2002 Steel Puppet Destroyed

    Chapter 2002 - Steel Puppet Destroyed The Fire Spirit's appearance stunned Irontooth.

    He's just an Honorary Elder, yet Zero Wing gave him a Tier 3 Archaic Species to protect himself? Both surprise and envy overcame Irontooth as he stared at the Flame Dragon before him.

    He had never even heard of a tool that could summon a Tier 3 Archaic Species.

    A Tier 3 Summoning Scroll was already enough to cause a fight between the various major powers. Despite Sin Realm's success in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, the Guild had only collected eight Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls, and every one was reserved as a final trump card. The Guild didn't even allow their players access to these Scrolls while raiding a particularly important Field Boss. They would only be used when the Guild faced annihilation.

    Yet, Shi Feng had just summoned a Tier 3 Archaic Species, a creature even more powerful than those summoned with Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls.

    The Guild had only allowed him to use the Steel Puppet because it could be used repeatedly. It only needed to be refueled with Magic Crystals. Had the Steel Puppet been a Consumable item like Summoning Scrolls, he definitely wouldn't have been allowed to use it against Shi Feng.

    When the other Sin Realm members saw the angry Fire Spirit, they couldn't help but take a step back. They didn't back away because the Fire Spirit was a Tier 3 Archaic Species, but because the Dragon's aura was growing more intense, which felt painfully uncomfortable.

    Moreover, a radius of 30 yards around the Flame Dragon had transformed into a lava field due to its appearance. Players could feel the lava's scorching heat from over a hundred yards away, and those with low Fire Resistance began to lose HP...

    The players around the Fire Spirit had no choice but to back up.

    Only Irontooth, who sat within the Steel Puppet, remained unaffected.

    "Go! Kill him!" Shi Feng commanded, pointing at the Steel Puppet.

    Upon receiving Shi Feng's command, the Fire Spirit roared again before extending its wings with a flap.

    "Ye Feng, do you think you can destroy my Steel Puppet with one Tier 3 Archaic Species?" Irontooth sneered disdainfully as he watched the approaching Fire Spirit. He immediately controlled the Steel Puppet to meet the Flame Dragon in battle.

    At the end of the day, a monster was still a monster. Monsters were only capable of defeating players due to their powerful Attributes.

    However, the Steel Puppet was different. Although controlling the Steel Puppet was a challenge, it would still exhibit greater combat standards than the average monster when driven by a Refinement Realm expert like Irontooth. In a situation where the difference in Attributes meant nothing, the Steel Puppet could easily destroy the Fire Spirit. It would be akin to an expert beating up an ordinary player.

    The Steel Puppet swung two of its four sabers at the Fire Spirit's claws. At the same time, it swung the other two sabers at the Fire Spirit's head and neck.

    However, just as the four sabers were about to strike the Flame Dragon, the summoned creature altered its trajectory. Not only had it stopped the two sabers that aimed for its claws, but it had also diverted the blades to collide with the other pair of weapons, cleverly neutralizing the Steel Puppet's offensive.

    The Flame Spirit also swept its tail at its opponent, catching the Steel Puppet off guard with the additional attack.


    As the Fire Spirit's burning tail slammed into its target, the construct was forced to take a step back, now sporting a new burn mark.

    What... Irontooth's heart skipped a beat as he saw the scorched line across the Steel Puppet's chest.

    Irontooth had fought and defeated countless experts in God's Domain. Hence, he could roughly determine an opponent's combat standards after a brief clash.

    After the exchange with the Dragon before him, Irontooth was certain that it's combat standards were in no way inferior to an expert player's, and not just any ordinary expert. By Irontooth's estimates, the Fire Spirit's combat standard should reach the late stage of the Trial Tower's fifth floor. It was terrifying.

    His combat standards while controlling the Combat Puppet were only on par with players that could reach the fifth floor's early-stage. He barely hit the mark of an ordinary expert. Even so, he was confident of facing multiple Tier 2 apex experts at once and coming out victorious.

    Yet, not only did this Flame Dragon have the Strength and speed to rival the Steel Puppet, but it also had higher combat standards than the construct.

    Just thinking about it caused a chill to crawl down Irontooth's spine.

    With such power, the Fire Spirit would be even more frightening than a Steel Puppet in large-scale combat.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng's eyes glowed after watching the exchange.

    As expected of an Advanced Fire Spirit. It already possesses such a high combat standard despite only being a Tier 3 Archaic Species. It's no wonder why the Tier 5 Advanced Fire Spirit in the past had forced Tier 5 experts to run with their tails between their legs. Shi Feng was ecstatic right now.

    Unlike an ordinary Fire Spirit, an Advanced Fire Spirit's intellect wasn't constant. The more Mysterious Flames an Advanced Fire Spirit devoured, the greater intellect it would possess. It would have no trouble surpassing Refinement Realm experts' combat standards. Including the Dragon's superior Basic Attributes, not even apex experts of the same standard would be a match for the Advanced Fire Spirit. Furthermore, the Advanced Fire Spirit had a plethora of Curses.

    "Ye Feng, I have to give it to you! I didn't think you would use such a precious tool to save your skin!" Irontooth said as he glared at Shi Feng. Gritting his teeth, he turned to look at his teammates and said, "We're retreating!"

    After this last encounter, he realized what outcome awaited him if he continued this fight.

    While he did not mind dying here, he couldn't afford to lose the Steel Puppet. The Fire Spirit had already proven that it could damage the construct, and if this battle dragged on, there was a very high chance that the Dragon before him would deplete the Steel Puppet's durability and turn it into a pile of scrap metal...

    "Leaving?" Shi Feng smiled. "Do you think I'll allow that?"

    "You couldn't stop us even if you wanted to!" Irontooth snapped.

    The Steel Puppet's combat power was at the apex of Tier 3 due to its overwhelming Strength and speed. Even a Tier 3 Archaic Species would struggle to catch up to it.

    "Is that so?" Shi Feng retrieved the Ring of Gospel and activated World Projection. With Shi Feng in the center, World Projection enveloped a 3,000-yard radius.

    World Projection suppressed the flow of Mana within range. By doing so, it reduced players' physique and Basic Attributes. Players would also be prevented from teleporting and communicating with the outside world.

    Although World Projection couldn't reduce a combat machine's Attributes, it affected the Steel Puppet's performance by stagnating the flow of Mana. Controlling it would become far more difficult, and even the Steel Puppet's speed would be affected.

    The moment World Projection took effect, the Fire Spirit resumed its attack on the construct.

    This time, damaging the Steel Puppet was much easier for the Flame Dragon, and the construct lost one point of durability after another.

    Shi Feng wasn't idle in the meantime. He jumped in the fray, hunting down Sin Realm's other members.

    While he was still under the effects of Twofold Berserk and World Projection suppressed his targets, Shi Feng slaughtered the fleeing Sin Realm players.

    "No!" Irontooth's heart pounded as he watched the Steel Puppet's durability dwindle.

    However, no matter how Irontooth tried to flee, he couldn't shake off the Flame Dragon. During the chase, the Fire Spirit cast one Tier 3 Curse after another, rapidly devouring the Steel Puppet's durability.

    952.. .

    814.. .

    648.. .

    Finally, before five minutes had passed since the Fire Spirit had graced the battlefield, both the Steel Puppet and Irontooth had been obliterated by the Flame Dragon's Tier 3 Curses...
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