1898 Gathering at Zero Wing City

    Chapter 1898 - Gathering at Zero Wing City

    "Set equipment?"

    Both Alluring Summer and Cola looked at the two set equipment Shi Feng had taken out, a little confused.

    While they were not trying to brag, their current equipment was among the best available in God's Domain right now. Only Epic Equipment could surpass what they wore.

    "Just try it out," Shi Feng said. Although he could see the confusion plaguing the two, he didn't bother to offer any additional explanation.

    With no other choice, Alluring Summer and Cola complied, trying on the set equipment.

    "This is...a Level 70 set equipment?!" Alluring Summer's eyes widened in shock when she saw the Sins of Thunderfire Set's Attributes.

    The Sins of Thunderfire Set was a Level 70 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, though Shi Feng had only given her four of the six- pieces. Even so, the Thunderfire Set's Attributes were far superior to the Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment she currently wore.

    Moreover, the Sins of Thunderfire Set's set effects were simply tyrannical. The two-piece set effect increased casting speed by 20%, cast range by 20%, and magic damage dealt by 20%. As for the four-piece set effect, it increased all Basic Attributes by 15% and granted the use of the Tier 3 Spell, Thunderburst, a dual-element Spell that dealt both flame and lightning damage.

    Meanwhile, Cola was incomparably excited after receiving the Scorching Wind Set. Unlike Alluring Summer, he had received a complete, six-piece Level 70 Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

    As Shi Feng had already equipped the two sets with Attribute Gemstones and Level Reduction Gemstones, Alluring Summer and Cola could equip the sets right away.

    "Amazing! Just equipping this set has pushed my Defense past 35,000 and HP past 100,000!" Cola was stunned when he inspected his updated Attribute Panel. "Not even a Tier 2 Berserker can budge me, now. Not even receiving a Level 60 Mythic monster's attack will be a problem. If Turtledove and Ye Wumian saw this, they'd die with envy!"

    Even without any team buffs, he had 100,000 HP. He was basically a humanoid Boss. Reaching 120,000 HP shouldn't even be impossible with team buffs. Currently, Turtledove and Ye Wumian only had 85,000 HP after receiving team buffs, which only the best Tier 2 MTs had at this stage of the game. Not only had his HP soared past his two companions', but he was also a Strength-focused MT. He had only invested a small fraction of his Free Attribute Points in Endurance.

    "Alright, it's time to go. We can't keep the other Guilds waiting for too long," Shi Feng said, nodding in satisfaction when he saw Cola and Alluring Summer's Attributes. With this, he was more confident of taking down the Void Serpent.

    Following which, Shi Feng led Cola and the others to one of the Four Towers of Elements, the meeting point he had agreed upon with Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor.

    The members of both super-first-rate Guilds had already arrived, but to avoid attracting attention, they all wore Black Cloaks.

    Despite their efforts, however, the group of 400 players was simply too large to ignore. Furthermore, these players were all Tier 2 experts from major Guilds, so the aura they radiated instilled fear in others. Although these experts had done their best to suppress their auras, the combined energy of 400 experts was stifling.

    "Who are those people? I don't mean to brag, but I can be considered an expert player as well, so why do those people feel so dangerous?"

    "I caught a glimpse of their equipment a moment ago, and they're all wearing multiple pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment. I've spent many days grinding to reach Level 54, but even now, I only have one piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, yet they have multiple pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment..."

    "Could they be members from a top adventurer team?"

    Curiosity pulled at the passersby when they looked at Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members, but the super-first- rate Guild's players simply ignored the surrounding crowd, waiting in the tower's main hall in silence.

    "Vice Guild Leader, Zero Wing is quite impressive. It actually developed Zero Wing City to such a prosperous state. I get the feeling that it's even more prosperous than Star-Moon City," a slender youth wielding a wooden staff commented, astonished as he observed the players in the tower.

    "Indeed. Zero Wing City's development is surprising. It's no wonder why so many corporations are trying to invest in it The income of Zero Wing City alone could easily sustain a first-rate Guild's daily operation," Illusory Words said, nodding. "I wonder which Mythic Boss Zero Wing plans to raid this time?"

    On their way to the tower, they had noticed that Zero Wing City's player population was in no way inferior to that of Star- Moon City. Many of the city's residents were even elite and expert players. Quite a few major trading firms had also set up shop here. However, the most unbelievable part about the city had to be its number of NPC merchants, which sold plenty of rare items.

    "According to our investigation on Star-Moon Kingdom, there are only sixteen known Mythic Bosses between Level 50 and Level 60in the kingdom. Since Zero Wing has gathered us in Zero Wing City, I assume that they are targeting the Level 56 Emerald Dryad in the Witch's Hill's forest However, I have heard that the Emerald Dryad is extremely difficult to deal with. There will be several hundred Treants guarding the Dryad, as well, all of which are Level 50 Lords and above. Among them are more than 30 Great Lords and four Grand Lords. Even with the combined strength of our Guild's team and Unyielding Soul's, raiding the Emerald Dryad will be quite challenging. If we include 600 Tier 1 and Tier 2 experts from Zero Wing, our chances of success are..." the slender youth said, shaking his head.

    Just dealing with the several hundred Treants would be a major problem, not to mention defeating the Mythic Boss itself.

    "Zero Wing should have a plan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have given up such a good opportunity to make money, hiring our Guilds' experts instead," Illusory Words reasoned.

    God's Domain had many tools to offer, and with an appropriate tool, challenging a Field Mythic Boss wasn't that difficult One of the most common examples of such tolls was the variety of magic arrays.

    While Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members wondered how Zero Wing planned to take down the Emerald Dryad, a large group of cloaked players appeared in the tower's entrance. These cloaked players were none other than Zero Wing's members. The group consisted of exactly 600 players. Naturally, such a large team's arrival attracted the attention of the players in the tower.

    "How is this possible?" The slender youth beside Illusory Words stared at the approaching Zero Wing members with a flabbergasted expression.

    "What's wrong? They're not Zero Wing's members?" Illusory Words asked strangely.

    The slender youth was Dawnmaster, one of Crimson Emperor's top ten Elementalists. He also possessed an Identification Skill called Demon Eye, which allowed him to ignore Black Cloaks' concealment.

    "No! They are all from Zero Wing, but...those people... They are all Tier 2..." Dawnmaster explained in a trembling voice.
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