1682 High Demon

    Chapter 1682 - High Demon

    Inside the quiet canyon, when Shi Feng got within 1,000 yards of the next map, he suddenly felt a powerful pressure washing over him.

    The pressure he felt now was completely different from what he experienced from the monsters he encountered before. In other words, there was a qualitative change to the pressure he felt.

    Currently, Shi Feng had already reached Tier 2, yet the pressure still made him extremely uncomfortable. His body felt as if it was fully submerged in a pool of water.

    The pressure is so strong despite the 1,000 yards separating us? Shi Feng stared at the massive figure displayed on his Detection Crystal Ball in disbelief.

    The crystal ball showed a humanoid figure with the head of a goat sprawled across the ground before the canyon's exit. The figure also had a massive serpent for a tail and the bat-like wings commonly seen on Demons. As the figure exhaled, flames surged out of its nostrils and scorched the ground before it.

    "What?! A High Demon?!" Shi Feng was dumbfounded as he looked at this figure.

    There were many Demonic Creatures in God's Domain. Aside from having a difference in strength, these Demonic Creatures were also distinguished by lineage. In fact, the hierarchy among Demons was largely determined based on lineage. Demons with noble lineages ruled over Demons with ordinary lineages.

    Naturally, the nobler the lineage a Demon possessed, the greater their potential for growth. In God's Domain, most Demons at the Demon King standard were High Demons. It was very difficult for a Demon with an ordinary lineage to grow into a Tier 5 Demon King, much less a Tier 6 Demon God.

    Demons with noble lineages were known as High Demons. In terms of Life Rating, they were superior to even Archaic Species. At the same tier, only Dragons or Ferocious Beasts would be capable of suppressing High Demons. Needless to say, the ordinary Demons Shi Feng summoned were no match for High Demons.

    Nevertheless, the Guardian Boss stationed at the entrance to the next map was actually a High Demon.

    Due to the extreme distance, the Detection Crystal Ball couldn't detect the statistics of the High Demon. However, when Shi Feng arrived within 600 yards of the High Demon, its statistics entered his eyes.


    [Baphomet] (High Demon, Grand Lord)

    Level 73

    HP 120,000,000/120,000,000


    "A Level 73 Grand Lord?" Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he looked at Baphomet's statistics.

    Compared to an Archaic Species of the same level, a High Demon had much less HP. Even so, 120,000,000 HP was still a horrifying amount for him to deal with. Just Baphomet's battle recovery alone allowed it to recover 1,200,000 HP every five seconds. If his DPS was lower than 240,000, Baphomet would be an invincible existence to him.

    The only stroke of luck was that Baphomet was a Demon. So long as his opponent was a Demon, the Bible of Darkness would be able to suppress it.

    Although he couldn't use the Bible of Darkness to turn Baphomet into his subordinate, he could greatly suppress the High Demon's Basic Attributes. Moreover, this suppression was absolute; its effects would not weaken in the slightest, unlike how magic arrays and the like did when the target monster was too strong.

    All the same, a High Demon was still a High Demon. Baphomet wasn't just strong in terms of Basic Attributes. The Skills, Spells, and combat standard it possessed were beyond those of an ordinary Demon.

    I can only give it a try. Gritting his teeth, Shi Feng took out another Primordial Scroll from his bag and summoned a third Primordial Heroic Spirit.

    Although Zero Wing City's defenses were far superior to an ordinary Guild City's, the current situation was unlike before. The quantity and quality of the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons surging into Star-Moon Kingdom were extraordinary. If the monsters broke through the defensive network of the kingdom's army and reached Zero Wing City, Shi Feng was unsure whether Zero Wing City could hold its ground against them.

    If he could secure the Lost Town before this happened, the numerous Mana Weapons stored inside the Lost Town would undoubtedly raise Zero Wing's strength by a significant margin. At that time, the chances of defending Zero Wing City would also improve significantly.

    Looking at Baphomet, Shi Feng did not hurry to have his three Demons charge at the High Demon. Instead, he waited out the Cooldown of Anna's Skills. Afterward, he had the three Heroic Spirits cast one buff after another on everyone in the group, causing their Basic Attributes to skyrocket, particularly those of the Level 80 Golden Giant, which already possessed immense Strength. After being buffed up by the three Heroic Spirits, its Strength was already close to rivaling a Grand Lord's of the same level.

    Following which, Shi Feng gave the command to attack. Taking the lead, the Golden Giant and three Tier 3 Demons charged forward, the ten Rock Guardians following closely after them.

    If a player were to witness this scene, they would definitely turn around and flee. However, Baphomet simply yawned, paying no heed whatsoever to the approaching enemies.

    Only when the Golden Giant and three Demons arrived within 200 yards of Baphomet did the High Demon look at the Golden Giant. Suddenly, as if they had just stepped into a muddy swamp, the Golden Giant, Demons, and Rock Guardians' speed decreased abruptly. Moreover, their Movement Speed wasn't the only thing reduced; even their reaction speeds turned sluggish.

    Following which, Baphomet stomped on the ground and disappeared from where it stood.

    When Baphomet reappeared, it had moved over 50 yards from its original position. The High Demon was practically faster than even an ordinary Mythic monster. Before the Golden Giant could react, Baphomet already stood before it, the High Demon looking no different from a child compared to the Golden Giant.

    After appearing before the Golden Giant, Baphomet waved its hand lightly as if it were sweeping away dust. In the next moment, the Golden Giant and the Demons and Rock Guardians standing beside and behind the Golden Giant were all sent flying over 20 yards back, damages appearing above the summoned creatures' heads.

    Among the group, the Golden Giant, which possessed the highest Defense, lost over 700,000 HP, whereas the Lord ranked Rock Guardians lost over 1,000,000 HP each.

    Sure enough, it's very strong! Shi Feng was deeply shocked by the Strength Baphomet displayed.

    Baphomet was much more powerful than any of the Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species he had gone up against before. Moreover, based on the performance Baphomet just displayed, Shi Feng could tell that the High Demon's combat standard should be at the sixth-floor Trial Tower standard. With the High Demon's mythical speed, even a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts would be like fish on a chopping board if it went up against Baphomet.

    Afterward, a series of exchanges took place between both sides. Unfortunately, although the Golden Giant and three Demons retaliated, they only managed to land a few Spells on Baphomet. Relying on its mythical speed, the High Demon easily dodged every normal attack sent at it. In contrast, despite being healed by Tier 3 Heroic Spirits, the Golden Giant and Demons still continually lost HP. Although the Golden Giant and Demons tried blocking and dodging Baphomet's attacks, their weakened reaction speeds prevented them from doing so.

    However, as Baphomet paid attention only to the Golden Giant and Tier 3 Demons, Shi Feng was able to get within 100 yards of the High Demon unnoticed and immediately activated Demon Ruler.

    Suddenly, a ripple of power left the Bible of Darkness Shi Feng held. Baphomet's Basic Attributes promptly plummeted by 30%. The effect of Demon Ruler was remarkable.

    However, this was still not the end. Anna, who had long since completed her own preparations, had the Rock Giants form a magic array and suppressed Baphomet even more. However, the magic array was evidently inferior to Demon Ruler. In the end, Baphomet retained 60% of its original Basic Attributes, and it still suppressed the Golden Giant and Tier 3 Demons. But instead of dodging all of the Golden Giant and Demons' attacks, the High Demon was now forced to parry and block instead. Nevertheless, the Golden Giant failed to inflict any significant damage on Baphomet.

    Seeing this, Shi Feng had no choice but to spend 5,000 Magic Crystals and activate the Ring of Gospel's World Projection.

    When World Projection descended on Baphomet, the High Demon's speed decreased once more. However, even after World Projection's suppression took effect, Baphomet still retained 50% of its Basic Attributes and still overwhelmed the Golden Giant.

    "How is it so powerful?" Shi Feng was next to speechless as he stared at Baphomet. If not for the Bible of Darkness's suppression, he would've long since turned around and fled by now. After thinking up to this point, he turned to look at Anna, a bitter smile on his face as he said, "It seems we can't hold back anything at all."

    Following which, he commanded Anna to use her other Overtier Spell, which was also the strongest Spell Anna currently possessed.

    Tier 3 Curse, Yin Yang Judgment!

    Yin Yang Judgment's Cooldown was one natural day. Unless absolutely necessary, Shi Feng did not wish to use the Curse at all. However, if he did not use it now, it was only a matter of time before Baphomet defeated his team. After all, World Projection had a short duration of only ten minutes, each use costing him 5,000 Magic Crystals. He did not have enough Magic Crystals to fight a protracted battle with the High Demon.
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