2198 Black Flame Takes Action

    Chapter 2198 - Black Flame Takes Action

    The Flower of Seven Sins' members unsheathed their weapons, and the killing intent they radiated skyrocketed. Even Happy Art paled as their powerful auras washed over her.

    These players had intentionally suppressed their auras previously, so Happy Art hadn't realized what was so special about them, but now, she knew that every one of them was a threat to her life.

    She couldn't even imagine what kind of combat power all 30-plus players could display if they attacked together.

    You aim for mutual destruction? With just the 10 of you?" Sand Bone laughed at Happy Art. "Brother Sky was doing you a favor by letting you offer two Epic items, yet you don't know how to cherish such a thing! Not even all of the old monsters in your Thirteen Thrones would dare utter a word before Brother Sky!"

    Samsara and his team did nothing to refute Sand Bone's arrogant claim.

    What Sand Bone had said was indeed true. Although Thirteen Thrones was a veteran Super Guild, and its old monsters were amazing, they were nothing compared to Supreme Sky and the Flower of Seven Sins.

    Even if Supreme Sky killed its Guild Leader, Thirteen Thrones could do nothing but endure, much less if he killed a budding prodigy like Happy Art.

    Only the top five Super Guilds had any hope of picking a fight with the Flower of Seven Sins.

    "Samsara, the young lady on your team is quite interesting to be brave enough to challenge me," Supreme Sky said. However, he did not issue the order to attack. Instead, he shifted his gaze toward Happy Art and laughed, saying, "It's been many years since I've faced such a situation. It really makes me feel nostalgic. Let's forget about the two Epic items. Each of you can hand over a single Epic item and leave, but as for the little girl, she'll have to give me four items!"

    You...!11 Happy Art could feel rage boil within her. Supreme Sky was clearly toying with her.

    "Don't involve others in your vendetta with me, Supreme Sky! Even if you have a way to increase the Thunder God's Secret Key's drop-rate, you're not guaranteed to get it!" Samsara snarled. If he instructed his team members to give into Supreme Sky's demands, their reputation would be in tatters.

    "Samsara, don't offer worthless threats. Do you think I would trap you here without preparing properly?" Supreme Sky asked as he glanced at Samsara. "The moment the magic array activated, the Blood Curse affected every one of you. Your death penalties have been increased by 300%, and any special item that has a chance of dropping upon death is now guaranteed to drop. Once you're dead, I can forcefully resurrect you once. Do you think it'll really be so hard for me to obtain that key?"

    "Since you have refused the opportunity I so graciously offered, you can sacrifice your lives!"

    After saying so, Supreme Sky waved a hand. Immediately, Sand Bone and the other experts behind Supreme Sky charged at Samsara's group.

    "It seems we have no choice but to fight." As Samsara watched the Flower of Seven Sins' members rush at his team, he issued a command in the team chat. "We're adjusting our formation. Art, you and I will stand at the forefront. Old Locust, protect Gem. Formless, support Scars!"

    "I've been waiting for you to say that, Leader! I've grown bored of fighting monsters! I finally get to play with some peak experts!" Formless Arrow exclaimed.

    "That's right! It's not every day that we get to meet a commander of the Flower of Seven Sins. I finally get the chance to see the Flower's rumored strength," Heartless Sword commented, clearly anticipating the fight.

    The Flower of Seven Sins had always been incomparably mysterious. Most of the organization's outer members carried out its commissions. The Flower's inner members rarely took action, and cadre members rarely ever exposed themselves to the public.

    To battle maniacs like Heartless Sword, fighting so many cadre members from the Flower of Seven Sins was a dream.

    "My apologies, Black Flame. You've just joined the team, yet we've already dragged you into such a situation," Samsara sincerely apologized to Shi Feng.

    Endless Scars couldn't help but do the same. She was responsible for introducing Shi Feng to the team, after all. She had never thought that they'd become embroiled in such a dangerous predicament.

    However, before Samsara and Endless Scars could say anything more, Sand Bone and his comrades were already within 30 yards of the team.

    Over a dozen ranged players from the Flower of Seven Sins immediately launched their attacks, sending hundreds of Spells and arrows, all of which were incredibly accurate, flying toward Samsara and his teammates. As if they possessed a life of their own, they danced in the air, making it difficult for anyone to predict their trajectories.

    Happy Art, who had already reached the Void Realm, felt an immense amount of pressure bear down on her. She activated Shield Wall and focused her attention on dodging the incoming attacks, but even so, she had been struck three times and lost a considerable amount of HP. Samsara's situation was only slightly better, but when a few combination attacks struck, he stumbled backward as damages in the hundreds appeared above his head.

    When Formless Arrow tried to fire counterattacks, his arrows, which could pinpoint monsters' weaknesses, were utterly useless against Sand Bone and the others. His enemies either dodged or blocked his arrows, failing to deal any damage.

    The difference between the two sides' combat power was obvious at a glance.

    Before Formless Arrow could fire a third volley, Sand Bone and a dozen other melee players reached Samsara and Happy Art. Three Flower's members worked together to pin down Samsara, and with the support from their ranged players, Samsara wasn't able to break free from their encirclement.

    Three other experts pushed back Burning Sea. Although Endless Scars wanted to help Burning Sea and Samsara, Diverging Phoenix sniped at her from a distance, and she couldn't afford to split her attention.

    Meanwhile, Sand Bone reached Happy Art, swinging both of his greatswords at the young woman.

    Chaos Slash!

    The two greatswords transformed into 16 phantoms, each flying toward Happy Art's blindspots like cunning snakes.

    Players' tiers were reduced to zero in the Thunder God's Secret Land, but all 16 of Sand Bone's attacks were capable of causing sonic booms. His Strength was definitely on par with a Great Lord's of the same level.

    Seeing this, Happy Art quickly adjusted her footwork and tried to deflect the attacks.

    "You're overestimating yourself!" Sand Bone sneered as he abruptly altered his attack trajectories, ensuring that Happy Art could only block them, not deflect them.

    Happy Art's defense was thorough, but Sand Bone's combat standards and Basic Attributes were higher. When his attacks collided with her shield, they gradually shook apart her defensive stance. After taking a dozen or so hits, Happy Art finally exposed a hole in her defense, allowing one of the greatswords to slip past her shield.

    But just before the greatsword bit into Happy Art, a blue longsword stopped the weapon three inches away from the girl's side, and no matter how Sand Bone pushed, he couldn't budge his weapon an inch farther.

    The unexpected development surprised Sand Bone. His slash had contained a Grand Lord's Strength. No one inside the Thunder God's Secret Land should be able to block his attack, yet when his greatsword had met the blue longsword, he felt as if he had struck an impenetrable wall.

    Before Sand Bone could react, another blue longsword flew toward him. On instinct, Sand Bone brandished his other greatsword to defend himself.


    The impact forced Sand Bone to stumble two steps back, the greatsword in his hand trembling violently.

    "Who are you?" Sand Bone demanded, staring at the figure that had appeared beside Happy Art with a seriously unhappy expression.

    Anyone that could neutralize his attack and wielded even greater Strength than his wasn't an ordinary expert. Not even Samsara could perform the feat.

    "Black Flame!"
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