1691 Chaotic Battlefield

    Chapter 1691 - Chaotic Battlefield

    Baphomet's 30-meter-tall figure was eye-catching inside the movement-type defensive magic array. The players standing around it looked like ants, and the High Demon was difficult to miss.

    Both this new Baphomet's aura and Basic Attributes were identical to the first Baphomet Shi Feng had summoned.

    "He can actually summon two such powerful monsters?"

    Singular Burial and Heaven's Burial's upper echelons looked on in abject horror.

    They had already witnessed Baphomet's power.

    Not only did the High Demon have more Strength than both the Mythic ranked Evil Demon and the Evil Beasts, but it could also tank one Mythic Evil Demon and two Mythic Evil Beasts by itself. Even the other two Mythic ranked Evil Beasts struggled to find opportunities to sneak past the first Baphomet to attack Zero Wing. To put it simply, Baphomet's Basic Attributes and combat standard were already horrific.

    Yet, another monster of its caliber had joined the battle. This raised Zero Wing's combat potential to the next level.

    When the second Baphomet had manifested, some of Zero Wing's members, who had begun to despair, cheered. The two Mythic ranked Evil Beasts were the biggest problem they faced, but now that a second Baphomet had joined them, they wouldn't need to worry about any of the Mythic monsters.

    With all five of Heaven's Burial's Mythic monsters at bay, they could rely on their defensive magic array and Miniature Ballistas to give Heaven's Burial's Demon army the fight of its lifetime.

    Suddenly, the second Baphomet vanished and reappeared before one of the two unhindered Mythic ranked Evil Beasts. Baphomet then swung its clawed hand at the Evil Beasts.


    The impact forced the Level 80 Mythic Evil Beast to retreat several steps. Noticing the new, powerful foe, the other Mythic Evil Beast turned and headbutted Baphomet. Rather than dodge the incoming attack, Baphomet stomped the ground and swung its other claw, easily stopping the Evil Beast's all-out attack. The resulting impact pushed the Evil Beast back by several steps. The difference in Strength between both sides was obvious at a glance.

    For a time, the two Baphomets pinned down Heaven's Burial's five Mythic monsters, giving the monsters no opportunity to attack the movement-type defensive magic array.

    As a result, Heaven's Burial's damage against the array drastically decreased. Even with the rest of the Evil Demon army attacking desperately, the depletion of the magic array's energy reserves slowed. Now, it would take far more time to drain the defensive magic array's energy. Furthermore, Zero Wing's members could replenish the reserves at any given moment. This allowed the Miniature Ballistas and ranged players in the defensive magic array to attack without restraint.

    Each volley from the Miniature Ballistas contained several hundred Exploding Arrows. Although a single volley was not enough to kill the Chieftain rank and above Evil Demons, the weaker Demons turned to ash instantly.

    "Amazing! So, this is Zero Wing's foundation? Even if the Guild didn't have those two Mythic monsters, Heaven's Burial would still find its members difficult to annihilate."

    The spectating players inside Stone Forest Town were stunned by the spectacular sight of several hundred Miniature Ballistas launching simultaneous attacks.

    Meanwhile, Singular Burial, who commanded the battle from afar, glared at Shi Feng.

    He felt as if someone thrust a blade into his heart with each Exploding Arrow volley from the Miniature Ballistas.

    He had sacrificed 400,000 players to obtain these Evil Demons, and to convince his players to offer a portion of their Immortal Souls willingly, Heaven's Burial had offered them significant compensation.

    Yet, in the few short minutes since the battle had begun, over 20,000 Evil Demons had fallen. In contrast, Zero Wing had yet to suffer a single casualty as the impenetrable defensive magic array protected its members.

    After a short moment, Zero Wing had regained the advantage.

    "Guild Leader, we are dealing too little damage to Zero Wing's defensive magic array. At this rate, Zero Wing will annihilate our forces before we can even deplete the magic array's energy reserves," Daybreak Fog said, frowning as she watched volley after volley of Exploding Arrows rain down on Heaven's Burial's armies.

    Aside from the two Baphomets, the several hundred Miniature Ballistas were plenty of trouble. Their combined attacks could rival a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell in both power and range.

    Even though Evil Demons were stronger than players, they couldn't survive a bombardment of multiple Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells.

    "Haven't Blackwater's reinforcements arrived yet?" Singular Burial could practically feel his heart bleed.

    The losses the Evil Demon army was suffering were severe, but his player army's losses were worse. Players didn't have as much HP as the Evil Demons, and every attack from the two Baphomets and the Miniature Ballistas could one-hit his players.

    Thus far, Heaven's Burial had lost over 30,000 players. Many of them were the Guild's elite members.

    Meanwhile, the Mythic Evil Demon and Mythic Evil Beasts' performance wasn't nearly as powerful as he had expected. On the contrary, the two Baphomets had them thoroughly suppressed, and they steadily lost HP.

    Singular Burial regretted his decision to begin the battle against Zero Wing so soon. Had he known that Shi Feng could summon two Baphomets, he definitely would've waited until Blackwater's reinforcements had arrived. With Blackwater's Catapults, destroying Zero Wing's defensive magic array would be much easier. Once they depleted the Magic Crystals Zero Wing had on hand, the Guild's members would be fish on a chopping board.

    "They're almost here. They'll arrive in six or seven minutes," Daybreak Fog reported after contacting one of Blackwater's representatives.

    "Six or seven minutes?" Singular Burial made some quick calculations in his head. At the rate the battle was developing, Heaven's Burial should have no problems lasting for another half an hour or so. "Alright, but tell them to hurry! Tell them that Zero Wing is much stronger than we had anticipated!"

    Daybreak Fog immediately relayed Singular Burial's message to Blackwater's army.


    Zero Wing can actually dominate the Evil Demon army? It's no wonder why such an insignificant Guild dares to provoke Blackwater.

    Falling Fire, who wore a set of crimson mage robes, was surprised after he learned of Heaven's Burial's current predicament. However, that was all he felt. He wasn't worried in the slightest that they would fail to capture Stone Forest Town. Singular Burial had stated that his forces could hold out for another 30 or so minutes, and his group would arrive in around seven.


    Meanwhile, standing at the forefront of Zero Wing's army, Shi Feng spent another 5,000 Magic Crystals to summon a third Baphomet once the High Demon's Soul's Cooldown ended...

    The instant the third Baphomet manifested, the battlefield fell silent. It was as if time had frozen.

    Before Heaven's Burial's members could react to the new Baphomet, Shi Feng had the freshly summoned High Demon charge into enemy ranks, executing one Skill after another.

    A Tier 4 High Demon possessed many Skills and Spells, and all of them were capable of killing dozens, even hundreds, of players.

    "Damn it! How is this possible?!" Shock and confusion overwhelmed Singular Burial as he stared at the third Baphomet. He could not figure out how Shi Feng had summoned such powerful monsters, one after another. However, Singular Burial quickly calmed himself and pushed this thought out of his mind as he turned to Daybreak Fog and commanded, "Fog, contact Falling Fire and tell his group to hurry. Tell him to bring the one Mythic Evil Demons and the two Mythic Evil Beasts guarding the exit."

    Daybreak Fog knew how precarious their situation was now, as well. She notified Falling Fire, telling him to increase his force's speed and transfer more monsters to the battlefield.

    However, shortly after Daybreak Fog ended the call, Shi Feng pulled a Summon Guard Scroll form his bag and activated it.

    Suddenly, a lithe, captivating figure appeared before Shi Feng.

    Naturally, this figure belonged to Anna.

    Following Anna's arrival, a Level 80 Great Lord ranked Golden Giant and ten Level 80 Lord ranked Rock Guardians joined the battlefield. This instantly elevated Zero Wing's destructive power to a whole other level. Anna, in particular, performed as well as the Baphomets. She controlled numerous holy spears to attack the enemy players, each wave killing dozens or even over a hundred players. Any Tier 1 player these spears struck died instantly...

    After summoning Anna, Shi Feng had the three Baphomets use their strongest Skill. Each of the Baphomets then summoned their crimson longswords enveloped in pitch-black fire. Not only did the crimson longswords significantly increase the Baphomets' attack range, but those who fell to these weapons would also find their souls burning in the Soul Fire.

    In one minute, Heaven's Burial's 300,000-strong player army was reduced to just 200,000. Meanwhile, there were less than 50,000 surviving Evil Demons.

    This instilled a deep fear in Heaven's Burial's members.

    Even Singular Burial began to panic. He contacted Falling Fire personally and demanded, "Falling Fire, where are you?!"

    "We're almost there. We'll arrive in another four or five minutes," Falling Fire said.

    "Four or five minutes?! That long?!" Singular Burial paled as he gazed at the scorched, corpse-laden battlefield before him.
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