1697 Miniature World

    Chapter 1697 - Miniature World

    When Shi Feng tried inspecting the dark-gray crystal, the result he got was simply a bunch of "Unknown." In fact, he didn't even get the name of the crystal.

    It can't be inspected? Shi Feng grew even more curious upon receiving this result. He immediately activated Omniscient Eyes and appraised the crystal.

    Aside from weapons and equipment, cases where an item could not be inspected were rare. In such rare cases, the reason for such an outcome was either a frightening origin or damage beyond repair.

    After Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes and used them on the dark-gray crystal, a loading bar appeared before him.

    Twenty-two seconds?! What an amazing item! Shi Feng's eyes glowed with excitement when he saw the time needed to appraise the crystal.

    Normally, even Epic items needed only a dozen seconds or so to appraise. For the crystal before him to need 22 seconds, this proved that the crystal was much more valuable than even Epic items.

    However, after giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng found it reasonable. An item capable of serving as the core of the magic array that sealed the entire Stoneclaw Mountains naturally couldn't be an ordinary item. Even the defensive magic arrays used to protect cities required an extremely strong power source to operate. A barrier that could seal a map as large as the Stoneclaw Mountains would need an extremely frightening amount of energy.

    Finally, after 22 seconds had passed, the Attribute Panel of the dark-gray crystal was no longer filled with "Unknown."


    [Evil God's Eye]

    This is an item created by the Evil God for the specific purpose of opening up a path through a world's barrier. The inside of the Evil God's Eye contains a sealed miniature world. The Evil God's Eye can be used as a conduit to transfer the power of the entire miniature world to the outside world. However, as the conversion equipment has been damaged, the Evil God's Eye is no longer able to supply any power to the outside world.


    There's a miniature world inside this thing? Heaven's Burial really is generous to actually use such a treasure to seal the Stoneclaw Mountains. Shi Feng was dumbstruck after reading the Evil God's Eye's introduction.

    It was no wonder he couldn't inspect the item before. It was only natural for him not to be able to inspect the information of a miniature world using normal means.

    As far as Shi Feng knew, miniature worlds were extremely rare in God's Domain. Only the Ancient Gods could create items with miniature worlds sealed inside them. Meanwhile, items containing miniature worlds all possessed extraordinary power.

    Moreover, if players controlled an item containing a miniature world, they could enter said miniature world any time they wanted to.

    Although miniature worlds were no match for Otherworlds in terms of size, they were roughly similar existences. However, owners of miniature worlds had complete control over them, unlike Otherworlds, and could harvest the resources inside the miniature worlds at their leisure. Otherworlds, on the other hand, required players to manually obtain the resources they wanted.

    Of course, miniature worlds did not possess as many resources as Otherworlds did. Controlling a miniature world was akin to gaining control of an ore vein. Players could harvest various kinds of rare resources periodically from the miniature world they controlled.

    Meanwhile, the most precious resource one could obtain from a miniature world would be Power Ore.

    Power Ore was an excellent support material produced by concentrating the energy of the entire miniature world. Typically, a support material that could increase the forging success rate of Dark-Gold Equipment by 5% would already be considered a miraculous item. However, Power Ore boosted the forging success rate of Dark-Gold Equipment by around 5% to 10%. In addition, the forged equipment would gain the Energy Protection passive effect with 100% certainty. As for weapons produced using Power Ore, they would gain the Energy Strengthening passive effect with 100% certainty.

    The Energy Protection effect passively increased the tolerance of equipment, making the equipment less likely to get damaged by powerful attacks and reducing the loss of durability.

    Meanwhile, the Energy Strengthening effect performed roughly the same function as Energy Protection. It decreased a weapon's chances of suffering wear and tear when striking at tough opponents or blocking powerful attacks.

    Players might not find these effects particularly useful during the early stages of God's Domain. But at higher levels, these effects would start to become important because the more players fought against powerful monsters, the more frequently they would come across monsters capable of severely damaging weapons and equipment.

    It might be fine if the weapons and equipment players used were of high quality, but those at Fine-Gold rank and below could end up a pile of scrap after going through a battle against a powerful monster.

    Due to this reason, as players reached higher levels, their thirst for high-ranking weapons and equipment would likewise become increasingly greater.

    It was also due to this reason that, in Shi Feng's previous life, the market had never become saturated with weapons and equipment in the ten years of God's Domain's operation-because even Epic items could be destroyed.

    Hence, the various large Guilds had actively nurtured their own Lifestyle players in the past. This was especially true for Lifestyle players capable of producing weapons and equipment. The further Guilds progressed into the game, the greater their need for weapons and equipment. During the later stages of the game, Guilds even had to prepare multiple sets of weapons and equipment for their members when raiding powerful Bosses or fighting large-scale battles with other Guilds.

    Since weapons and equipment made with Power Ore lost durability at a much slower rate, Guilds could save up on plenty of Coins and materials.

    In the past, any Power Ore sold on the market would be bought almost immediately, so long as the price was reasonable. The various large Guilds had also expended a ton of effort on the acquisition of Power Ore. Unfortunately, Power Ore was extremely rare. In fact, the continent of God's Domain didn't produce Power Ore. Players could obtain Power Ore only from miniature worlds and certain unstable Otherworlds. Hence, the various large Guilds had constantly contested over Otherworlds that produced Power Ore.

    As for owning a miniature world that could provide a stable supply of Power Ore, this was something that most Guilds could only dream of.

    As far as Shi Feng knew, only a few Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds had managed to get their hands on a miniature world. Due to their ownership of a miniature world, these Guilds had performed much better at raiding Team Dungeons and Field Bosses than other Guilds.

    Thus, now that Shi Feng had discovered a miniature world sealed inside the Evil God's Eye, how could he possibly not become excited?

    In fact, he even wanted to thank Heaven's Burial right now. If not for Heaven's Burial sealing off the Stoneclaw Mountains, he would never have gotten his hands on such a valuable item. Had Heaven's Burial offered to trade the Evil God's Eye for Stone Forest Town, Shi Feng might even have accepted the offer. All that trouble just to capture Stone Forest Town would have been unnecessary.

    However, had Heaven's Burial truly known the value of the Evil God's Eye, the Guild definitely wouldn't have done something as foolish as using it as a power source for a magic array.

    "I wonder if the War God's Temple can repair this thing?" Shi Feng muttered to himself as he looked at the crystal in his hands.

    Although the Evil God's Eye was damaged, it was not irreparable. It should be possible for the War God's Temple, which was familiar with the Evil God's Temple, to repair the Evil God's Eye.

    After thinking up to this point, Shi Feng stored the Evil God's Eye and started looking through the other items he obtained from the war.

    The loot dropped by the Mythic Evil Demons and Mythic Evil Beasts was considerably good. Two pieces of Epic Growth-type Equipment dropped this time: a top for magical classes and a pair of boots for MTs. The rest were Level 70-plus Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold Equipment. To current players, these things were still too high-leveled and useless for now. Aside from weapons and equipment, the Mythic monsters also dropped an Evil God Crystal, which was an unexpected harvest for Shi Feng.

    In addition, he had obtained over 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals from all the lower-ranked Evil Demons his summoned creatures and Zero Wing's members had killed. If he sold all these Evil Energy Crystals, he could definitely make a huge fortune.

    However, Shi Feng had no intention of selling these Evil Energy Crystals. Instead, he planned to use them to upgrade the Evil God's Tablet.

    It was only the existence of the Evil God's Tablet that allowed Zero Wing's Battle Arena in Stone Forest Town to have advanced combat rooms. Meanwhile, these advanced combat rooms were the reason behind the popularity of Stone Forest Town's Battle Arena among expert players. Unfortunately, the Evil God's Tablet had a limited AOE, supporting the operation of only a few advanced combat rooms at a time, which limited the attraction the Battle Arena held for expert players.

    If Shi Feng could increase the number of advanced combat rooms, then Stone Forest Town's Battle Arena would become more attractive to expert players. Consequently, Zero Wing could recruit more expert players.

    Now that he had 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals, he could definitely afford to upgrade the Evil God's Tablet.

    Following which, Shi Feng stored some of the weapons, equipment, and materials he acquired in the Guild Warehouse and used a Guild Transfer Scroll to teleport to Stone Forest Town.
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