1737 Soloing the Dark Hunters

    Chapter 1737 - Soloing the Dark Hunters

    Fire Dance's sudden appearance abruptly halted the six Dark Hunters' retreat.

    Fire Dance didn't currently wear her Black Cloak, so both her appearance and level of 52 were available for everyone to see. Although her weapons and equipment didn't particularly stand out, Fire Dance radiated an unruly charm that felt like a daunting pressure weighing down on these Dark Hunters' members.

    When the Dark Hunters looked at Fire Dance, she seemed like the absolute overlord of her surroundings.

    So fast! Fire Dance's appearance had surprised Lonely Lamp, the Ranger and the Dark Hunters' party leader.

    His party had specifically chosen to strike far away from any of Zero Wing's peak experts. The closest peak expert had been several hundred yards away. By the time the Guild's peak experts could have ridden to the rescue, their party would've already completed their mission and fled the battlefield.

    Less than 20 seconds had passed since they had launched their assault against Zero Wing's nine ordinary experts, yet Fire Dance had caught up with them.

    Her Movement Speed should be nearly double theirs.

    "What bold words. Do you believe that you can stop all six of us by yourself?" an emaciated Assassin among the Dark Hunters asked, sneering.

    "That's right. We are surrounded by Evil Demons and Evil Bests. Do you really think your allies can come to your aid in time?" a beautiful female Elementalist said with a faint smile. "Our original mission was to kill Zero Wing's peak experts like you. Now that you dare to block our path, we'll just use this opportunity to kill you. That way, we'll complete our mission perfectly."

    The other Dark Hunters nodded in agreement, killing intent radiating from their eyes.

    They currently stood in the midst of the Evil Demon and Evil Beast army. They were also roughly 200 yards away from the nearest Zero Wing member. It would take quite some time for Zero Wing's members to reach their location.

    They might not be confident in taking on Fire Dance one-on-one, but they outnumbered the female Assassin by six-to-one. By charging at them alone, Fire Dance had simply jumped into the jaws of death.

    Yet, Fire Dance had still been so foolish. Her actions rendered them utterly speechless.

    Was she a fool?

    Or had the woman lost her mind?


    Even the various superpowers, who were relatively familiar with Fire Dance's strength, were confused about the female Assassin's actions, let alone the Dark Hunters party.

    "Is she tired of living?"

    "Does she not recognize those six players' strength?"

    When the various superpowers' upper echelons saw Fire Dance charge into the army of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, blocking the six Dark Hunters' path, they felt as if Zero Wing's members were a bunch of lunatics. It wasn't unusual to see Black Flame make such bold and arrogant moves; he qualified to do so, after all, but Fire Dance...

    "Hahaha! Zero Wing is finally going to suffer a little!" Wind Hunter could not help but laugh at the situation. When he noticed Zero Wing's members trying to reach Fire Dance to offer their help, he commanded some of his Evil Demons to stop them.

    While the six Dark Hunters had spoken, they had subtly surrounded Fire Dance, preventing her escape.

    "Watch her speed! Ranged players, maintain your distance from her! Sharp, you'll be the distraction! Make sure she doesn't escape! We have to finish this fight as quickly as possible!" Lonely Lamp commanded as he retrieved his crystalline longbow from his back.

    The other five Dark Hunters nodded in response. The emaciated Assassin, Sharp Blade, then charged at Fire Dance with a Tier 2 Berserker and a Tier 2 Swordsman close behind him. At the same time, the Tier 2 Cleric at the rear cast the Tier 2 Instantaneous Spell, Holy Mark on Fire Dance. Now, even if Fire Dance used Vanish and entered a forced Stealth state, their party could keep track of her.

    As for Lonely Lamp and the Tier 2 Elementalist, they coordinated their attacks, firing from the female Assassin's sides.

    In the blink of an eye, multiple attacks flew towards Fire Dance from different locations.

    "Pay for your arrogance!"

    Sharp Blade shouted as he used Shadow Steps, appearing behind Fire Dance instantly. He then thrust his aqua-blue short sword at Fire Dance's back.

    Tier 2 Skill, Triple Interception.

    Suddenly, Sharp Blade's short sword transformed into three streaks of shadow that aimed for Fire Dance's blind spots. Although each shadow's power wasn't strong, the strikes couldn't be blocked with shields or weapons. They could only be dodged or stopped by a Defensive Skill.

    In the meantime, the Berserker charging at Fire Dance from the front raised his battle axe and slammed it at the ground before him.

    Tier 2 Skill, Fracturing Spikes!

    Stone spikes rose from the ground beneath Fire Dance's feet, entrapping her.

    Meanwhile, the Tier 2 Swordsman used a normal slash against his target. As for Lonely Lamp and the female Elementalist, they sent numerous arrows and Fireballs at the female Assassin.

    As they watched the six Dark Hunters' assault, the spectators at the Primordial Divine Ruin gasped.

    Even the various superpowers' peak experts wore serious expressions when they saw this coordinated offensive. The Dark Hunters' coordination and Skill utilization were simply perfect. Even peak experts like themselves would fall under such a seamless bombardment.

    Even Fire Dance, the target of this offensive, was slightly surprised. She hadn't expected such high combat standards from the six Dark Hunters, and even their coordination had reached such an impressive level.

    However, before the numerous attacks could land, Fire Dance split into six identical copies of herself.


    This was the Thousand Transformations' first Additional Skill. Although the five doppelgangers couldn't attack, they were invulnerable. Moreover, they could exist for a full 30 seconds.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    A series of attacks struck Fire Dance, but her HP didn't decrease in the slightest.

    Meanwhile, Fire Dance's sudden split and six copies had stunned the Dark Hunters slightly, and they paused for a brief moment

    "These are doppelgangers that can't attack! One of these six doppelgangers must be the real Assassin! Lan Hua and I will attack the doppelgangers! The rest of you need to keep an eye out for the real body!" Lonely Lamp shouted, reacting quickly to the new development.

    Although Doppelganger Skills like the one Fire Dance had just used were rare in God's Domain, some did exist. Hence, players had learned of ways to counter these Skills.

    In a one-on-one fight, players would have to flee and wait for the Skill's duration to end, but if a party were to face such a Doppelganger Skill, the ranged players could launch AOE attacks, hitting every doppelganger simultaneously to determine the real body's location. The melee players could then take advantage of this information to attack the enemy's main body.

    Immediately, Lonely Lamp and the female Elementalist, Lan Hua, launched Spells and Arrows at all six Fire Dance copies.

    However, before they could do so, Fire Dance had switched positions with one of her doppelgangers and appeared beside the Tier 2 Berserker. She then lightly swung Thousand Transformations at her target.

    Surprised, the Berserker hurriedly executed Whirlwind Slash to repel Fire Dance.


    The instant the Berserker's battle axe collided with Thousand Transformations, however, the man's expression darkened.

    He felt as if he had just struck an impenetrable wall. Not only did his weapon stop abruptly, but the intense feedback forced him to take a step backward.

    Just as the Tier 2 Berserker stepped back, the Tier 3 Mana Dagger in Fire Dance's left hand glowed with a beautiful red light as the Assassin thrust it towards the Berserker's heart.

    "Damn it!" The Berserker was close to losing his mind. "You forced me to do this!"

    He currently wielded a two-handed weapon. In terms of Strength, he should be stronger than players who used one-handed weapons, yet Fire Dance had surprised him by relying on Thousand Transformations. Her first attack didn't leave him any energy to deal with the weapon in her left hand.

    As the Berserker finished his statement, his skin began to turn a dark shade of red. His body then seemed to grow a little larger, and just as the Tier 3 Mana Dagger was about to reach the Berserker, two longswords appeared, blocking its path.


    Following the sound of an explosion, Fire Dance involuntarily took three steps backward, and she gave the Tier 2 Berserker before her a surprised look.

    The Berserker no longer resembled a human. Instead, he had taken the form of a four-armed, humanoid lizard. The Berserker now wielded two one-handed axes and two longswords in his four hands.

    "You're quite impressive to force me to transform! But I'll be taking your life now!" the Tier 2 Berserker sneered as he charged at Fire Dance.

    Silence dominated the battlefield. Meanwhile, the spectating crowd at the Primordial Divine Ruin watched this unbelievable scene with dropped jaws.

    A player had actually transformed into a monster!

    A Mutated Player? Shi Feng revealed a surprised expression when he saw the Tier 2 Berserker from Silverwing Town's walls.
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