2180 Crazy Auction

    Chapter 2180 - Crazy Auction

    The moment God's Domain's players heard that Stone Forest City's private houses would be available to rent, the news caused a sensation throughout the various kingdoms and empires.

    "I'm not seeing things, right? Zero Wing is actually leasing its private houses to the public?!"

    "This is wonderful! If we can rent a private house in Stone Forest City, we can teleport there anytime we want!"

    "Crap! Zero Wing is so scummy! It's only leasing the private houses, not selling them!"

    Almost every player in the game paid close attention to Stone Forest City since they all had optimistic hopes for the Bottomless Abyss, especially now that players had begun to explore the Regional Dungeon, spreading the news of their harvests.

    Many independent players had found Fine-Gold Treasure Chests, and independent teams had obtained Advanced Legacies after killing Grand Lords. Even the weakest Boss in the Bottomless Abyss dropped Level 65 Secret-Silver Equipment, and that was when their luck had failed them. If players' luck held out, even Level 65 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment dropped from the weaker Bosses.

    However, the various kingdoms and empires' players were focused on something else entirely.

    Players' leveling speed in the Regional Dungeon excited them far more than its frightening drop-rates. Everyone had been impressed with their leveling speed in neutral maps, but they could level twice as fast in the Bottomless Abyss.

    Because of this, the Bottomless Abyss had become a sacred leveling ground.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to reach the Dungeon's first floor. Even ordinary expert teams suffered annihilation before they got that far.

    However, the announcement regarding Stone Forest City's private houses alleviated this problem. With a private house, players could teleport to the Bottomless Abyss at any time, from anywhere. They could also teleport to their private houses from within the Regional Dungeons. It would save them plenty of travel time, and they could explore farther than before.

    However, when the public discovered Zero Wing's intentions to auction off the private houses and the starting bid, they burst into heated discussions.

    "Not only is Zero Wing refusing to sell the private houses, only rent them, but it's starting bid is 30,000 Credits per month? Is Zero Wing insane?"

    "Zero Wing is too greedy! I don't even make 10,000 Credits per month! You'd have to be wealthy to afford these houses!"

    "That's right! Who would want to rent those private houses at such a high price?"

    Countless players cursed Zero Wing for its fraudulence when they saw the minimum bid. The Guild had essentially excluded ordinary players from the auction with such a high price. Only wealthy players would be able to afford to grind freely in the Bottomless Abyss.

    Meanwhile, several flashes illuminated Dark Night City's Teleportation Hall as a 6-man party arrived. These six players were not particularly high-leveled, with most of them around Level 56 or 57. The party's highest-level player was only Level 60. However, she wore a full set of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment and carried two longswords of indiscernible rank.

    Despite her low level, many of the Level 65-plus experts in the Teleportation Hall sensed danger the moment she arrived. They couldn't help but turn to look at the elegant girl, who appeared to be barely 20-years-old.

    "Tian Tong, do you really plan to compete for a private house in Stone Forest City? The starting bid is 30,000 Credits. How can a student like you afford that?" the Level 56 female Cleric, the Level 60 female Swordsman's companion, asked worriedly.

    "If worse comes to worst, I'll just sell those items. Including what I have on me, I should have enough. My level isn't high enough yet, and I have no choice but to try if I want to level up quickly. I have to catch up to the game's frontline players if I want to compete with Black Flame," Tian Tong, the female Swordsman, declared. "Big Sis Tong keeps telling me that I'm not qualified to follow her, and the only way I can change that is by defeating him. I'm curious to see how strong Black Flame is to gain Big Sis Tong's recognition."

    "Black Flame is Zero Wing's Guild Leader. He even earned the title of Sword King from the Secret Pavilion. Do you really think he'll be so easy to defeat?" a Level 57 Shield Warrior said.

    "That is only true right now. Once I've caught up with the frontline experts' levels, it will be a different story," Tian Tong confidently replied as she glanced at the dilapidated longswords hanging at her waist.

    Her companions had nothing more to say about her ambitions and fell silent. They, more or less, understood the young woman's strength. She was a monster in human skin. If she hadn't joined God's Domain so late, she might have already become famous in the game.

    The party then made their way to Dark Night City's Candlelight Trading Firm to participate in the auction for Stone Forest City's private houses.

    Independent players and Guild representatives did the same throughout the various kingdoms and empires. For a time, players squeezed into Candlelight's many Shops.

    Even the various large Guilds' upper echelons were shocked to see such massive gatherings of independent players, adventurer team members, and Guild representatives.

    There sure are a lot of participants."

    "I know, right? Well, who could possibly resist the temptation of grinding freely in the Bottomless Abyss?"

    "Honestly, I hadn't expected Zero Wing to lease its private houses. I had assumed the Guild would keep them for its own members and bolster its strength."

    "We have Starlink to thank for this. I've heard that Starlink has been spending insane amounts of money to poach Zero Wing's Lifestyle players, and Zero Wing is suffering for it. The Guild must have decided to rent Stone Forest City's private houses to alleviate some of the pressure."

    "But how much can Zero Wing actually earn from renting the private houses? The amount of Credits it rakes in will only be a drop in the bucket to Starlink. It might be a different story if Zero Wing sells the private houses, though. Doing so might give it a chance of contending with Starlink."

    The various powers' upper echelons attending the auctions were more than happy to watch Zero Wing and Starlink continue their feud and take advantage of the situation. Only, in their opinion, Zero Wing was trying to get itself killed by competing with Starlink's on a financial front. Giving up those Lifestyle players would be a much wiser move.

    While Candlelight's guests chatted about the situation, its staff began the auction for Stone Forest City's private houses.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Candlelight Trading Firm. First, I must inform you that due to the limited number of private houses in Stone Forest Town, our firm can only afford to lease a small number. Any player that wins a bid in this auction will gain priority bidding rights in the next. If two players bid the same value in the next auction, we will prioritize the player who has rented from us before. So, everyone, please take advantage of this opportunity," the Candlelight Trading Firm's auctioneer explained, smiling as she glanced over the crowd before her.

    Every guest gulped audibly and glowed with excitement.

    Players could grind to Level 100 in the Bottomless Abyss, which would take more than two or three months. Needless to say, players would need to rent Stone Forest city's private houses for more than one.

    With prioritized bidding rights, players would have a massive advantage in the next auction.

    "Now that we have that out of the way, let's start the auction for Stone Forest City's first private house! The starting bid is 30,000 Credits! Each increment must be no lower than 500 Credits!"

    As the auctioneer finished speaking, the venue exploded with sound.

    "Thirty-five thousand!"

    "Forty thousand!"

    "Crap! Everyone's gone crazy! I bid 45,000!"

    "Don't compete with me! This one's mine! Fifty thousand!"
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