chaos ensued in the town. The Demonkin, who had been mining the ores, ran around in a panic while the Demon Supervisors angrily suppressed the undisciplined Demonkin.


    [Demonkin] (Demonic Creature, Chieftain)

    Level 70

    HP 9,000,000/9,000,000

    [Demon Supervisor] (Demonic Creature, Great Lord)

    Level 72

    HP 38,500,000/38,500,000


    To Shi Feng, this chaos was an opportunity.

    There were easily more than ten thousand monsters in the town, and if they moved like an organized army, capturing the town's mineral field would likely be impossible.

    However, he could take advantage of the fight between the Demonkin and the Demon Supervisors, slowly clearing out the monsters in the town.

    Shi Feng didn't hurry to enter the town after his slain team members resurrected. Instead, he activated a Spatial Gate and sent them out of the Boneless Land to rest and recover.

    His team's Stamina and Concentration had almost depleted during the previous battle, and there was no doubt that they were in for a long, arduous battle once they entered the town. They had to recover their Stamina and Concentration first.

    Time passed quickly. Once everyone had recovered, Shi Feng led them back to the town's perimeter.

    "Everyone, get ready! Once my Great Lords secure the monsters' aggro, you'll attack with the remaining Miniature Ballistas! Do not let any of the Demonkin or Demon Supervisors get close!" Shi Feng ordered. He then took a deep breath before pushing open the town's steel gates.

    The instant Shi Feng entered the town, a horrific killing intent washed over him, shocking him awake. A series of system notifications then bombarded his ears.
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