1680 Evil Gods Branch Temple

    Chapter 1680 - Evil God's Branch Temple

    "A Tier 4 NPC appeared in Ancient Rock City? And the NPC transformed the city into an Evil Demon nest? How is that possible?" Shi Feng was stunned after listening to Aqua Rose's report. Suddenly, a possibility came to mind, and he could not help but ask, "Do you have the latest image of Ancient Rock City?"

    "Yes, I'll send it now." Aqua Rose nodded.

    The fact that Ancient Rock City had become an Evil Demon nest had frustrated the various superpowers. Hence, they had sent plenty of scouts to investigate Ancient Rock City's current state in the hopes of wrestling back control of the city. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had collected quite a bit of information from those superpowers.

    Following which, Shi Feng entered his virtual gaming cabin again and logged into his Rest Space.

    He could still make contact with players in God's Domain from within the Rest Space.

    Once he had logged in, Shi Feng noticed the pictures of Ancient Rock City Aqua Rose had sent. In addition to that, she had sent video recordings and statistics reports about the current forces inside the city.

    What a terrifying number. Shi Feng was shocked as he watched the videos.

    Evil Demons and Evil Beasts crowded Ancient Rock City, both on its walls and inside the city itself. Several million monsters had taken control of the city, far more than any single player could control.

    Based on the information the various superpowers had gathered, there should be roughly 3,000,000 Evil Demons and Evil Beasts defending Ancient Rock City. Moreover, this number continued to grow as time passed.

    However, the number of monsters within the city wasn't the most important aspect. It was these monsters' levels!

    The lowest-leveled monster present in the city was Level 50, while the higher-leveled ones had reached Level 80. Moreover, there were Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demons outside of the city. Based on current reports, there should be more than ten Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demons protecting Ancient Rock City.

    There was also a Level 80, Tier 4 NPC stationed in the city. This NPC was the true Grim Reaper to players due to its Tier 4 Domain Skill. Based on the reports, hostile players that tried to approach this Tier 4 NPC would be transformed into Evil Demons before they could get near the NPC...

    Sure enough... Shi Feng frowned as he gazed at the towering temple in the heart of Ancient Rock City. They sure are ruthless. They actually built a branch of the Evil God's Temple in Ancient Rock City!

    The only way to transform a city into an Evil Demon nest was to create an Evil God's Temple branch temple in the city. If a branch temple descended, one could instantly teleport all of the Evil Beasts and Demons under their command to the temple, essentially fortifying the city with an army.

    However, it was extremely difficult to get a branch temple to descend. First, the descent's target must not have any defensive magic arrays, and second, one would need a large number of precious materials and souls.

    Once a branch temple descended, the occupied city would crumble.

    Although it was only a branch temple, the density of the Evil Energy it exuded would be horrific. This Evil Energy would corrupt the land the branch temple occupied, and only a Tier 5 High Priest or above would be able to cleanse the corrupted land. If the land remained corrupt, ordinary players wouldn't be able to survive there.

    Now that a branch temple had descended, Ancient Rock City had been undoubtedly crippled. The city's fate as an Evil Demon nest was sealed. Becoming a Guild City again was practically impossible.

    "Guild Leader, what should we do? The Evil Demon and Evil Beast armies are clearly marching towards Zero Wing City. Even if we petition the kingdom's armies to suppress these monsters at the border, there are too many of them. In addition, more Evil Beasts and Evil Demons join the march as time passes. On the off chance that the kingdom's armies fail to hold off these monsters and they reach Zero Wing City, we'll definitely be in trouble," Aqua Rose expressed her concern.

    If such a frightening number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons assaulted Zero Wing City, it would only be a matter of time before the city fell even if it had a stronger defensive magic array than Stone Forest Town.

    Mythic ranked creatures marched alongside the Evil Beasts and Demons towards Zero Wing City, after all. Even if Zero Wing City's defensive magic array could stop those monsters' attacks, there was a limit to how long the magic array could hold. Once it broke, the city's players would quickly follow.

    If they did not think of a plan to stop the monster army now, Zero Wing City would be finished.

    Shi Feng felt a headache brew as he looked at the dense swarm of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

    He had never thought that Beast Emperor and Heaven's Burial had grown so powerful that they could summon a branch temple. It wasn't exactly a simple task, and the price of doing so was unimaginable.

    This was because the branch temple was meant to hide the main temple. If Beast Emperor and Heaven's Burial had tried to mobilize their monster armies from within Star-Moon Kingdom, even if Shi Feng had sat back and done nothing, the kingdom's NPCs would discover the Evil God's Temple within Star-Moon Kingdom immediately. At that time, the kingdom would doubtlessly dispatch its armies to exterminate the temple.

    But a branch temple was a different story. Since Beast Emperor and Heaven's Burial teleported their monsters from the main temple to the branch temple, it was impossible to track down the main temple before these armies mobilized within the kingdom. Meanwhile, even if the branch temple were destroyed, the Evil Demon and Evil Beast armies were already outside of Star-Moon Kingdom. They would not teleport back to the main temple due to the branch temple's destruction.

    "Notify Snow and have her organize the Guild's experts to coordinate with the kingdom's armies immediately; we need to stop as much of that monster army as possible. Also, figure out a way to collect as many Magic Crystals as possible. Before I return, have everyone put as much distance as possible between them and the monster army. That includes other Guilds' members and independent players. Make sure they don't become sacrifices for that army," Shi Feng ordered after giving the matter some thought.

    The Evil God's Temple had been a constant thorn in the side for God's Domain's various major powers in the past. The main reason for this the temple members' ability to create Evil Beasts and Demons through their defeated opponents. If a force weren't strong enough and tried to challenge the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, they'd only become food for those monsters. There were two methods to keep its forces from spreading when the Evil God's Temple plagued a country. The first was to exterminate every Evil Beast and Demon found with overwhelming strength, while the second was to destroy the main temple.

    In reality, the Evil God's Temples across the continent of God's Domain served as Evil Energy transfer devices. When activated, the Evil God's Temples would send Evil Energy throughout the continent, creating a suitable environment for its Evil Beasts and Demons. As long as one destroyed the activated Evil God's Temple, they could stop the transfer of Evil Energy. After losing its source, the Evil Energy that had spread would gradually thin until the environment became hostile for Evil Beasts and Demons once again. Some of the weaker monsters might even die as a result, while the stronger monsters would grow weaker and become easier to defeat.

    However, the whereabouts of Star-Moon Kingdom's Evil God's Temple remained unknown, and destroying the heavily-guarded branch temple in the Orc Empire was impossible. The only hope of fending off the monster army that marched towards Zero Wing City was to send expert players to work alongside the NPC armies, whittling away as many of the Evil Beasts and Demons as possible. The monster army could only grow if it had sacrifices; it couldn't bolster its numbers without a cost.

    "Understood. I'll notify Snow right away." Aqua Rose nodded before disconnecting the call.

    Not daring to waste time, Shi Feng immediately logged back into God's Domain and continued to grind for Darkness Stones.


    Meanwhile, over 500,000 players had gathered in a forest at the border of Stone Forest Town's map. Among them, over 100,000 wore Heaven's Burial's Guild Emblem. Every one of these players was Level 47 and above, and they were all very well equipped. However, every one of these players wore tense expressions.

    "Beast Emperor, I've prepared the 400,000 players you've asked for! I hope that you will fulfill your promise!" Singular Burial, who stood atop a hillside, told the middle-aged man beside him.

    The middle-aged man had ashen skin covered in runes. The man also wielded a staff made of pitch-black jade. This man was none other than Beast Emperor. However, he was no longer covered in bandages.

    "Relax. When have I ever broken a promise to you?" Beast Emperor laughed. Turning his sight towards the player army at the bottom of the hill, he commanded, "Alright, let's begin!"
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