1698 Upgrading the Evil Gods Table

    Chapter 1698 - Upgrading the Evil God's Tablet

    Star-Moon City, Stone Forest Town:

    After Zero Wing's big battle with Heaven's Burial came to an end, shock filled the whole Star-Moon Kingdom. Nobody had expected such an outcome. In this battle, not only was Heaven's Burial defeated, but the Guild's entire main force was practically crippled. Many of Heaven's Burial's members couldn't even log into God's Domain right now. As for Blackwater, it, too, had suffered miserable losses.

    With the addition of this new battle record, Zero Wing's fame and prestige in Star-Moon Kingdom reached unprecedented heights. Every major power operating in Star-Moon Kingdom, whether in the light or in the dark, now held Zero Wing in intense awe and fear.

    Setting aside the three Baphomets Zero Wing summoned, just the combination of several hundred Miniature Ballistas and the movement-type defensive magic array made Zero Wing a frightening force to reckon with. In terms of war weapons, no Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom could compete against Zero Wing.

    Now that Heaven's Burial had suffered such a miserable defeat, most likely no Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom could pose a threat to Zero Wing.

    Inside the Guild Hall of Zero Wing's Residence, a bright flash appeared at Residence's teleportation point. After the light vanished, Shi Feng's figure took its place.

    At this moment, the Guild Hall was very lively. Many of the Guild's new-generation reserve elite members could be seen lining up excitedly in the quest area, waiting to pick up a Guild Quest.

    These new-generation reserve elites were players that left their respective beginner towns not long ago and passed the Guild's entrance test. Although they were only Level 20 on average, they all possessed considerably good talent. Among them were some gifted youths.

    Taking a glance, Shi Feng even noticed a few players who had been famous apex experts in Star-Moon Kingdom during his previous life.

    For example, Shadow Chaser was one of the top 10 Assassins of Star-Moon Kingdom. There was also Blood Rain, who was one of the top 20 Oracles in the kingdom. And then there was Luo Yiyi, a Druid who had managed to get promoted to Tier 4.

    These were all talents that the various large Guilds desperately sought to recruit in the past. Yet, now, these talents had all chosen to join Zero Wing.

    "The war this time is really amazing. It's a pity that I'm too low-leveled to join. Hopefully, I'll get to join in a battle of such scale in the future," a male youth clad in gray mage robes said as he watched the video of the previous war being played in the Guild Hall, a hopeful expression on his face.

    "It won't be that easy to get selected for such a large-scale war. At the very least, you'll have to get promoted into an elite member to have a chance. The bunch of us are only reserve elites right now. It'll take a lot of effort to become an actual elite member of the Guild. Just accumulating the required GCPs is already plenty difficult, not to mention passing the promotion test," a robust man geared in metal armor said, shaking his head.

    Reserve elite was a position granted to players that the Guild deemed to have potential. However, a person's potential did not necessarily represent their strength. If reserve elites failed to hit the growth requirements set by the Guild within a certain period of time, they would be demoted to normal members and would have to climb their way back up in the Guild.

    Moreover, as Zero Wing's influence in God's Domain increased and more and more players chose to join the Guild, the bar for elite members would also be raised. After all, the Guild had a limited amount of resources. Not everybody could enjoy bountiful resources. Only the Guild's elite and expert members had the qualifications to reap such benefits.

    "That's no problem at all. Right now, the only advantage the Guild's elite members have over us is that they joined the Guild earlier than we did. With enough time, even becoming a member of the Guild's main force won't be a problem!" a teenage girl with an oval face and a graceful body clad in black leather armor said with a grin on her face. She turned to look at Shi Feng's figure displayed in the battle video and added, "Just you all wait! Sooner or later, you'll be able to see my figure standing beside the Guild Leader!"

    "You're dreaming too much. Why don't you take a look and see who's standing beside the Guild Leader? Commander Fire Dance and Vice Guild Leader Aqua Rose are both experts who can go toe-to-toe with even the peak experts of Super Guilds," someone in the crowd around the teenage girl retorted.

    Only, as soon as this person said so, he was immediately given a fierce glare by the teenage girl.

    These reserve elites did not rein in their volume when they spoke. Even ordinary players standing several dozen yards away could hear their conversation clearly, let alone Shi Feng, a player who possessed an extraordinary physique.

    However, Shi Feng simply chuckled in regard to the conversation of these reserve elites.

    He had never thought that his existence would spur Guild members to improve themselves.

    Nonetheless, after taking a look at these reserve elite members, Shi Feng felt that there was a need to expand the Guild once again. Previously, due to Zero Wing's shallow foundations and funding problem, the Guild could afford to make only a limited number of reserve elites.

    After the war with Heaven's Burial, though, that was no longer a problem. Setting aside the items Zero Wing obtained from the Evil Demons killed, just the weapons and equipment the Guild got from killing Heaven's Burial's and Blackwater's members were already enough for several mass recruitments.

    Meanwhile, during the next expansion, Shi Feng planned to lure in experts from neighboring kingdoms as well. After all, the scale of the war between Zero Wing and Heaven's Burial had been massive. Not to mention, Heaven's Burial was the previous ruler of Ancient Rock City. Hence, the players of Star-Moon Kingdom weren't the only ones that had paid attention to the war. Even players in neighboring kingdoms knew about it.

    Now that Zero Wing had thoroughly crushed Heaven's Burial, the players in the neighboring kingdoms would naturally try to get a better understanding of Zero Wing. Meanwhile, he could use this opportunity to recruit a bunch of elite and expert players to increase the Guild's strength and growth potential.

    Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng messaged Aqua Rose and had her send some people to carry out his orders.

    As for himself, he made his way to Stone Forest Town's Battle Arena.

    After the war with Heaven's Burial ended, peace and stability had returned to Stone Forest Town. As a result, the number of players gathered at Stone Forest Town was continuously increasing. Among the players visiting the town, there was no lack of Guild experts and independent experts.

    After watching the battle between Zero Wing and Heaven's Burial, everyone had realized one thing.

    And that was the fact that even players could go up against war weapons-but sufficient strength was needed to do so. Meanwhile, if they wanted to improve their strength, getting promoted to Tier 2 was undisputedly the fastest method to do so. However, aside from needing good weapons and equipment, sufficiently high combat standards were also necessary to clear the Tier 2 Promotion Quest.

    Training at Stone Forest Town's Battle Arena was undoubtedly the fastest way to improve one's combat standards.

    Although training at the Trial Tower was also an option, not everybody could afford the fee of one Magic Crystal per attempt.

    By the time Shi Feng entered the Battle Arena, its lobby was already overflowing with players. Many experts belonging to the various large Guilds could be seen arranging match-ups with each other. There were also players hosting private duels or competitions with attractive rewards.

    However, out of all the available attractions inside the Battle Arena, the advanced combat rooms were no doubt the most popular.

    The reason for this was the advanced combat rooms' facilitation of improvement in players' Skill Completion Rates. The higher one's Skill Completion Rate, the stronger their Skills would become-this could be said to be the most intuitive way for expert players to raise their strength.

    However, as there were simply too few advanced combat rooms available, despite Judy, the NPC Shi Feng had tasked with the Battle Arena's management, having already raised the rental fee to four Magic Crystals per 30 minutes, demand for the advanced combat rooms still exceeded the supply.

    When Shi Feng took a look at the Battle Arena's earnings report, he discovered that most of the Magic Crystals the Battle Arena earned came from the advanced combat rooms.

    The popularity of the advanced combat rooms far exceeded Shi Feng's expectations.

    He waited for the current batch of players using the advanced combat rooms to come out, then closed the advanced combat rooms temporarily and retrieved the Evil God's Tablet. Immediately after he did so, a commotion occurred inside the Battle Arena.

    "What's going on? Why can't the advanced combat rooms be used?"

    "I've waited a long time for my turn. Yet, now that my turn has finally arrived, they're actually not letting us use the advanced combat rooms? Is this a scam?"


    The players waiting to use the advanced combat rooms kicked up a fuss right away.

    However, everyone received a quick reply from the NPC staffs stating that the advanced combat rooms were undergoing some upgrades and that they needed to wait a short while for the upgrades to be completed.


    System: Detecting more than 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals on your person. Do you wish to spend 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals to further upgrade the Evil God's Tablet?


    Holding the Evil God's Tablet, Shi Feng was startled to receive the system notification. Previously, he had to manually select to upgrade the tablet. This time, however, the system actually took the initiative to ask him.

    However, he did not dwell on the matter but immediately clicked "Agree."
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