2125 Steamroll

    Chapter 2125 - Steamroll

    The two Guardian Knights' initial clash caused a huge commotion. Even players standing thousands of yards away felt the resulting shockwave.

    "So strong!"

    The various major powers and independent experts watching the battle from Magic Mirrors in Silverwing Town couldn't believe their eyes. Rather than players, Cola and Black Panther looked like two gigantic beasts as they fought for the upper hand. Every one of their movements shook the ground as the sky above them rumbled. These Guardian Knights' Strength was so far from ordinary experts' that the difference was like that between heaven and earth.

    "How is this possible?" Yan Tianxing's heart pounded madly as he watched Black Panther fly backward and stumble three steps before regaining his footing.

    Yan Tianxing was very familiar with Black Panther's Strength, which even surpassed a Great Lord's. After including his Skill bonuses, Black Panther's Strength could certainly rival a Grand Lord's of the same level. In the few instances that Yan Tianxing had faced Black Panther's energy shield, he had been forced to rely on Vanish or Wind Steps to evade the attack.

    Cola, on the other hand, only relied on ordinary Tier 2 Skills to block or evade Black Panther's attacks, and it was obvious that the Zero Wing member had even higher Strength than his opponent...

    If Cola had activated a Berserk Skill, this scene might have made sense, but he clearly hadn't. He actually overwhelmed Black Panther with only Tier 2 Skills. His Strength was truly inhuman.

    Who is he? A trace of fear flashed in Black Panther's gaze as he stared at Cola's bear-like figure.

    This outcome shocked Black Panther even more than Yan Tianxing.

    The Mad Beast Legion's members weren't ordinary Tier 2 players. They had all undergone Bloodline Replacement, which meant that their Life Ratings were much higher than ordinary Tier 2 players, rivaling Demon players. However, they gained far more to their Basic Attributes when they leveled up than Demon players. Their Basic Attributes were far beyond what ordinary Tier 2 players could achieve

    The only flaw Bloodline Replacement had was the intense difficulty players faced during their future class promotions, but those capable of earning a place among the Mad Beast Legion were experts among experts. They were all confident of completing their future promotions without issues. Once they did, they'd be much stronger than players of the same tier, so they didn't mind the extra difficulty.

    Black Panther quickly disregarded his surprise. PvP battles weren't decided solely by the combatants' Basic Attributes. Immediately, the Starlink Guardian Knight raised his shield and charged at Cola again. He didn't intend to fight Cola head-on this time, relying on his speed to outmaneuver his opponent, find weak points, and slowly chip away the enemy Guardian Knight's HP.

    After the Bloodline Replacement, players' Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and reaction speed would improve considerably. While this improvement might not do much for agile Assassins, it would be extremely beneficial for bulky Guardian Knights.

    However, Cola did not give Black Panther any chances to touch his HP. He immediately activated the Scorching Wind Set's Wargod of Fire Skill, transforming into a six-meter-tall, flaming giant. Wielding a burning axe in one hand and a flaming shield in the other, Cola looked like this land's overlord.

    Raising his fiery axe, Cola swung down at Black Panther's approaching figure.

    Zero Wing's lead MT had gained a general understanding of Black Panther's power during their initial clash. If he tried to rely on techniques to defeat his enemy, Black Panther would eventually whittle him down, and he'd lose. After all, Black Panther's Basic Attributes were roughly on par with his own. The only way Cola could win this fight was by relying on overwhelming power.

    "Damn it!" Black Panther's expression darkened as he watched the gigantic axe descend toward him. He could tell that this attack likely had the Strength of a Mythic monster, and Cola's attack had a massive 30-yard radius. With less than 10 yards between them, dodging the axe was impossible.

    Instinctively, Black Panther activated his Berserk Skill, his Basic Attributes skyrocketing. He then activated Protection Blessing and moved forward to greet Cola's attack.

    When Cola's flaming axe collided with Black Panther's shield, a towering pillar of fire rose from the point of impact.

    The flames instantly scorched the ground beneath Black Panther's feet.


    As the fire subsided and revealed the fighters, the watching players couldn't help but gasp.

    The difference between the two Guardian Knights' Strength hadn't been that large during the previous clash, yet even after Black Panther had activated his Berserk Skill, Cola was still tremendously stronger than the Starlink player.

    With just one attack, Cola had devoured 20% of Black Panther's HP, and the ground beneath his opponent had sunk by roughly four meters. Cola's Strength was simply horrific.

    However, no one knew that the Scorching Wind Set Cola wore had been known as one of the strongest Level 70 sets during Shi Feng's previous life. Although it was only a Fine-Gold Set Equipment, the Wargod of Fire Skill boosted the player's Life Rating to Archaic Species and granted a massive boost to their Basic Attributes. Using an ordinary Berserk Skill to contend with the Wargod of Fire was laughable.

    Naturally, Cola didn't stop after landing the one attack. He immediately raised his flaming axe and attacked again. With an Archaic Species Life Rating, Cola's reaction speed and five senses were far more acute than normal. His attacks' precision gave Black Panther no room to dodge.

    One slash... Two slashes... Three slashes...

    As Cola landed his fifth attack, Black Panther's HP finally reached zero, his body burning to ash....

    Cola's strikes had been so fast that the healer in Black Panther's party hadn't had enough time to react and start casting a Healing Spell before the Guardian Knight had died. As if time had frozen, everyone stared at Cola's Wargod of Fire form with fear in their eyes.

    "How is this possible?"

    The Mad Beast Legion members were stupefied. They couldn't believe that Black Panther, who had activated his Berserk and Lifesaving Skills, had suffered such a decisive defeat. He hadn't even been able to retaliate before Cola had hacked him to pieces.


    Lifesaving Skills?

    Before absolute power, none of these mattered!

    As Cola was about to switch targets and charge at another Mad Beast Legion member, a lithe figure appeared behind him and thrust an icy-cold dagger into his back. Cola lost one-ninth of his HP before he could react.

    The damage shocked Cola. With Wargod of Fire active, he had more than 1,000,000 HP, and his Defense was astonishingly high. It would be impressive to find a Tier 2 player who could deal over -20,000 damage to him, ye^ new opponent had dealt over -150,000 with a single attack. His new opponent's Attack Power was incredible.

    Hurriedly, Cola activated Fire God's Wrath with a furious bellow. Flames erupted from the ground around him, enveloping a 15-yard radius.

    Seeing this, the lithe figure landed another before retreating. By the time these flames devoured everything around Cola, the figure stood 15-yards away, at the very edge of the raging inferno.

    The spectators only got a clear view of this lithe figure once the fire around Cola had subsided. She was a mesmerizing woman with snow-white hair. Silver divine runes covered her body, and she held two daggers that matched her hair color. Her clothing was as dark as the night sky.

    "Careful! She's the Mad Beast Legion's number one Assassin, Ink Rain!" Yan Tianxing shouted a warning, fear flashing in his eyes when he saw her face.

    His memory of this woman was still fresh in his mind; he couldn't forget her even if he wanted to. If he hadn't had an ancient lifesaving scroll, Ink Rain would've killed him during their past encounter.

    Cola pushed his five senses to their limits as he watched Ink Rain. He could sense the threat of death from this woman, and if he hadn't already transformed into a Wargod of Fire, she likely would've killed him in those two moves.

    Meanwhile, when the Mad Beast Legion members saw Ink Rain taking on Zero Wing's monstrous Guardian Knight, they cheered from their campsite on the nearby hill. Although Black Panther led his own party in the legion as well, there was a massive difference between him and this female Assassin.

    "I've truly underestimated Zero Wing's experts," Cloudy Mountain said as he watched Cola. He commanded, "Notify Three Kills' men and tell them to hurry it up. These Zero Wing players aren't your average opponents. Also, Python, lead your party to assist Ink and the others. She'll likely need some time to take out that Guardian Knight if she's fighting by herself."

    Cola's performance had been surprising, but as the Mad Beast Legion's vice commander, Cloudy Mountain was very familiar with Ink Rain's strength. He was certain that she could defeat Cola. However, the members of her and Black Panther's parties would likely face a bitter battle against Zero Wing's other members while Ink Rain was busy with the Guardian Knight. To end this quickly and avoid unnecessary losses, Cloudy Mountain thought it wise to send another party.

    As Brilliant Python and his party prepared to move out, Zero Wing's other members engaged Ink Rain and Black Panther's party members in combat. Meanwhile, Cola used his strongest Skills against the enemy Assassin, but despite his efforts, Ink Rain gracefully dodged every fervent attack. Cola's axe didn't even brush Ink Rain's clothing. On the contrary, Ink Rain dealt some damage from time to time.

    "It seems Zero Wing's experts only amount to so much."

    Glancing at the Guardian Knight before her, Ink Rain spun her daggers, clasping them in a reverse grip. The two weapons then transformed into crystalline short swords so sharp that space around them began to crack.

    Following which, female Assassin became a blur before splitting into three clones. All three attacked Cola from different directions.

    Six black lines reached for the Guardian Knight, and despite Cola's improved reaction speed, he was only able to block four of the six attacks.

    As the two remaining black lines were about to bite into Cola's flaming form, two sword likes abruptly intercepted them. The black lines disintegrated into nothing the moment they encountered the sword lights, sparing Cola.

    "Who are you?" Ink Rain frowned at the figure that had suddenly appeared beside Cola.

    Her attack had been absolutely perfect, containing as much power as a Mythic monster of the same level. Even with his peerless Strength, Cola had barely shrugged off her attacks. However, this new arrival had effortlessly countered her strikes. Most importantly, this new arrival had predicted her attack trajectories.

    Her attack trajectories changed constantly, and her attacks were extremely fast. If not for Cola's shield, he would never have been able to block four of her strikes.

    Yan Tianxing, who rushed toward the battle from a distance, was just as astonished to see Cola spared from the attack. If he had been Cola's reinforcement, stopping just one of Ink Rain's attacks would've taken everything he had.

    After a moment of silence, the figure beside Cola spoke, her clear, crisp voice echoing across the battlefield.

    "I'm Zero Wing's Fire Dance!"
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