1627 Magic Crystal Treasure Ches

    Chapter 1627 - Magic Crystal Treasure Chest

    So fast!

    Shi Feng's complexion darkened when he saw the Tyrant's Soul appear before him suddenly.

    Although he had long since known that he was no match for a Level 80 Mythic monster, he had never imagined that the Tyrant's Soul would be so agile. Despite his Dark Iron Bloodline, he could only barely catch a glimpse of the Tyrant's Soul's moving figure.

    Meanwhile, the Tyrant's Soul did not give Shi Feng any opportunity to defend himself as it gathered Mana in its right hand and molded it into a blade of lightning. It then swung the blue lightning blade down at Shi Feng.

    The lightning blade tore through the air effortlessly, producing not a single sound as it descended on Shi Feng. Or to put it in another way, the lightning blade moved so swiftly that even the sound it generated could not keep up with it.

    Shi Feng immediately understood that it was already too late for him to defend himself using his swords. Yet, if he allowed the lightning blade to land on him, he would die without a doubt. At the critical moment, he used Divine Steps, ten doppelgangers of himself splitting out from his body. Then, he promptly switched positions with one of his doppelgangers.

    The moment Shi Feng was done switching positions, the doppelganger he had swapped with got split in half by the Tyrant's Soul. The lightning blade also left a thin crack beneath the doppelganger's feet, the crack extending 50 yards. Only a brief moment later did the sound of air being torn apart enter his ears.

    For a moment, Shi Feng was even under the illusion that the Tyrant's Soul's attack had split the entire second floor in half.

    Right then, when Shi Feng looked at the Tyrant's Soul, which was clad in a set of dark-gold-colored runic armor with a pitch-black crown on its head, he could not help but doubt it was actually a Mythic monster.

    Mythic monsters were indeed powerful and possessed superb Basic Attributes. However, in terms of combat standards, most were on par with ordinary experts, who were only capable of reaching the Trial Tower's fifth floor. However, through that single attack, Shi Feng could tell that the Tyrant's Soul was already close to reaching the Refinement Realm standard. It had no excess actions in its movements. Including the absolute speed it possessed, the Tyrant's Soul could slaughter even a party of Tier 3 experts of the same level.

    If not for Divine Steps, he would've no doubt been killed instantly just now. Not daring to waste any time, Shi Feng immediately dashed towards the spiral staircase while having his ten doppelgangers distract the Tyrant's Soul.

    Although the doppelgangers summoned using Divine Steps[1] were incapable of attacking, they were also invulnerable. No matter how the Tyrant's Soul attacked them, they would remain unaffected. Hence, they definitely had a chance to delay the Tyrant's Soul for a brief moment. After all, regardless of how powerful a monster was, their intellect was still far from comparable to NPCs', much less to players'.

    In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had shaken the Tyrant's Soul off his tail.

    However, after he moved forward for just a few steps, the nine Wandering Souls reached him.

    Even Shi Feng would be troubled when pitted against nine Level 80 Grand Lords.

    Fortunately, unlike the Tyrant's Soul, which remained basically unaffected by Shi Feng's Gale Domain, the Wandering Souls had their Movement Speeds reduced considerably.

    In addition, Gale Domain boosted Shi Feng's speed significantly. Purely in terms of Movement Speed, Shi Feng was superior to the Wandering Souls. Hence, he could evade the attack trajectories of the Wandering Souls relatively easily. For safety's sake, though, he still activated Defensive Blade.

    Although the combat standards of the nine Wandering Souls were far from comparable to the Tyrant's Soul's, these were still at the Trial Tower's fourth floor. Ordinary experts would still get killed instantly if they went up against the Grand Lords.

    Shi Feng was only relying on his advantage in speed and his grasp of his surroundings to just barely dodge the attacks of the Wandering Souls. However, as the Wandering Souls outnumbered him greatly, even he could avoid only a portion of the attacks sent at him; he had to rely on Defensive Blade to block the rest.

    Following which, Defensive Blade's block count continuously decreased as Shi Feng neared the spiral staircase.

    Ten times... Eight times... Five times...

    When Defensive Blade's block count was close to depleted, Shi Feng was still over 20 yards away from the staircase. At this time, the nine Wandering Souls gave up on trying to engage Shi Feng in a melee and switched to Spells to attack him.

    Suddenly, dozens of shadow blades formed in midair.

    They even know Shadow Sanctions, the fastest Tier 3 Spell available? Shi Feng frowned.

    There were weak Spells and strong Spells. Likewise, there were slow Spells and fast Spells.

    Shadow Sanctions was the fastest Tier 3 Spell available in the game. Although it packed a weak punch and barely dealt any damage against monsters and players of the same level and tier, when used against a player that was inferior in terms of both levels and tiers, it could easily become a lethal Spell. Not to mention, all nine Wandering Souls were using the same Spell; even a Tier 3 player of the same level would get killed if they were careless.

    In the next moment, under the control of the Wandering Souls, the dozens of shadow blades flew towards Shi Feng.

    Xiu... Xiu... Xiu...

    Just when the shadow blades were about to reach Shi Feng, he switched positions with the doppelganger he summoned using Phantom Kill and appeared on the other side of the spiral staircase.

    As for his doppelganger, the numerous shadow blades instantly annihilated it.

    Close one! Shi Feng felt extremely fortunate that he had not tried to defend against those shadow blades. The only way he could've blocked all those attacks just now was with Absolute Domain. However, if he wasted Absolute Domain here, even if he managed to reach the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest later, he would be powerless to do anything about it.

    After killing his doppelganger, the Wandering Souls charged at Shi Feng's real body once again. However, they were too far away; by the time the Wandering Souls arrived at the spiral staircase, he was already halfway up.

    Since Shi Feng's Movement Speed originally surpassed that of the Wandering Souls, despite the Grand Lords giving their all into chasing him, the distance between them only widened. Shortly after, Shi Feng arrived at the top floor of the tower.

    Sure enough, it isn't locked! Shi Feng grew ecstatic when he saw the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest placed in the middle of the top floor.

    Previously, he couldn't determine whether the treasure chest was locked or not. From what he knew of Magic Crystal Treasure Chests, they were never locked. However, those treasure chests all had silver runes carved on them. Hence, he had not been certain that Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests wouldn't have locks.

    By the time Shi Feng got to the treasure chest, the nine Wandering Souls had just arrived on the top floor. When the Grand Lords noticed Shi Feng's location, they let loose an angry outcry that echoed throughout the entire tower. Even the Zero Wing members and White Tiger Dojo disciples resting over 100 yards away from the tower could not help but shudder at the Grand Lords' powerful roars.

    "What's going on?"

    "Quick, look! The Guild Leader has already arrived before the treasure chest!"

    "Wait, there seem to be monsters."

    "What?! Those are nine Level 80 Grand Lords!"

    Everyone's eyes widened when they looked at the Wandering Souls chasing after Shi Feng. Initially, they had felt excited at his obtaining the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. Now, they only felt sympathy for him.

    Even if their entire team of nearly 700 players went up against one Wandering Soul, they would not be able to make the Grand Lord break a sweat. Yet, now, nine of these Level 80 Grand Lords had actually appeared at the same time. Who could possibly stop them?

    When the Wandering Souls were less than 10 yards away from Shi Feng, his lips suddenly curled up in a smile.

    "Activate! Triple Flame Barrier!"

    In the next moment, Shi Feng unfurled the Tier 3 Magic Scroll in his hand and completed the activation chant.

    Suddenly, emerald flames emerged from the ground around Shi Feng and formed a pyramid that enveloped him completely.

    When the nine Wandering Souls bombarded Shi Feng with Spells, their Spells were all burnt into oblivion by the emerald flames. When the weapons the Wandering Souls wielded clashed against the flame pyramid, they immediately melted under the high temperatures of the flames. The might of the Triple Flame Barrier exceeded Shi Feng's expectations entirely.

    Following which, Shi Feng started opening the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. The Triple Flame Barrier lasted 30 seconds. Normally, that should be just enough time to activate a treasure chest.

    When Shi Feng clicked on the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest, the loading bar that appeared before him showed that it would take 30 seconds to open the treasure chest. Upon seeing this, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

    However, three seconds into the activation process, a flash of lightning appeared at the spiral staircase.

    When the lightning disappeared, the figure of the Tyrant's Soul appeared.

    At this moment, the Tyrant's Soul's eyes were releasing scorching flames, its entire body wreathed in golden arcs of electricity. As soon as the Tyrant's Soul appeared, it immediately began chanting an incantation while writing divine runes in the air.

    In the next moment, a magic array with a 100-yard radius formed in the sky above the Tyrant's Soul. Several plasma balls the size of hills started coalescing below the magic array. Under the Mythic monster's guidance, the plasma balls then rained down on Shi Feng one after another.
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