1765 Frightening Profi

    Chapter 1765 - Frightening Profit

    In less than five minutes after Shi Feng updated the exchange catalog, the five-point Ice Resistance Gemstones had reached a price of seven Magic Crystals.

    The demand for the gemstones had completely exceeded Shi Feng's expectations.

    He had never thought that Cold Wind City's players would be so desperate for them.

    In the end, Shi Feng had earned 1,320 Magic Crystals from the 200 Ice Resistance Gemstones. In addition, the Adventurer Alliance had reclaimed a lot of the points it had awarded.

    "Crap! I just got here, and they're already sold out!?"

    "Why are there so many rich people? There are actually people willing to fork out seven Magic Crystals for those gemstones?"

    "What? That's it? There aren't any more?"

    "Why are there only 200 gemstones?! There aren't even enough for all of us here!"

    "Damn it! I knew I should've placed a bid! If I had four or five Ice Resistance Gemstones, I could even solo-tank that ice-type Great Lord I found earlier! I'd be able to earn back all of the money I spent!"

    The crowd in Asura's exchange hall were stupefied by the auction's abrupt end. It had ended so quickly that the city's large Guilds had missed the chance to bid before the gemstones had sold out The independent experts that had adopted a wait- and-see attitude suddenly regretted their choice.

    "Guild Leader, what should we do? I arrived late, and by the time I got here, the Ice Resistance Gemstones had sold out." "What? They're already gone?"

    "What should I do now?"

    "Wait there for a little while longer. If no more show up, try to buy the gemstones from the players that purchased them for a high price. The Snow Ruin's environment is too harsh. Without sufficient Ice Resistance, our main force members' Basic Attributes will drop, and they won't be able to fight at their full strength. We must obtain those Ice Resistance Gemstones!"

    The various Guilds instructed their spies in Asura's Residence to wait for more Ice Resistance Gemstones to show up.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng didn't hurry to put up the second batch of Ice Resistance Gemstones after the first sold out. Instead, he waited roughly ten minutes for more players to gather in the exchange hall before posting another 1,000 gemstones. He altered the starting bid to five Magic Crystals this time.

    The 200 Ice Resistance Gemstones had merely been bait for the general populace. Now that an adequate number of players had gathered in Asura's Residence, he could start selling the Ice Resistance Gemstones for real now.

    The moment the 1,000 Ice Resistance Gemstones appeared in the exchange catalog, everyone in the hall started to place their bids in a frenzy.

    The independent experts, adventurer teams, and Guilds that hadn't gotten a chance to bid earlier began to place one bid after another, and almost all of them started off with a seven-Magic Crystal bid. After around five minutes, Shi Feng earned another 7,110 Magic Crystals. He was earning Magic Crystals several times faster than even Zero Wing City.

    However, Shi Feng knew that this was only the beginning.

    Cold Wind City had over 2,000,000 players. A measly 1,000 Ice Resistance Gemstones wouldn't even satisfy the needs of the various adventurer teams and Guilds, let alone independent players.

    Following which, Shi Feng transferred all of the five-point gemstones to the Residence's warehouse and had the system automatically upload Ice Resistance Gemstones to the exchange catalog in batches of 500 to 1,000 once every 10 or 15 minutes. As for the other Ice Resistance Gemstones, Shi Feng had no intentions of selling them for now.

    For the current Cold Wind City, 40,000-plus Ice Resistance Gemstones should be just enough to meet demand. If he sold the higher-quality gemstones, he wouldn't be able to get a good price.

    While Shi Feng sold the Ice Resistance Gemstones, Lifeless Thorn and the others had returned to Asura's Residence and rested.

    Players' Stamina and Concentration consumption rates increased drastically in the Snow Ruin. Even if they lay down and did nothing, their Stamina and Concentration would continue to drain.

    "Commander, this is the information we have on the third floor's Guardian Boss. Although raiding this Boss doesn't require a high amount of Ice Resistance, its Passive Skill, Frozen in Time, is very troublesome. This Skill targets the top 20 DPS on the team and reduces their Attack Speed by 100%. In addition, it spawns a Chieftain beside each of the affected players. These Chieftains are the same level as the affected players and have very high Attack Power, even rivaling Great Lords of the same level. In addition, the Boss has a second Passive Skill called Bloodlust. As its HP drops, its Strength, Attack Speed, and Defense increase," Lifeless Thorn said, clearly frustrated as he spoke about the third floor's Guardian Boss.

    "How much HP did the Boss have by the end of the battle?" Shi Feng asked.

    "Fifty percent..." Lifeless Thorn said, slightly embarrassed.

    "Is the team's average DPS not high enough?" The outcome didn't particularly surprise Shi Feng.

    The third floor's Guardian Boss evidently required raw power to defeat. Meanwhile, the raid team only had 12 Tier 2 players. As the Boss's Passive Skill restricted the top 20 players' DPS, Lifeless Thorn and the other Tier 2 players couldn't cause any damage, and the rest of the team's DPS obviously wasn't high enough. It was not surprising that the Boss had managed to whittle the raid team down. Even if Shi Feng joined the team, the outcome would likely be the same.

    "Mhm. Everyone in the team is wearing the best equipment we have available. Honestly, though, if the team's DPS could land every attack, it should be possible to kill it, but the Boss is very good at dodging and blocking incoming attacks. Without a sufficiently high combat standard, it is very difficult for players to damage the Boss," Lifeless Thorn said, nodding.

    "Got it. It seems that we need to improve everyone's equipment. Collect every piece of equipment your team is using and bring it all to me," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. If one's combat standards were lacking, they could simply make up for it with Basic Attributes. This was one of the longstanding methods God's Domain's players had practiced to raid difficult Bosses.

    "Improve their equipment? Is that even possible?" Lifeless Thorn could not help his confusion. The raid team already wore the best equipment the Asura adventurer team had. It was basically impossible to improve the raid team's equipment standard further.

    But since the order had come from Shi Feng, Lifeless Thorn did not give the matter much thought. He immediately gathered the raid team and had them hand over their equipment. In any case, he had planned to collect everyone's equipment to repair it all.

    Once Shi Feng received the equipment, he found a normal lounge in the Residence and retrieved Pandora's Rubik's Cube from his bag.

    The Pandora's Rubik's Cube had been so popular during his previous life because of the many Regional Dungeons and Team Dungeons that prohibited tools in the game's later stages. Pandora's Rubik's Cube was an exception to this rule.

    The enhancements Pandora's Rubik's Cube provided were akin to an enchantment If the enhancements were placed before players entered the restricted zone, it would remain with them once inside. Hence, despite Pandora's Rubik's Cube's massive detriment, it had still been highly sought after.

    The only problem was that it cost a lot of Magic Crystals to use.

    Fortunately, several batches of Ice Resistance Gemstones had sold thus far. After selling 3,000-plus gemstones, Shi Feng had over 21,000 Magic Crystals. This was more than enough to enhance a 100-man team's equipment

    Without hesitation, Shi Feng converted 10,000 Magic Crystals into Mana Water.

    To increase his chances of success, Shi Feng had Icarus's Heart's Divine Providence as well. He had also invested 200 units of Life Force to activate the Skill, increasing the amount of Luck he received to the maximum as well as increasing the Skill's duration and decreasing its Cooldown.

    He then started to strengthen each piece of equipment before him.

    There were nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment waiting for him. While Divine Providence was in effect, over half of his enhancement attempts had succeeded. Fortunately, nothing had changed for most of the remaining half. Only 100-plus pieces had been cursed and couldn't be used for a short time. However, the Asura adventurer team had plenty of equipment to spare.

    By the time Shi Feng finished enhancing all 100 players' equipment, he had spent a total of 18,650 Magic Crystals. If converted to Coins, that would be 5,595 Gold.

    If the various large Guilds learned Shi Feng had just spent 18,650 Magic Crystals to enhance a bunch of equipment for just 24 hours, they'd curse him and call him a lunatic. He had spent as many Magic Crystals as a third-rate Guild's entire stockpile.

    Shi Feng, however, did not particularly mind the cost. While he had been busy with the raid team's equipment, he had sold another 5,000 or so Ice Resistance Crystals and earned nearly 35,000 Magic Crystals. Right now, he was earning Magic Crystals faster than he could spend them...

    Once he finished with the raid team's equipment, Shi Feng convened the raid team.

    "Distribute this equipment If there are no problems, we'll set out immediately," Shi Feng said as he handed the entire team's equipment to Lifeless Thorn.

    When Lifeless Thorn received the equipment and inspected the items, his mind froze.

    "Commander, what did you do? The equipment's Attributes have increased by so much!" Lifeless Thorn could tell that most of the items Shi Feng had handed him were the same items he had given the Swordsman earlier, yet the Attributes had undergone a massive transformation. He had never even heard of anything like this before.

    "I only enhanced them slightly and gave every piece of equipment a temporary 15% Attribute increase," Shi Feng said. He had originally wanted to enhance the equipment with Mana Stones, but he hadn't had enough Magic Crystals on hand. Hence, he had to settle for the weaker version for now.

    "Fifteen percent?" For a moment, Lifeless Thorn wondered if he had misheard.

    If a piece of equipment were upgraded by a single rank, its Basic Attributes would improve by roughly 15%. In other words, Shi Feng had effectively increased the raid team's overall equipment standard by an entire rank. Furthermore, the enhancement wasn't limited to Basic Attributes. Even the equipment's Skills had been upgraded by 15%.

    When the raid team's members received the equipment, they couldn't help but gape at the items. They even wondered if these were the items they had worn originally.
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