1986 Consecutive Growth

    Chapter 1986 - Consecutive Growth

    In one of the Candlelight Trading Firm's top-floor Special Forging Rooms...

    As Shi Feng entered the room, the sight of Melancholic Smile organizing various crystal balls on a stone table greeted him. Each crystal ball contained a Tier 1 Mysterious Flame, and there were easily over 20 of them on the table.

    If other Guilds saw this collection of Tier 1 Mysterious Flames, they'd be astonished.

    Everyone in God's Domain was privy to the existence of Mysterious Flames by this stage of the game. They knew that these unique flames were a great help to forgers and alchemists.

    Hence, the various major powers fought over any Mysterious Flame they came across. They wouldn't even pass over a Tier 1 Mysterious Flame. After all, Mysterious Flames were extremely rare and even coveted by superpowers' master-level crafters.

    "Guild Leader, here are all the Tier 1 Mysterious Flames we have collected so far. There are a total of 23.1 did find another flame in the Blackwing Auction House, but the bidding was intense. In the end, the price rose past our 5,000-Gold budget, and another Guild purchased it for 8,3〇〇 Gold," Melancholic Smile said.

    She hadn't fully understood how valuable Tier 1 Mysterious Flames were since collecting the first few had been relatively easy with the clues Shi Feng had provided. Furthermore, the Guild shared the flame Shi Feng used, and his Mysterious Flame was much stronger than Tier 1.

    She certainly hadn't expected a Tier 1 Mysterious Flame to sell for more than an ordinary Epic item...

    Shi Feng nodded in response. He then asked, "How is our business with Secret coming along?"

    "The basic arrangements have been completed. We have even started to sell many of our products through Secret's channels, but as we are only a basic member, we can only sell our products in up to 80 of the Chamber's NPC cities. Among them, only 25 can be within empires, and only five of those can be major cities. Of the 55 kingdom cities, we can only select ten major cities," Melancholic Smile said, a little excited.

    Currently, the Candlelight Trading Firm's influence only reached across a little over 50 NPC cities, nearly half of which were located in Star-Moon Kingdom. Now that Candlelight had joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce, it had access to an additional 80 cities. This more than doubled Candlelight's sales channels.

    Secret is quite impressive, to think it can even give its basic members 80 city slots. Shi Feng was slightly astonished by Melancholic Smile's report.

    Joining a Chamber of Commerce in God's Domain didn't mean that one would gain immediate and full access to its sales channels. That depended on one's rank within the alliance.

    Normally, newcomers were given positions as basic members. Only powerful superpowers could be promoted to an advanced member upon joining.

    Based on Shi Feng's knowledge, most Chambers only granted 60 city slots to basic members, yet Secret had given them 80. It was clear how powerful Secret's foundations were.

    "Guild Leader, here is the list of cities we've selected. Once we begin our collaboration, Candlelight's income will double at the very least. We won't have to worry about lacking development funds," Melancholic Smile said, smiling as she took out a list and handed it to Shi Feng.

    She had worked with Aqua Rose to choose the cities on the list. They had decided to do business in a total of three empires and six kingdoms, and although they couldn't sell all of their products in the selected kingdoms and empires, as doing so would be unprofitable, they wouldn't have to worry about a lack of customers. They would've chosen many more kingdoms and empires had they not been limited by a specific number of cities. After all, they couldn't afford to waste the referral fee they had paid to the Secret Chamber of Commerce.

    "I see no issues with the chosen cities," Shi Feng said. Changing topics, Shi Feng asked, "How is the Resuscitation Potion's production coming along?"

    "Silent Wonder and the others are doing their best to brew the potion now. Moreover, Candlelight has recently gained another Master Alchemist. Now, we have a total of four Master Alchemists working on the potion, and they have made over 3,3〇〇 bottles thus far," Melancholic Smile replied.

    She had very high hopes for the Resuscitation Potion. It was, after all, a potion that allowed players to resurrect themselves without losing any EXP. Moreover, the production cost for each bottle was only a little over 20 Silver. Although the potion required a lot of rare materials, it had become very easy for Zero Wing to acquire what it needed with the Secret Chamber of Commerce's connections.

    "Good. Continue production. Later, try to nurture as many Master Alchemists as possible. We need to ensure that we have enough people to learn the recipes You Ziping's group obtains," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

    The Resuscitation Potion had been extremely popular during his previous life. At one point, it had even sold for 3 Gold per bottle. Three Gold was incredibly expensive even for ordinary expert players, not to mention ordinary players. Only the various adventurer teams and Guilds could possibly afford such a price.

    Normally, he wouldn't have bothered to push for so many Resuscitation Potions since there was a limit to the number of adventurer teams and Guilds in Zero Wing's territories, but now that Candlelight had joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce, they didn't have to worry about a lack of customers. Hence, they needed to craft as many Resuscitation Potions as possible.

    After Shi Feng finished giving Melancholic Smile her latest instructions, he shifted his focus to the Mysterious Flames on the table.

    While one Tier 1 Mysterious Flame might be of little help to the Fire Spirit, he had a total of 23 on hand. Furthermore, he had upgraded his Fire Spirit to Advanced rank. An Advanced Fire Spirit would gain more from absorbing Mysterious Flames than a normal Fire Spirit.

    As Shi Feng pulled the Fire Spirit from his bag, the Flame Dragon within quickly noticed the Tier 1 Mysterious Flames on the table and grew restless.

    "Start absorbing! Show me how much you can grow!" Shi Feng immediately picked up a Tier 1 Mysterious Flames and placed it before the Fire Spirit

    Like a hungry wolf, the Flame Dragon burst forth from the crystal ball and pounced on the Mysterious Flame.

    As the Flame Dragon devoured the Mysterious Flame, the flame grew weaker until it eventually vanished.

    Although the Fire Spirit's Attributes hadn't transformed, the little Dragon began to emit more heat. Its previously blurry form also began to sharpen.

    Shi Feng immediately chose to feed the Fire Spirit another Tier 1 Mysterious Flame.

    With each Mysterious Flame the Fire Spirit devoured, the Flame Dragon's figure became clearer. By the time it had absorbed its seventh Mysterious Flame, Shi Feng could see the scales across the Flame Dragon's body.

    After devouring the eighth Mysterious Flame, the Flame Dragon began to expand, releasing a low growl. The Fire Spirit's Attributes finally changed.

    Tier 3? Shi Feng's excitement grew when he saw the new Attributes.

    Tier 3 meant that the Fire Spirit had now reached the Great Lord standard. With its higher intelligence, it was even more powerful than a Tier 3 peak expert of the same level.

    Following which, Shi Feng continued to feed the Fire Spirit Tier 1 Mysterious Flames.




    Finally, after the Fire Spirit absorbed the 21st Mysterious Flame, it underwent a transformation. Not only did the Flame Dragon grow larger, but Shi Feng could also sense that its Life Rating had improved.

    Wonderful! I've finally succeeded! Shi Feng's eyes glowed as he gazed at his Fire Spirit.
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