2286 Size Upgraded

    Chapter 2286 - Size Upgraded

    "Capture the Northern Fortress?" Phoenix Rain stared at Shi Feng with wide eyes.

    There were quite a few fortresses in the Gravity Mountain Range, with over a dozen of varying sizes scattered across the map. The Northern Fortress was a Medium Fortress in the map's northern region, the largest in the area.

    Even working together, Thirteen Thrones and Starlink had gone to great lengths to capture a Small Fortress. While that might not seem like a great feat, they were the only superpower to capture a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range.

    And Shi Feng intended to capture a Medium Fortress. No matter how Phoenix Rain considered the idea, she had little hope of the operation succeeding. Even if the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Zero Wing went all out, working together, their chances of capturing a Small Fortress were less than 10%.

    "That's right. Zero Wing isn't quite strong enough to succeed, so I'd like to borrow 30,000 elites and experts for the operation," Shi Feng said, nodding. "Of course, I won't borrow them for free. If we succeed, I'll give you 20% of the fortress's shares."

    The majority of Zero Wing's forces were stationed in the Bottomless Abyss and Ore Empire. There were barely any members in Dragonheart City. Although the Guild could gather its members here, it would take a long time to do so, and he couldn't afford to wait.

    The main reason that the Gravity Mountain Range's fortresses were so difficult to capture was the Level 100-plus Mythic monsters that guarded each of them. The fortresses were also full of Level 100-plus Great Lords and Grand Lords. Medium Fortresses, in particular, were guarded by significantly more monsters, and these monsters operated like a well-trained army.

    Zero Wing hadn't previously had the strength to capture a Medium Fortress, but that had changed.

    While Shi Feng had been in the Tower of Four Gods, both Anna and Kite had reached Level 100 and completed their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. Including the Level 100-plus Demons Shi Feng could summon with the Bible of Darkness,

    Zero Wing qualified to challenge a Medium Fortress.

    It would be less risky to challenge a Small Fortress, but the Northern Fortress was near the Gravity Mountain Range's vein area. Not only could the rare ores in the area be used when crafting ships, but they would also be useful for producing Level 100-plus weapons and equipment.

    After Level 100, the system reduced equipment drop-rates even further. One would already be quite lucky to obtain a piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment from a Great Lord, and Lord ranked monsters had practically no chance of dropping Level 100-plus Bronze Equipment.

    Hence, demand for player-made weapons and equipment would skyrocket after Level 100.

    Since no one was paying attention to the Northern Fortress, he had to secure it as quickly as possible. If he waited until this fortress attracted attention, not only would he have to deal with the monsters that guarded the Northern Fortress, but he'd also have to deal with player interference, which would significantly reduce his chances of capturing it.

    "Is 30,000 enough?" Phoenix Rain gave Shi Feng a skeptical look.

    Although gathering 30,000 elites and experts on Dragonheart Island would be difficult, it wasn't impossible for her.

    However, Thirteen Thrones and Starlink had sent a massive, 150,000-player army to capture a Small Fortress, and over 70% of their forces had been slaughtered by the end of the battle. And yet, Shi Feng only asked for a fraction of that...

    "They'll be enough, but we'll need to move quickly," Shi Feng said.

    The most important factor when attempting to capture a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range was whether or not one could hold their ground against the monsters. If an army could stand strong, even 10,000 players would be enough to capture a fortress, not to mention 30,000. However, they would need a lot more time to succeed.

    "That won't be a problem. I'll contact them immediately. I should be able to get 30,000 players here within a day," Phoenix Rain said. She knew that Shi Feng was no fool. If he thought it was possible to capture a Medium Fortress, she had to take the risk.

    Starlink and Thirteen Thrones had gained massive advantages in Dragonheart City due to the Small Fortress they had captured. If she could get her hands on a Medium Fortress's shares, Nine Dragons Emperor would have an extremely difficult time shaking her position in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in the future.

    Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix got to work contacting the necessary players. They called in the Pavilion's various elite and expert players scattered in the Sea of Death and various countries on the main continent.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng headed toward the Wanderer's Shop after leaving the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence.

    Since he had been stuck in the Tower of Four Gods, he hadn't been able to manage the Wanderer's Shop, allowing it to operate itself. After so many days, the Shop should have accumulated a fortune. According to Shi Feng's estimates, his share should amount to at least 10,000 Ancient Gold. More customers had been visiting the Shop, and as a result, its sales continued to improve, especially those of the Black Market's entry slots.

    With 10,000 Ancient Gold, Shi Feng could purchase a plot of Land and construct an ordinary Guild Residence in Dragonheart City's outermost area. This would allow Zero Wing's members to rest and recover in the Residence for free, rather than waste their money on hotels.

    But as soon as Shi Feng stepped out of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence, an uproar rose through the crowd outside.

    "He's out!"

    "And here I thought he would hide in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion for the rest of his life. I didn't expect him to show himself so soon. Keep an eye on him, everyone! The higher-ups have announced that we'll earn three pieces of Epic Equipment if we can kill Black Flame!"

    "Notify the boss! Black Flame has left the Residence!"

    By now, everyone had heard of Blood Oath's death, and War Blood's declaration of war had caused a sensation in Dragonheart City. Moreover, War Blood had offered the highest bounty ever seen in God's Domain for Black Flame's head.

    Three pieces of Epic Equipment!

    An ordinary player's strength would undergo a qualitative transformation if they acquired three pieces of Epic Equipment, let alone an expert's strength. Thus, every player in Dragonheart City was going mad over the news.

    Even if they had killed Shi Feng before this, he wasn't guaranteed to drop his Fragmented Legendary item, but now, they were promised Epic Equipment if they killed the Swordsman. Not a single player in the Sea of Death could ignore such temptation.

    Shi Feng finally reached the Wanderer's Shop after half an hour, utterly ignoring the crowd of experts and War Blood members that followed him. None of them would dare attack him in Dragonheart City.

    However, when he saw the Wanderer's Shop, Shi Feng had wondered if he had gone to the wrong place.

    The originally tattered Wanderer's Shop looked completely different. Now, it was a four-story-tall building with an extravagantly decorated exterior. An endless stream of players entered and exited the building, and they were all Level 85-plus experts.

    The Wanderer's Shop looked more like a Guild Hall than a Shop.

    The Shop's size upgraded automatically? Shi Feng could not help his shock. Just how popular is the Wanderer's Shop right now?

    It wasn't particularly unusual for independent Shops to upgrade automatically, but fulfilling the conditions for such an upgrade was immensely difficult. Not only did the Shop require enough popularity and traffic, but it also needed to reach a certain sales volume.

    Shi Feng entered the Shop, only to find that the first-floor hall had more than doubled in size. There were also more than 100 types of items available for sale, and they were all treasures that were rarely seen on the market.

    However, Shi Feng didn't pay these details much mind. He immediately opened the Shop's interface to learn how much Ancient Gold he had earned.

    Is this real?! Shi Feng couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the numbers.

    27,615 Ancient Gold!
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