2392 Level Skyrockets

    Chapter 2392 - Level Skyrockets

    With Shi Feng's command, Cola eagerly left to lure another Frostwolf Chieftain. Meanwhile, the rest of the team got into their battle formations with just as much enthusiasm.

    Although they had reached Tier 3, most of them wore the same equipment they had when they had reached Level 100. They didn't even have many pieces of Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment on them, much less Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment. They had obtained the majority of their Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment during their Promotion Quests.

    Their Epic Weapons and Equipment might still have been useful at Level 100, but the items hadn't grown any stronger after that point. As they continued to level up, these Epic Weapons and Equipment pieces would become increasingly ineffective.

    If they could get their hands on Level 105 Fine-Gold Set Equipment now, not only would it significantly increase their Basic Attributes, but they'd also become strong enough to raid Level 100, super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

    Level 100, super-large-scale Team Dungeons were a major turning point for God's Domain's Dungeons because they dropped Level 100-plus Dark-Gold and Epic ranked Weapons and Equipment. Most importantly, they dropped Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books.

    They hadn't really understood the importance of Skills and Spells when they had been Tier 2 players, treating them as supplementary tools for combat. They had mainly relied on their Basic Attributes, combat techniques, and combat standards in battle.

    However, they had realized that that ideology was no longer useful after reaching Tier 3. Tier 3 Skills and Spells were no less important than powerful combat techniques.

    With a player's Mana Body, Tier 3 Skills and Spells would display far more power than Tier 2 Skills and Spells ever could.

    This was why, despite their inferior combat standards, Tier 3 NPCs could so easily suppress Tier 3 players of the same level. It wasn't a matter of different Basic Attributes, but the difference in how many Tier 3 Spells and Skills one had.

    If they could learn a large number of Tier 3 Skills and Spells as well, their combat power would reach new highs. Even if they encountered Tier 3 experts with greater combat standards, they'd be able to defeat their opponents.

    Meanwhile, after fighting alongside the Personal Guards, Cola and his companions handled the second Frostwolf pack much easier than the first. This time, they hadn't even needed to lure the Frostwolf Chieftain away. They had simply bombarded the Grand Lord and its subordinates together.

    In the end, the team had annihilated the 200-plus Frostwolves in around a dozen minutes.

    Although the Frostwolf Chieftain hadn't dropped any pieces of the Snowfrost Set this time, it had dropped the gloves for the Frostwolf Set, a nine-piece, Level 105 Fine-Gold Set Equipment for plate armor classes. When the team's plate armor classes saw the Frostwolf Set's Attributes, a passionate flame burned in their eyes.

    "Crap! That's not fair! This Frostwolf Set is so much better than the Snowfrost Set! Its six-piece set effect increases Strength by 20% and the set's level limit to Level 120! The full nine-piece set effect even upgrades the set by one rank!" Blackie exclaimed.

    Nothing was more troublesome than obtaining Level 100-plus weapons and equipment for Tier 3 experts like them. Based on the fact that the Frostwolf Set could be used until Level 120, the complete set ranked at the top even among Level 100-plus Dark-Gold Set Equipment. With the full Frostwolf Set, a Tier 3 player would have the Basic Attributes to even rival ordinary Tier 3 NPCs.

    The Frostwolf Set? Shi Feng was just as shocked when he saw the plate armor gloves that radiated a faint, white glow.

    The Demonwolf Mountain Range's Frostwolf Set had been quite famous in his previous life. It had been considered one of the top 10 Level 120 Dark-Gold Set Equipment in God's Domain. Even the various superpowers' old monsters had coveted the set.

    However, the Frostwolf Set was normally so rare that one could only obtain the pieces by killing the monsters in the Demonwolf Mountain Range's core, and yet, it had dropped for his team in the inner region. This was unbelievable.

    Shi Feng's heart started to pound. He immediately instructed the team to hunt for more Frostwolf Chieftains. If they could collect a few Frostwolf Sets, they'd have no problems raiding Level 100 super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

    The team continued to grind for seven consecutive days, during which they had practically killed every Frostwolf Chieftain in the Demonwolf Mountain Range's inner region at least once. As a result, Shi Feng had risen from Level 105 to 107, while his companions had leveled from 101 to 104. If the various superpowers' experts discovered their leveling speed, they'd die from envy.

    Although the Frostwolves provided a lot of EXP, unfortunately, the Frostwolf Set's drop-rate was quite low. Even after using Divine Providence before the killing blow, the team had only completed three Frostwolf Sets. The team had also managed to collect five of the cloth armor Snowfrost Sets and five of the leather armor Shadowfrost Sets.

    Aside from the set equipment, the team had obtained over 1,000 pieces of Level 100 and Level 105 Secret-Silver Equipment, a bountiful harvest. They could now afford to gear a 100-man team fully.

    As for their quest's required Mana, they had collected 956 strands in total. They were only a few dozen strands away from their target, and they should have no issues completing their quest in time.

    Meanwhile, the leasing auction for Stone Forest City's private houses had netted massive profits for Zero Wing. On average, each private house had been rented for 150,000 Credits per week. After holding several leasing auctions, Zero Wing had earned over one billion Credits in profit. Not only had this alleviated Zero Wing's desperate need for funds, but it had also allowed the Heaven's Rumble Training Center to set up quite a few virtual combat platforms in Fenglin City, which, in turn, enabled the Guild to recruit more capable internal members.

    "Guild Leader, when will you be done with your quest? Recently, Starlink has been expanding rapidly. It also has support from Demon Palace, now. Not only has it recruited plenty of experts, but we're seeing more players ambush our members in the fields. Many of the Dark Night Empire's powers have also chosen to side with Starlink. Our members are even too afraid to set foot in a neutral map, and to make matters worse, the situation has started to affect our development in Star-Moon Kingdom," Liang Jing reported, clearly frustrated.

    Although they had lured many experts into joining the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance with the Crimson Sunsets, Starlink had countered this by offering even greater benefits. Now, members of Starlink's adventurer alliances could purchase the Demonic Hell World's special Legacy for far cheaper. The new benefit had attracted many experts.

    As a result, Starlink had effectively restricted Zero Wing's resource income, which limited the Guild members' leveling efficiency since they needed those materials to brew potions and craft special tools that were essential for grinding in high-level neutral maps.

    Although Zero Wing could purchase these materials through the Secret Chamber of Commerce, it needed Coins to do so, which was by no means a worthwhile trade.

    "I understand. I'm almost done here. If we need Coins, start leasing Stone Forest City's private houses for Coins, rather than Credits. That should give us enough to hold out for some time," Shi Feng decided after giving the matter some thought. "I'll return as soon as I've finished my quest."

    Liang Jing had no choice but to nod and follow Shi Feng's instructions.

    While Shi Feng had conversed with Liang Jing, an abandoned, ancient magic array lit with a colorful brilliance in a forbidden land on the eastern continent. As the rainbow of lights faded, several figures emerged from the magic array.

    Despite the very thin Mana in the forbidden land, a dense layer of Mana enveloped these several individuals. In fact, due to their arrival, the surrounding Mana density had substantially increased.

    "So, this is the eastern continent."
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