2155 Suppressing Starlink

    Chapter 2155 - Suppressing Starlink

    As the dust settled, it revealed a crater extending over 400 yards across. Thousands of weapons and equipment filled the newly-formed pit. Moreover, even the most inferior item in the crater was Level 65 Fine-Gold rank. Even superpowers would be tempted into action by so many top-tier items in one place.

    However, not a single watching player harbored any thoughts of greed as they gazed upon the battlefield. Rather, horror dominated their hearts.

    A single attack had slain several thousand experts in the blink of an eye. Moreover, they weren't ordinary experts. Most of those players were Refinement Realm experts, peak experts in first-rate Guilds, yet they had died without offering any resistance...

    How is this possible?! Yuan Tiexin, who observed the battlefield from Stone Forest City's walls, could hardly believe this outcome.

    Starlink had used an Epic ranked Defense Orb, an item that was even more valuable than Zero Wing's movement-type defensive magic array and capable of enduring Tier 4 attacks. It could even withstand an assault from Magic Towers.

    This Defense Orb was the reason that Bright Dawn had dared to move within 1,000 yards of Stone Forest City.

    The Defense Orb's only flaw was its troublesome refueling process. Players would have to wait a long time before they could sacrifice more Magic Crystals to restore the Defense Orb's energy after a use.

    Even so, Starlink had relied on this Defense Orb to crush Unyielding Soul's army and foiled the Guild's plans to capture one of the Ancient Undead Country's fortresses.

    And yet, Shi Feng had shattered the Defense Orb's magic barrier in an instant. The barrier hadn't even given the lightning bolt pause. Once the barrier had shattered, the lightning bolt had continued, killing thousands of Starlink's experts and injuring three Mythic monsters...

    Just how much strength has Black Flame hidden? Sheng Wuji, who watched from a safe position, gaped at the Swordsman's figure though a Magic Mirror.

    Shi Feng's success in slaying the Heavenly Demon Team had already been frightening, but it paled in comparison to the power he had just revealed.

    Had Shi Feng used this move earlier, neither the Horned Dragon Team nor the Heavenly Demon Team would've walked out of the Undead Forest alive. He would've turned them all to ash.


    Shortly after Shi Feng's attack, Bright Dawn, who had been a pile of ash, began to reform in his previous position on the back of the Flaming War Elephant. When he saw the destruction before him, shock and rage flashed in his eyes.

    "Black! Flame! I want you dead!" Bright Dawn screamed, his eyes becoming bloodshot.

    As one of Starlink's Vice Guild Leaders, the Guild had given him an Ancient Resurrection Scroll, which would grant him a second life without the usual death penalties. Unfortunately, the Ancient Resurrection Scroll was incomparably precious, so obtaining another was practically impossible.

    However, the scroll wasn't the most expensive loss.

    The deaths of several thousand experts were far more important!

    These experts weren't some random nobodies in the Guild. The Guild had handpicked and trained them all, and even the weakest of them was capable of reaching the Trial Tower's seventh floor.

    Furthermore, Lu Xingluo had granted Bright Dawn the right to mobilize a large number of the Guild's Refinement Realm experts to ensure Stone Forest City's capture. Refinement Realm experts! All of these players were the Guild's lifeblood.

    Yet, Shi Feng had killed over 200 of these experts with just one move...

    Since joining God's Domain, Starlink had never suffered such a severe loss, yet not only had the Guild lost so many experts, but it had also happened under Bright Dawn's supervision!

    Bright Dawn immediately commanded the three Flaming War Elephants to attack. With a furious roar, the three Mythic monsters charged towards Stone Forest City's defensive magic array. Starlink's surviving members also responded, bombarding the city with every trump card they had.

    For a time, the Undead Forest became a world of Spells and explosions.

    Although the three Flaming War Elephants were heavily injured, they were still Mythic monsters. Every one of their attacks devoured a significant portion of the magic barrier's energy reserves. Meanwhile, Starlink's members, who could exhibit Tier 3 strength, attacked the city with everything they had. With nearly a thousand players attacking as one, they caused quite a bit of damage to the defensive magic array, as well.

    After one round of attacks, Stone Forest City's defensive magic array began to shudder violently.

    Seeing this, the players in the city began to retaliate. They attacked with either their own Spells and arrows or with Miniature Ballistas and Defense Turrets. One of the city's Magic Towers also activated, bombarding Starlink's members.

    However, the Guild's survivors were all experts, and aside from the Magic Tower's attacks, they dodged most of the incoming strikes with relative ease. Furthermore, they took advantage of the longer intervals between each Magic Tower attack, and only one Magic Tower was active at the moment.

    Unfortunately, the city's NPC soldiers could only attack from a distance, using Spells and other long-range attacks. Not many of these NPCs were able to exhibit their full strength due to the three Mythic monsters outside. Sending these NPC soldiers outside of the city would be no different than sacrificing their lives for nothing.

    Only Shi Feng, the Secret Pavilion's peak experts, and the Pavilion's dozen or so Tier 3 summoned creatures were strong enough to stand a chance on the other side of Stone Forest City's walls. Although this wasn't a large-scale battle, ordinary experts and Refinement Realm experts would be nothing more than cannon fodder on the frontlines.

    "Die! Die! Black Flame! Die!"

    Bright Dawn downed a Berserk Potion and activated his Berserk Skill without hesitation. He and his surviving subordinates then charged at Shi Feng. The three old monsters that had followed Bright Dawn to the Undead Forest joined the charge, as well, and Shi Feng recognized them all. They were Sword Demon, Wind Demon, and Heart Demon of the Four Shadow Demons.

    When these three Domain Realm experts worked together, they could even defeat the Heavenly Demon Team and Horned Dragon Team. After consuming Berserk Potions and activating their Berserk Skills, their Basic Attributes rose to the Tier 4 standard. For a short time, these old monsters could even solo Mythic monsters of the same level.

    Against Bright Dawn and three of the Four Shadow Demons' coordinated assault, Shi Feng, who had activated Heavenly Dragon's Power, was at a disadvantage, continuously losing HP.

    Of course, this fight wasn't a walk in the park for Shi Feng's opponents, either. After activating Heavenly Dragon's Power, Shi Feng's Strength rose to a tyrannical level. With his ability to counter his opponent's attacks, he steadily chip away at his enemy's HPs. Furthermore, Heavenly Dragon's Power gave Shi Feng superb Defense, and although he lost HP, he didn't lose it quickly.

    As time passed, the battle grew more intense. Most players had switched to Magic Scrolls and support tools, rather than relying on their own Skills and Spells to amplify their damage output.

    When Heart Demon saw Shi Feng's HP fall to 50%, he retrieved a crystal and used it in tandem with a Spell. Suddenly, his Tier 2 Spell had Tier 3 power. Including Basic Attributes that rivaled Mythic monsters', not even such creatures could stop his enhanced attack.

    Suddenly, over 30 magic spears flew at Shi Feng from different directions, each with Tier 4 power. Every one of these spears was under Heart Demon's control, and they agilely flew toward their target like fish through water.

    Not one to be outdone, Sword Demon activated his most powerful Skill, Slash of Light, and his greatsword lit with a brilliant glow. He swung the weapon toward Shi Feng's back, sealing off the other Swordsman's path of retreat.

    "Come!" Shi Feng shouted. Even he felt the threat of death, and since he had already used up his Lifesaving Skills, he had no choice but to activate Blade Liberation. As his Basic Attributes skyrocketed, he countered the approaching magic spears and glowing greatsword with a swing of his blade.

    Lightning Slash!

    A blue glow enveloped Shi Feng's surroundings as a black line followed. Immediately, all 30-plus magic spears and the Slash of Light shattered, yet the blue light didn't stop after nullifying the attacks, rapidly reaching for Sword Demon and Heart Demon. In the end, neither old monster evaded the incoming attack, dying instantly as their HPs hit zero.

    Every expert on the battlefield was stunned.

    With his strength alone, Shi Feng had fought four of Starlink's great experts. Three of these four players were even monster-level experts, existences that could even give the various superpowers massive headaches. In the end, however, not only had Shi Feng proven to be their match, but he had also instant-killed two of them!
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