1827 Battle of Monsters

    Chapter 1827 - Battle of Monsters

    As the dusky space froze, over two dozen magic arrays appeared in the cloudy sky, radiating a light that illuminated the Ore Fortress and its surroundings.

    As these magic arrays manifested, the Dark Players felt their auras' intensity increase, making their bodies feel much heavier than a moment ago.

    As the heavy feeling grew, they began to panic.

    "What's going on? Why can't I move?"

    "What did Black Flame do?"

    Everyone quickly discovered that they couldn't even move a finger, much less walk away. They felt as if time had stopped. Moreover, they weren't the only ones subjected to this phenomenon. Even the Ore army had fallen deathly silent Some Ores had even lost strength to stand and fell to a knee, terrified.

    Following which, the sky shattered and formed a massive black hole. If one looked closely, they would notice a pair of flaming eyes, as large as small mountains, within the black hole.

    As these eyes appeared, the pressure on the players present increased yet again. Immediately, all of the Ores, including the Mythic ranked Ore General, slumped to the ground and shuddered in fear.

    "What's going on?!"

    "It's over! We're doomed!"

    "Damn it! This must be a trap Black Flame set up! We've been tricked!"

    As the Dark Players looked up at the massive pair of eyes, they sensed their impending death and destruction. They weren't even ants before the owner of those eyes. As long as the creature willed it, its aura alone would slay these players. It wouldn't even need to attack.

    The players from the various dark adventurer teams and Dark Guilds suddenly regretted their decision to target Shi Feng.

    Just as everyone cowered before their doom, the pair of flaming orbs vanished abruptly before fire began to pour from the black hole, raining down on the Ore Empire like meteors.

    Boom... Boom... Boom...

    A series of explosions shook the Ore Fortress and the area. The ground trembled so violently that the Dark Players, who stood quite a distance away, nearly lost their footing.

    The shower of fire continued for six seconds, transforming the earth under the Ore army into a burning hellscape. By the time flames stopped pouring out of the black hole, the Chieftain ranked Ores had been wiped out while the Lords sustained heavy injuries.

    The several thousand Dark Players gasped when they saw this outcome.

    With one attack, Shi Feng had obliterated half of the entire Ore army.

    However, before the crowd could recover from their shock, the fire on the battlefield converged and transformed into easily over a hundred Flame Giants. The weakest among these Flame Giants was a Level 80 High Lord, whereas the strongest five were Level 82 Grand Lords.

    Vulcan's Sigh is actually so powerful? Even Shi Feng was astonished as he gazed at the Flame Giants.

    He had assumed that he'd be lucky to summon even one Grand Lord. He had never expected for Vulcan's Sigh to summon such a powerful legion of Flame Giants.

    After the single activation of Vulcan's Sigh, Shi Feng noticed that the Magic Scroll had lost half of its durability. In other words, Vulcan's Sigh was a Continuous-use Magic Scroll that could only be used twice. Moreover, he would have to wait two natural days before he could use the scroll again; he could not use it consecutively.

    However, Shi Feng was very satisfied with the result Although most Tier 4 Continuous-use Magic Scrolls could be used four to six times, their effects couldn't compare to Vulcan's Sigh.

    The flame legion's arrival instantly disrupted the Ore army's formation. The 20-meter-tall Grand Lord ranked Flame Giants sent over a dozen Ores flying with a single slap. In terms of Strength, even the Grand Lord ranked Ore Warriors were no match for the Grand Lord ranked Flame Giants.

    For a time, the legion of Flame Giants brought chaos to the Ore army.

    The battle between the Flame Giants and Ores was earth-shattering. Sounds of slaughter and explosions echoed across the barren plains that surrounded the Ore Fortress, stupefying the Dark Players that hid in the distant forest.

    Although the battle only involved several thousand monsters, it was no less intense than a battle between tens of thousands of players. If players joined this fight, even the shockwaves from the Ores and Flame Giants' clashing would vaporize them.

    While the Ore army tangled with the flame legion, Shi Feng used the opportunity to lead his NPC mercenaries past the Ore army and towards the Ore Fortress.

    He did not need to exterminate the Ore army to capture the fortress. He only needed to set up the trade route magic array inside of it Moreover, Shi Feng did not think that he could defeat the Ore army.

    The army was led by a Mythic Ore, after all. Although the Flame Giants were powerful, a Mythic ranked creature could easily suppress them. Furthermore, the flame legion was badly outnumbered. It was only a matter of time before the Ores wiped the legion out.

    When Shi Feng was within 500 yards of the fortress, the Level 80 Ore General discovered his group. With a roar, the Ore General raised its greatsword, firing a chilling beam attack at the Grand Lord ranked Flame Giant before it. The attack sent the Flame Giant flying back as a layer of ice formed on the ground before the Ore General.

    The Mythic Ore then led a group of subordinates as they ran down the icy path its attack had created to block the fortress's entrance with their bodies. Other Ores also began to abandon their fights with the Flame Giants, charging towards Shi Feng's group.

    Sure enough, they won't let me through so easily. Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he looked at the Ore General before the fortress's entrance. He then turned toward Anna and ordered, "Do it!"

    Nodding, Anna began to chant as she approached the Ore General.

    When less than 100 yards separated the two, Anna finished her Spell and pointed her staff at the Ore General.

    Suddenly, a Level 85, Tier 4 Valkyrie descended from the sky.

    Using an Advanced Instantaneous Movement, the Valkyrie instantly appeared before the Ore General and swept the lightning spear in her hands at the Mythic Ore.


    Failing to react in time to the strike, the Ore General and a dozen or so Great Lord ranked Ores got sent flying over a hundred yards to the side. The Valkyrie's frightening Strength had even shattered the ground before her, creating a small ravine.


    Shi Feng then led his group into the fortress, commanding his NPC mercenaries to guard the entrance while he headed for the system-designated location to set up the trade route magic array.

    The fortress's entrance wasn't particularly large. Twenty NPCs would be more than enough to form a barricade. Fortunately, the fortress's walls had been enhanced with magic runes, and not even Mythic monsters would be able to jump over them. Now, the Ores could only enter the fortress if they destroyed its walls or the NPCs guarding the entrance. The fortress walls were quite sturdy, and it would even take a Mythic monster some time to destroy them. By the time the Ore General created an opening, Shi Feng would've long since completed his task. The only way the Ore General could get into the fortress before Shi Feng finished was through the main entrance.

    Hence, stationing guards would be enough.

    Very quickly, Shi Feng found the targeted location. Wasting no time, he immediately took out a large, blue crystal from his Epic ranked Spatial Bag and began to engrave the necessary magic array.

    As the seconds ticked by, more Ores tried to force their way into the fortress. The Tier 2 NPCs defending the entrance began to die, one after another. Only the Tier 3 NPCs barely held their ground against the Grand Lord ranked Ore Warriors. The Valkyrie fought a fierce battle against the Ore General outside of the building, doing her best to injure the Mythic Ore. Meanwhile, the Ore General was utterly powerless to stop the beating.

    Although the Ore General was a Level 80 Mythic ranked creature, the Valkyrie was a Level 85 Mythic ranked Angel. There was a massive difference between the two beings' Life Ratings. The Valkyrie completely overpowered the Ore General, and it took everything it had just to block the Valkyrie's attacks. Occasionally, the Ore General slipped up, and the Valkyrie's attacks sent it flying.

    The watching Dark Players were flabbergasted.

    The various commanders and upper echelons from the dark adventurer teams and Dark Guilds wiped the sweat from their foreheads. They inwardly celebrated the fact that they hadn't rushed to attack Shi Feng. The consequences would've been unimaginably dire.

    By the time the Valkyrie disappeared, the Ore General was heavily injured, greatly reducing its combat power. Now, it was only slightly more powerful than the Grand Lord ranked Ore Warriors.

    I need to hurry! When Shi Feng saw the Ore General attack the guards at the entrance, he began to inscribe runes faster. Twenty seconds... Forty seconds... Sixty seconds...

    Once the Ore General rejoined the fight, more NPC mercenaries began to fall. In just 60 seconds, over ten Tier 2 NPCs had died. One of the Tier 3 NPCs had even sustained heavy injuries.

    When there were fewer than 30 NPC mercenaries remaining, the Ore General used a powerful Skill and charged past the blockade. Upon entering the fortress and spotting Shi Feng, the Ore General roared and swung its greatsword at the offending Swordsman.

    Suddenly, a cold energy beam shot toward Shi Feng, and everything it passed froze.

    While inscribing the magic array, Shi Feng couldn't move without canceling the inscription process. He'd have to start all over again. Hence, Shi Feng had no choice but to activate Absolute Defense. After the energy beam disappeared, everything except for Shi Feng's immediate surroundings had frozen solid.

    When the Ore General saw that Shi Feng had survived, it was further enraged. It charged up to Shi Feng, brandishing its greatsword.

    Despite the fact that the power of the Ore General's attacks shattered the ground around him, Shi Feng remained unharmed. However, his heart pounded with nervous energy, rather than feeling relieved.

    Just when Absolute Domain's duration was about to end...

    The blue crystal in Shi Feng's hand suddenly lit up. He had finally finished inscribing the magic array.

    "Go!" Shi Feng shoved the crystal into the ground before him.

    As the crystal melded with the ground, a magic array appeared beneath Shi Feng's feet. Seeing this, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon's Power, his Attributes skyrocketing.

    "Scram!" Shi Feng yelled as he swung Killing Ray at the Ore General.

    Lightning Slash!

    A blue lightning bolt struck the Ore General, and like a cannonball, the creature flew backward, only stopping when it crashed into a nearby wall.

    Using this opportunity, Anna had her ten Rock Guardians form a magic array around the Ore General, trapping the Mythic Ore. Meanwhile, Shi Feng took out several small crystals for the magic array's finishing touches.

    Since Shi Feng was now very familiar with the process, he only needed ten seconds to complete the array.

    As the magic array completed, a blue ripple of light enveloped the war fortress.

    A moment later, a series of system notifications reached Shi Feng's ears.
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