1716 Tier 3 Anna

    Chapter 1716 - Tier 3 Anna

    "A Tier 3 Personal Guard?" Beast Emperor, who watched the battle through a crystal ball in the Evil God's Branch Temple, was slightly surprised when Anna appeared beside Shi Feng. However, his surprise quickly turned into a sneer as he said, "Do you really think that a measly Tier 3 Personal Guard can stop a Tier 4 NPC?"

    To put it simply, Personal Guards were hired NPCs in God's Domain.

    However, since they were enhanced through a contract, Personal Guards' Basic Attributes were slightly higher than ordinary NPCs' of the same level.

    Although Anna had been promoted to Tier 3, she was only slightly stronger than other Tier 3 NPCs. She might be invincible against current players, but she was still far from being able to contend with Tier 4 existences.

    Meanwhile, when the Tier 4 Curse Dark Prison was used on ordinary Mythic monsters of the same level, it could trap the monster for at least an hour. Although the Divine Magic Dragon was extremely powerful, Beast Emperor guessed that the Dark Prison should hold it for at least 20 minutes.

    Although no one could damage the sealed monster during that time, it couldn't do anything, either.

    Meanwhile, relying on a Tier 3 Personal Guard to distract a Tier 4 NPC like Dyro was a joke.

    Beast Emperor wasn't the only one who thought so. Every player at the Primordial Divine Ruin agreed with the sentiment.

    Although only one tier separated Tier 3 and 4, the gap between the tiers' strength increased with each subsequent tier. In front of a Tier 4 NPC, a Tier 3 NPC didn't even qualify to buy time.

    As Dyro and the two Level 80 Evil Earth Dragons drew closer, Anna began to chant an incantation from within Zero Wing's defensive magic array. With her left hand, she swiftly drew line after line of divine runes in the air.

    Shortly after, two colossal magic arrays, one white and one black, appeared beside Anna. The ambient Mana then began to flow towards the arrays, and Zero Wing's members could feel the Mana density increase around them by several times.


    "That Personal Guard is quite good. She actually knows how to double-speed-cast. It's a pity that she's going to die here today." When the various major powers' upper echelons saw Anna double-speed-cast, envy gripped their hearts.

    While NPCs were indeed powerful, there were significant differences between them.

    Magical-class NPCs capable of double-casting were already extremely rare, not to mention NPCs capable of double-speed-casting. This was also why they had been so surprised to learn that Dyro could both double-speed-cast and supplementary-cast.

    If a Personal Guard grasped these techniques, they would have an advantage over other NPCs when they reached higher tiers. Take Dyro, for example. Despite Dyro clearly being no match for the Divine Magic Dragon under Shi Feng's control, the NPC could rely on his techniques to mitigate the Divine Magic Dragon's attacks and even entrap it.

    As the spectating crowd pondered such things, two pillars of light rose from the two colossal magic arrays, each taking on the color if the array it emerged from.

    In the next moment, three summoned creatures stepped out of each of the two light pillars.

    Three knights in silver armor had emerged from the white light pillar, each of which wielded a silver sword in their right hands and a shield that could easily serve as a mirror in their left.


    [Knight of Light] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord)

    Level 80

    HP 60,000,000/60,000,000


    Meanwhile, three mages in deep-black robes stepped out of the black light pillar. Each of the mages carried a staff that was shrouded in black mist. The crystals embedded in the top of the staves radiated four different colors.


    [Envoy of Darkness] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord)

    Level 80

    HP 45,000,000/45,000,000


    Tier 3 Spell, Light Summoning!

    Tier 3 Spell, Darkness Summoning!

    If players used the Grandmaster ranked Growth Potion, they'd only rise by a single tier, but if an NPC used the potion, that'd be a different story. After Anna rose to Tier 3, she had learned all of the Tier 3 Spells she would know after truly being promoted to Tier 3. Hence, right now, she was a bona fide Tier 3 existence.

    The Growth Potion's only flaw was its short duration of 15 minutes. Once the potion's duration ended, Anna would revert to her original state. Hence, players had only used these potions in crucial moments in the past. They could not be treated like trump cards in Guild wars or siege battles.

    "What a powerful Personal Guard!"

    The instant the six Level 80 Grand Lords appeared beside Anna, silence fell over the spectating crowd. Nobody had thought that Anna was actually strong enough to summon six Grand Lords of the same level. With this, she was basically invincible among Tier 3 existences.

    Before the spectating crowd could recover from their shock, Anna controlled the Knights of Light and Envoys of Darkness to charge out of the defensive magic array and attack Dyro and the two Mythic Evil Beasts.

    In the next moment, the Knights of Light vanished, reappearing instantly around their Mythic ranked targets. Once the Knights surrounded their opponents in a triangular formation, they raised their shields before them.

    Suddenly, a magic array of light manifested beneath each of the Knights, linking with each other to form a Prism of Light that trapped Dyro and the Mythic Evil Beasts. Immediately, Dyro and the Evil Beasts' Basic Attributes fell once more. Now, the three Mythic existences only retained 60% of their original Attributes. Moreover, they couldn't break free of the magic barrier unless they killed the Knights of Light.

    By the time the Knights of Light had finished, the Envoys of Darkness had also completed their Spells' chants. Pitch-black mist began to rise from the ground within the barrier, binding Dyro and the Evil Earth Dragons. Although the mist did not reduce the three Mythic existences' Basic Attributes in the least, it did reduce their reaction speed and Movement Speed by 50%.

    By the time the Knights of Light and Envoys of Darkness had further suppressed Dyro and the Mythic Evil Beasts, Anna had finished chanting the final verse of her incantation.

    Tier 4 Spell, Yin Yang Cycle!

    Under her command, a dual-colored magic array appeared in the sky, and 36 gigantic swords emerged, 18 of which were a silvery-white, while the other 18 were an abyss-black. These 36 swords then descended on Dyro and the two Evil Earth Dragons.

    Despite seeing the approaching swords, the two Mythic Evil Beasts showed no intention of dodging the weapons. Instead, they swiped their claws at the incoming attacks.

    However, the moment one of Evil Beast's claws met one of the silver swords, the impact flung its claw backward, bending its arm at an awkward angle. When the other Evil Beast touched a black sword, the sword passed through its claw and struck the Evil Earth Dragon, dealing over -1,000,000 damage.

    As the 36 swords fell, one after another, the two Mythic Evil Beasts screamed in pain and their HPs plummeted. Although the two Evil Beasts wanted to escape, the falling swords pinned them in place.

    Naturally, Dyro didn't dare to block any of these swords. Rather, he used Spells to help him evade the attacks. He didn't have any spare energy to strike at the Knights of Light, much less attack Zero Wing's defensive magic array.

    Even after another ten seconds of this bombardment, Dyro and the two Evil Earth Dragons still couldn't free themselves from Anna's assault. Not only had they failed to land a single hit on Zero Wing's defensive magic array, but the two Evil Earth Dragons' HP also continued to decrease...

    "Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is that woman really a Tier 3 Personal Guard?" Everyone watched Dyro and the Mythic Evil Beasts struggle with shocked expressions.

    Although Shi Feng's Domain Scroll had suppressed Dyro and the Evil Beasts, significantly reducing their combat powers, a mere Tier 3 NPC shouldn't have any hope against them by herself, yet Shi Feng's Personal Guard successfully faced them alone.

    Aside from the word "strong," the spectating crowd truly had no other way to describe Anna.

    Despite Anna standing alone, her Skills made her look like a team of NPCs.

    So, this is the strength of an Epic Personal Guard? Shi Feng was just as shocked to see Anna overwhelm Dyro and the two Evil Beasts. He had never thought that Anna could really go up against Tier 4 existences at Tier 3.

    With Anna's constant intervention, even after over a minute, Dyro couldn't attack the Knights of Light. In fact, the Tier 4 NPC's HP had even begun to decrease as he failed to keep up with Anna and the Envoys of Darkness's attacks.

    As he watched, Beast Emperor's eyes became bloodshot. However, he still wasn't particularly worried about this situation. With how powerful the potion Anna had consumed was, the potion's effects should not last very long. Once the potion's effects ended, Anna would have no power over Dyro.

    One minute... Three minutes... Five minutes...

    However, contrary to everyone's expectations, Anna remained powerful throughout the entire battle. She showed no signs of weakening in the least.

    After Forbidden Domain's Cooldown had ended, Shi Feng cast the Skill on Dyro's Dark Prison without hesitation.

    The giant ball of pitch-black chains shattered instantly. The 36 pitch-black magic arrays around the ball also disappeared. Once the trapped Divine Magic Dragon regained its freedom, it resumed its attacks against Dyro.

    The Divine Magic Dragon had already possessed higher Attributes than the Tier 4 NPC, but after Shi Feng had suppressed Dyro with his Tier 4 Domain Scroll and the Knights of Light's Prism of Light, Dyro was only slightly stronger than Grand Lords of the same level. As a result, the difference between the Divine Magic Dragon and Dyro became even more obvious. Furthermore, Shi Feng's Forbidden Domain had also affected the Dark Wizard, and he couldn't use any of his Spells.

    After freeing the trapped Divine Magic Dragon, Shi Feng quickly switched places with Shadow Sword again and controlled the summoned creature to swipe at Dyro with its claw.


    Since the Mythic NPC couldn't use any of his Spells, he had to rely on his physical prowess to block the attack. However, even though he had stopped the attack with his staff, Dyro's Basic Attributes were too much lower than the Divine Magic Dragon's. As a result, he still took the full brunt of the attack and received over -2,000,000 damage. To Dyro, whose maximum HP was only at 60,000,000 right now, that blow had taken one-thirtieth of his HP...

    Taking advantage of Dyro's helplessness, Anna followed the Divine Magic Dragon's attack with a Tier 4 Spell, dealing over -7,000,000 damage to the Silenced NPC.

    While 60,000,000 HP might seem like a lot to players, to the Divine Magic Dragon and Anna, this much HP was nothing.

    After six seconds of constant struggle, Dyro eventually removed the Silenced debuff. However, he only had one-third of his HP remaining by this point.

    To make matters worse, although Dyro could again defend himself with powerful Spells, the massive difference in Attributes between himself and the Magic Divine Dragon was beyond the reach of Spells. As a result, the enemy Dragon broke through his defense, again and again, and his HP visibly decreased.

    Finally, when less than one minute remained on Anna's Growth Potion, Dyro's HP hit zero. The NPC elder then collapsed to the ground with a face of frustration and reluctance...
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