1934 Basic Combat Device

    Chapter 1934 - Basic Combat Device

    Sea of Death. In one of the One-horned Sailboat's cabins...

    The silver magic array carved on the floorboards suddenly lit with a brilliant glow. Shi Feng's figure then emerged from the array.

    That was close! Shi Feng looked down at the tome in his hands, ecstatic. He had very nearly lost his life back there. He never thought that the Stone Guards could go berserk. The power of their spears had undoubtedly been at the Tier 3 standard, and if every one of those dozen or so spears had struck him, he would've died instantly.

    But despite his near-death experience, he couldn't help but excitedly inspect his new treasure.

    All of the Divine Library's books were precious treasures. First-rate Guilds would even drool over the tomes on the first floor, not to mention those on the subsequent floors.

    Shi Feng tapped to open the tome's Attribute Panel, and the system displayed its information before him.

    As expected of the Divine Library. Even something like this was on the second floor? The corners of Shi Feng's mouth twitched slightly when he saw the tome's name, awe flashing in his eyes.

    The tome he had obtained from the Divine Library was the production design for the Basic Combat Device.

    The Combat Device was a special item that was similar to the Strengthening Device, which was a tool that increased equipment durability. The Combat Device, however, increased players' combat power.

    This increased to combat power was extraordinary.

    Rather than increasing its user's Basic Attributes, the Combat Devic relied on powerful Mana to improve its user's Life Rating forcibly.

    The Ancient Gods had created this magic tool, but since the Combat Device's production method had been lost to time, players could only find these devices in ancient ruins. Moreover, very few were generally hidden in such locations. The various large Guilds in the past had treated the Combat Devices they had found like their own children.

    Now that he held the Combat Device's design, why wouldn't Shi Feng be shocked?

    Even though it was only the Basic Combat Device Design, it was still enough to drive the various superpowers crazy.

    The Basic Combat Device increased players' Life Ratings at Tier 3 and below by one rank. Although the improvement wouldn't boost normal players to the Archaic Species standard, it was still a formidable improvement, on par with upgrading a Lord to High Lord rank. When equipped, players would become Boss-like existences among their peers.

    If an ordinary player equipped the Combat Device, their strength could rival an expert player of the same level and tier. If ordinary expert players used the device, although they would not be a match for peak experts, they would become slightly stronger than Refinement Realm experts.

    The Combat Device's only downside was that it couldn't be used in Dungeons, even Regional Dungeons. In Dungeons, equipping the device would have no effect. Even so, many players still dreamed of using the Combat Device.

    A Basic Combat Device had sold for around 200 Gold in the past, yet many players had fought over every device available on the market.

    If I can mass-produce these devices, I won't have to worry about a lack of experts in Zero Wing.

    Although the Basic Combat Device Design required precious materials, the total cost for producing each device was only around 60 Gold. Unfortunately, the design required Mana Stones, which amounted to a large portion of the production cost.

    Fortunately, obtaining Mana Stones was no trouble for him since he had a 100% success rate when synthesizing them with the Philosopher's Stone.

    Zero Wing wasn't far from having as many elite and expert players as a true first-rate Guild. Some first-rate Guilds even had fewer elites and experts than Zero Wing. Only the range of Zero Wing's influence was inferior to these Guilds, but that couldn't be helped since Zero Wing had started in God's Domain with nothing.

    However, if he could mass-produce the Combat Devices, Zero Wing could expand its influence quickly without worrying about a lack of sufficient manpower to manage the Guild's additional territory.

    Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng's desire to obtain Kama Island's Manatite Island grew.

    Despite Zero Wing's recent developmental achievements, its Magic Crystal income had seen very little improvement. After all, there was a limit to the Magic Crystals a single area could produce. If the Guild wanted to increase this income significantly, it had to occupy an ore vein that generated Magic Crystals.

    Returning his focus to the tome in his hands, Shi Feng clicked to learn the Basic Combat Device's production method.

    Only the player that obtained a book from the Divine Library could learn from it. They could not be traded. Hence, the various large Guilds in the past had generally sent Lifestyle players to the library since they could only put the books to good use by doing so. However, some Guilds had dispatched powerful experts to retrieve the more valuable tomes. Those Guilds had then invested a ton of resources in nurturing these expert players in the required subclass required to produce the book's items.

    Fortunately, Shi Feng had gotten quite lucky since the book he had claimed contained a forging design. Had he chosen an engineering design or alchemy recipe, he would have had to invest in developing a new subclass.

    After learning the production method, Shi Feng began to practice the required magic arrays for the Combat Device while he waited for the One-horned Sailboat to reach Kama Island.

    Time passed quickly. Under Blue Phoenix's lead, Zero Wing's fleet avoided many unnecessary fights with sea monsters. Finally, after more than ten hours, the fleet arrived before an island enveloped in Death Energy.

    Kama Island's twin peaks were intertwined, and from afar, the island resembled some kind of massive, howling beast. From time to time, deafening roars rose from the island, echoing in the nearby players' minds.

    Even from afar, plenty of sea monsters were visible as they explored the island's surroundings. All of these sea monsters were Level 60 or higher. Just docking on the island would be challenging.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, we've reached Kama Island. I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll take my leave," Blue Phoenix said. She couldn't help her confusion her gaze wandered to the island. She didn't understand why Shi Feng wanted to visit an island doused in Death Energy and void of Mana, but it wasn't her place to question him. God's Domain had many secrets, after all, and for all she knew, Shi Feng might have come here for some high-ranked quest.

    "Thank you," Shi Feng said sincerely.

    If not for Blue Phoenix's familiarity with the Sea of Death's inner area, Zero Wing's fleet would've seen a lot of trouble on the way to Kama Island. The One-horned Sailboat had sustained considerable damage on the way here, even despite avoiding many battles. Without Blue Phoenix's guidance, Zero Wing's fleet might have been annihilated for carelessly entering a danger zone.

    Once Blue Phoenix and her subordinates had teleported away via Return Scrolls, Shi Feng commanded his fleet to approach the island.

    Although many sea monsters surrounded Kama Island, Aqua Rose and the fleet's other players who wielded sea-based Legacies easily removed the creatures from their path. In less than an hour, Zero Wing's ships docked on Kama Island's shore.

    After seeing to the necessary preparations, an inexplicable fluctuation in space slammed into Shi Feng as he set foot on the island. It had felt as if a sonic boom had radiated throughout the world. Just as suddenly, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng's ears.

    God's Domain System Announcement: Players have triggered the new expansion pack "Return of the Survivors." The system will undergo a 24-hour update. Please prepare to log out of the game.
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