1928 Tier 3 Combat Power

    Chapter 1928 - Tier 3 Combat Power

    When the Water Ghost Legion members on the One-horned Sailboat were annihilated, the other Water Ghost Legion members, who were fighting Blue Phoenix's forces, could not help but gasp.

    "Isn't the opponent only a single person? How did they get killed so easily?"

    "She must've used a powerful Spell. Even Tier 2 MTs didn't survive her attack."

    "Did she use some kind of Overtier Spell?"

    Questions flooded the Water Ghost Legion members' minds as they looked at Aqua Rose. Due to their sea-based Legacies, both their Attack Power and Defense were greatly enhanced when fighting at sea. In addition, their combat standards were superior to ordinary experts'. Overall, their Tier 2 members should be able to contend against peak experts.

    However, Aqua Rose had still killed the several Tier 2 members, who were part of the 100-man assault team, instantly.

    "What are you all afraid of? The enemy is just one person. Since fighting her at close range is impossible, then switch to ranged attacks! She is bound to run out of Mana and Stamina sooner or later!" Wild Aggression barked strictly, a slight frown forming on his face.

    While Aqua Rose's strength did indeed make it more difficult for them to wipe out Zero Wing's forces, they still had an absolute advantage in numbers. The outcome of this battle wouldn't change just because of one person.

    After Wild Aggression finished speaking, another 100-man team from the Water Ghost Legion teleported to the Onehorned Sailboat. Obedient to Wild Aggression's command, several dozen ranged players started attacking Aqua Rose from a distance. Although Aqua Rose's Spells were powerful, she would have difficulty retaliating when targeted by so many attacks. Moreover, with such a great distance between them, dodging her single-target Spells would be much easier.

    Suddenly, over a hundred projectiles flew at Aqua Rose from multiple directions.

    At this time, however, Aqua Rose completed incanting a Spell. Opening her eyes, she said, "Go!"

    Following which, a gigantic ball of water formed above her head, then shot out countless jets of water that struck down every projectile sent at her. Dozens of water jets also flew at the Water Ghost Legion members.

    The water jets were so fast that they even broke the sound barrier. In the blink of an eye, the jets arrived before the Water Ghost Legion members.

    Tier 2 Spell, Rising Flow!

    Xiu... Xiu... Xiu...

    Although the Water God Legion members tried to block or dodge the water jets as soon as they noticed the attacks, the water jets were simply too fast In addition, the water jets were so powerful that they even pierced through the Ice Walls, which a few Elementalists had managed to erect in time, and the players standing behind the Ice Walls. Players struck by the water jets died instantly.

    When the few surviving Water Ghost Legion members, who managed to dodge the water jets in time, saw their companions collapsing, fear surfaced in their eyes.

    However, while these Water Ghost Legion members were in a daze, Aqua Rose launched another wave of attacks at them. This time, though, she controlled the movements of the water jets, so they no longer attacked in a monotonous pattern. Facing water jets that came at them from multiple directions, the Water Ghost Legion members had no choice but to defend themselves, as evasion was no longer possible.

    However, the power of the water jets easily penetrated whatever defenses they raised. In the blink of an eye, the second 100-man team the Water Ghost Legion sent to deal with Zero Wing was annihilated.

    "How is that possible?!"

    The other Water Ghost Legion members, who were watching the battle from afar, grew fearful and anxious as they looked at Aqua Rose.

    In the short span of time since the battle began, 200 members of Miracle's prided naval legion had gotten killed already- which was simply a nightmare. Moreover, this nightmare still showed no signs of ending any time soon, as Aqua Rose used an Instantaneous Movement Scroll and teleported herself between the Water Ghost Legion's and Blue Phoenix's clashing forces after killing the second 100-man team. She then promptly started casting a Spell.

    "Do you really think you're invincible in naval combat?!" Wild Aggression could no longer sit still after seeing Aqua Rose appear boldly before him. He swiftly retrieved the aqua-blue longbow slung on his back and simultaneously fired several dozen icy-blue arrows at her. "Die!"

    Every arrow carried power at the peak of Tier 2. Several dozen of them intertwined could heavily injure even a Great Lord of the same level.

    Moreover, the arrows also moved faster when intertwined. Like a lightning bolt, they crossed the distance of 80 yards or so almost instantly.

    When the other Water Ghost Legion members saw this move, they breathed out an involuntary sigh of relief. Their commander was finally taking action.

    This move was originally only a Tier 2 Skill. However, when used at sea, its power would be enhanced significantly. Moreover, Wild Aggression had combined a combat technique with the Skill, increasing the Skill's power even further. Even Tier 2 MTs of the same level would be killed instantly if they tried stopping this attack head-on.

    However, just as the arrows were about to land on Aqua Rose, a three-layered water barrier suddenly appeared before her like a blooming lotus flower.


    When the arrows struck the water barrier, they tore through the first layer easily. However, when they reached the second layer, they stopped cold.

    Along with the appearance of the water barrier, twelve angry water serpents had also surfaced from the ocean around Aqua Rose, each serpent over a dozen meters tall. Like rampaging sea monsters, they let loose a deafening roar. Immediately, the players near Aqua Rose felt an indescribable pressure weighing on their bodies, both their Attributes and physique decreasing continuously.

    "Who are you?!" Wild Aggression's eyes were wide with astonishment when he saw that Aqua Rose remained completely unharmed after receiving his attack. "That was a Skill enhanced by the power of the sea! How can a Tier 2 player like you possibly stop it?!"

    "Enhanced by the sea?" Indifferently, Aqua Rose said, "Do you think you're the only one who managed to obtain a sea- based Legacy?"

    "So that's the case! It's no wonder you're so strong!" Wild Aggression immediately came to a realization. Licking his lips in excitement and anticipation, he continued, "Originally, I thought that this would be a boring job. But since you are also an expert with a sea-based Legacy, I will finally get a chance to stretch my body properly!"

    After saying so, Wild Aggression activated a Berserk Skill, his aura skyrocketing in intensity. The increased Mana flow around his body also roiled the ocean's surface. At this moment, the vibe the Ranger gave off made it seem as if he was a primordial sea monster that had just awoken from its slumber, inspiring an indescribable sense of fear in others.

    "The boss is finally getting serious?"

    "With this, both the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Zero Wing are dead for sure!"

    The Water Ghost Legion members grew excited when they saw the change in Wild Aggression's aura.

    The Berserk Skill Wild Aggression had just activated was a Legacy Berserk Skill. Although its duration was very short, when used at sea, the effects of the Berserk Skill greatly surpassed those of ordinary Berserk Skills. At this moment, the Ranger was not the slightest bit weaker than a Grand Lord of the same level in terms of Basic Attributes.

    "Not good! Wild Aggression is getting serious!" When Blue Phoenix saw Wild Aggression walking on the surface of the ocean, her complexion darkened significantly. Immediately, she called Shi Feng and said, "Guild Leader Black Flame, we need to go help her quickly! Out at sea, Wild Aggression is even scarier than some of Miracle's old monsters!"

    She was well aware that Wild Aggression had obtained a sea-based Advanced Legacy. When he used his Legacy Berserk Skill out on the open ocean, he was truly invincible against players of the same level.

    "No need. Just leave it to Aqua," Shi Feng replied, shaking his head as he looked at Blue Phoenix's anxious expression.

    Trying to help Aqua Rose out at sea was simply unnecessary. After all, in a maritime environment, Aqua Rose's combat power was superior to even his own. Moreover, he had given both the Void Robe and Void Gloves dropped by the Void Serpent to her. If it really came down to a battle out at sea against Aqua Rose, even he would have to flee. Right now, her combat power was solidly at Tier 3. Including the effects of the Sea Dragon Staff, a Growth-type staff exclusive for Aqua Rose's Sea God's Legacy, her combat power was already at the peak of Tier 3, even without activating a Berserk Skill.

    Hence, for Tier 2 players, picking a fight with Aqua Rose right now was no different from suicide.

    While Shi Feng was saying so, Wild Aggression made his move, firing an arrow straight into the sky. Following which, a twofold magic array appeared overhead and rained countless aqua-blue arrows onto Aqua Rose.

    Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Heavenfall!

    As for Aqua Rose, she controlled the water serpents to greet these arrows.


    When the attacks of both sides clashed, the resulting shockwave formed a depression in the ocean's surface and shook the surrounding ships. Meanwhile, when the splashes dissipated, the gigantic water serpents still towered proudly above the ocean surface, their bodies entirely unscathed.
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