1868 Barrier Destroyed

    Chapter 1868 - Barrier Destroyed

    When they saw the three Divine Magic Dragons, the rowdy Evil Beasts and Demons fell silent

    Each of the Divine Magic Dragons had a wingspan of 600 meters. Just a flap of their wings would be more than enough to kill hundreds of players. Even the spectating crowd could feel their auras from several thousand yards away. The ambient Mana on the battlefield also gathered to the Divine Magic Dragons, and just a flap of their wings caused powerful storms to brew. Pitch-black spatial tears appeared as their wings passed...

    Even many of Zero Wing's members were shocked to see the Divine Magic Dragons.

    Although most of the Zero Wing members had seen the battle videos depicting these dragons, they had never seen one up close. The combined pressure three Divine Magic Dragons exuded was so powerful that even Tier 2 experts felt their bodies grow heavy and their chests constrict, not to mention Tier 1 players.

    "The divine Magic Dragons are so powerful! Is this the power of a Dragon?"

    "I knew our Guild must've had a trump card! One Divine Magic Dragon was already enough to suppress three Mythic Evil Beasts. Now that we have three Divine Magic Dragons, I can't wait to see how Beast Emperor and his minions stand against us!"

    Many of Zero Wing's members had still been afraid of the Evil Beast and Demon army before them. After all, there were five Level 80 Mythic Evil Beasts standing between their army and Ancient Rock City. Even if they had 200 Miniature Ballistas on their side, they would still pay a horrific price to get through these monsters.

    However, now that they had three Divine Magic Dragons on their side, the battle had turned in their favor.

    While everyone struggled with their shock, under Aqua Rose's command, the three Divine Magic Dragons flapped their wings and flew toward Ancient Rock City.

    Although the five Evil Earth Dragons tried to stop the Divine Magic Dragons, the Divine Magic Dragons were too fast. Under Shadow Sword, Flying Shadow, and Minor Wind's control, the three Divine Magic Dragons easily avoided the Mythic Evil Beasts' attacks and sent their glowing, dark-purple claws smashing into Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array.

    Boom... Boom... Boom...

    The three Divine Magic Dragons' claws struck the defensive magic array simultaneously, the force behind their powerful attacks instantly creating three intense storms that spread around them.

    Meanwhile, the magic barrier protecting Ancient Rock City shook violently, dimming considerably.

    Seeing this, Beast Emperor's expression darkened.

    The various major powers' upper echelons, who watched via Magic Mirrors, were astonished.

    "What a powerful attack! When the various superpowers had assaulted Ancient Rock City, that barrier hadn't even faltered under a Tier 4 attack, yet it's trembling after those Divine Magic Dragons struck it. It seems the Dragons' damage exceeds the barrier's threshold. At this rate, it will take no time at all to deplete the magic array's energy reserves."

    "Three Divine Magic Dragons? I hadn't thought that Zero Wing still had such a trump card. It's no wonder why it dares provoke Beast Emperor."

    "It seems Zero Wing really is confident of striking down Ancient Rock City."

    The various upper echelons were similarly shocked by the three Divine Magic Dragons' power. However, while they were shocked, they weren't particularly afraid. After all, tools that could summon such powerful monsters certainly weren't indefinite. It simply wasn't a permanent source of strength.

    "Damn it! Just one attack from those Dragons depleted nearly 6% of the magic array's energy reserves! We can't let those Dragons continue to attack the barrier! Activate the Evil God's Temple's offensive magic array and annihilate these Dragons!" Beast Emperor hurriedly commanded when he saw the defensive magic array's energy reserves.

    "Boss, it'll cost us 3,000 CPs to activate the offensive magic array once. Are you sure you want to use it?" Wind Hunter hesitantly asked.

    Evil God's Temple Contribution Points were extremely difficult to acquire. These points could not be acquired just by completing quests. They also needed to trade a large amount of resources for these points. Although they had acquired a lot of resources from Blackwater, to capture the Crimson Flame Fortress, they had expended a considerable amount. Now, they had less than 8,000 CPs available.

    "Do it! I don't want to see the defensive magic array destroyed!" Beast Emperor growled as the Divine Magic Dragons launched their second wave of attacks.

    If the defensive magic array fell, anybody could enter Ancient Rock City. If the Divine Magic Dragons entered the city, they would wreak unimaginable destruction.

    As Beast Emperor finished speaking, the defensive magic array lost another 6% of its energy.

    Seeing this, Wind Hunter bit his tongue. Hurriedly, he activated the Evil God's Temple's offensive magic array.

    Suddenly, a gigantic, dark-gray magic array formed above the Evil God's Branch Temple, located in the center of Ancient Rock City. The magic array enveloped the City Lord's Mansion. Even Zero Wing's members, who stood several thousand yards away, noticed this sudden development.

    Due to the appearance of this magic array, the Mana inside and around Ancient Rock City was obliterated. Now, there was not a single trace of Mana in the area.

    "Die!" After activating the offensive magic array, Wind Hunter aimed and fired at the three Divine Magic Dragons.

    He instantly lost 3,000 Evil God's Temple Contribution Points. Meanwhile, several hundred dark-gray longswords shot out of the dark-gray magic array, reaching the Divine Magic Dragons in the blink of an eye.

    However, to Flying Shadow and the others, who controlled the Divine Magic Dragons, the attack wasn't fast enough to be unstoppable. Immediately, the trio controlled the Divine Magic Dragons to swipe at the approaching swords.

    Boom... Boom... Boom...

    The instant the Divine Magic Dragons' claws met the longswords, however, Flying Shadow and the others felt their arms numb. Several dozen longswords then sliced into them.

    Suddenly, one deafening explosion after another rang out above Ancient Rock City, radiating shockwaves that even made the city's defensive magic array tremble.

    Following which, the three Divine Magic Dragons crashed to the ground, creating three deep craters where they fell. Some low-ranking Evil Beasts and Evil Demons even died as they were crushed.

    After a few moments, the three Divine Magic Dragons stood back up. Now, however, wounds covered their bodies, and many of their tough dragon scales had been shattered. Their wings had also been destroyed, preventing flight. Even more frightening was the fact that these Dragons couldn't regenerate the damage the dark-gray swords had caused.

    Everyone gasped when they saw the horrific attack.

    "What a powerful move!"

    The various major powers were dazed for a long moment They had witnessed the power of the Divine Magic Dragons, so they knew just how powerful these summoned creatures were, yet Beast Emperor had injured them heavily with a single move. Beast Emperor's foundations clearly exceeded their estimations.

    After such a devastating blow, it was almost impossible for Zero Wing to capture Ancient Rock City.

    The Evil Beast army had surrounded the Divine Magic Dragons soon after they had fallen, and Zero Wing's summoned creatures were embroiled in a heated battle. They couldn't even reach Ancient Rock City. With only the Miniature Ballistas and its players' attacks, Zero Wing would need hours of non-stop combat to destroy the city's barrier.

    "Big Sis Aqua, I'm struggling to control my Divine Magic Dragon. Even fighting the Mythic Evil Beasts is taxing. I can't approach Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array at all. What should we do?" Flying Shadow, who currently controlled a Divine Magic Dragon, reported. It felt as if he were trying to control a broken machine. Not only were the Divine Magic Dragon's reactions delayed, but the Dragon's Strength had also fallen.

    "Sure enough, trying to strike down Ancient Rock City won't be easy." Aqua Rose could not help but sigh. "Since that is the case, let's go all out! The three of you, use the Divine Magic Dragons' final power!"

    "Understood!" Flying Shadow, Shadow Sword, and Minor Wind nodded to Aqua Rose's command.

    In the next moment, the three Divine Magic Dragons released furious roars, the resulting shockwaves shoving back the Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts.

    Suddenly, the Divine Magic Dragons spread their jaws as a threefold magic array manifested before them. The three Dragons then fired three, black-white breath attacks at Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array. This move was the strongest these Divine Magic Dragons possessed.

    Tier 4 Curse, Shadowlight Breath!

    In the blink of an eye, all three breath attacks plowed into the barrier around Ancient Rock City.

    After persisting for two seconds, the indestructible magic barrier shattered, transforming into countless particles of light before it disappeared...
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