2402 Sacred Magic Temple

    Chapter 2402 - Sacred Magic Temple

    "You couldn't appraise it?" Yan Tianxing's words piqued Shi Feng's interest. Immediately, the Swordsman used Omniscient Eyes on the crystal.

    In God's Domain, very few things defied Appraisal at the Master rank. Only special items could not be appraised by a Master Appraiser.

    Generally, these special items were of extraordinary quality, and even the most inferior among them should be at the Epic rank.

    Three seconds... Six seconds... Ten seconds...

    Even after 15 seconds had passed, Omniscient Eyes still hadn't fully analyzed the crystal.

    What is this item? At this point, even Shi Feng could not help but be surprised.

    When appraising items using Omniscient Eyes, 15 seconds were more than enough to analyze an Epic item. Now, however, the loading bar was still a long way from full.

    Finally, when a total of 22 seconds had passed, the white energy crystal's information appeared before Shi Feng.

    [Magic Key] (Epic Rank)

    A key that can open the second floor of the Sacred Magic Temples found in lost ruins.

    Cooldown: 1 natural day

    Upon seeing the appraisal results, Shi Feng was dumbfounded.

    "Guild Leader, what is it?" Yan Tianxing asked curiously upon seeing Shi Feng's surprised expression.

    "A Magic Key! A secret key that can open the Sacred Magic Temple's second floor!" Shi Feng said, a hint of excitement flashing across his eyes as he gazed at the white crystal in his hand. For a moment, he even wondered if the reward for achieving an S-rank rating in the quest wasn't Alba Gray's favor, but this Magic Key instead.

    The Sacred Magic Temple?"

    Everyone was confused at Shi Feng's words.

    They could be considered very knowledgeable regarding God's Domain, but this was the first time they had heard the term "Sacred Magic Temple." Judging by Shi Feng's expression and manner of speaking, they concluded that it should be a very amazing place, yet they actually had never heard of it before.

    "It's an excellent place to learn Skills, Spells, and magic arrays. The learning efficiency in the Sacred Magic Temple is at least double that in the outside world," Shi Feng explained excitedly.

    The Sacred Magic Temple was a relic of ancient times, which normally only appeared in ancient ruins or Lost Towns.

    The location of the Magic Gate Shi Feng was aiming for this time was one of these ancient ruins. This ancient ruin housed not only a Magic Gate that led to the western continent but also a Sacred Magic Temple. This Sacred Magic Temple was another reason why the various superpowers had grown extremely envious of the dark power that ruled over the Demonwolf Mountain Range in his previous life.

    While inside the Sacred Magic Temple, players could freely learn the information stored there so long they had access. The information contained within the Sacred Magic Temple was generally related to Skills, Spells, and magic arrays used during ancient times. While this information was outdated, it was of great help to players.

    Since these Skills, Spells, and magic arrays were the original forms of present versions, studying them would allow players to improve their control over current Skills, Spells, and magic arrays significantly. Hence, the Sacred Magic Temple was a place many players sought to visit.

    Meanwhile, every Sacred Magic Temple had a total of three floors, with the quality and quantity of information stored within each subsequent floor superior to the previous one. However, seals restricted access to the upper floors. Decoding these seals was beyond even a Grandmaster Magician. To enter these restricted floors, one needed to have the corresponding key to do so.

    Shi Feng never thought that Ulunium would actually drop such a treasure.

    This was simply unbelievable!

    "Guild Leader, can we learn Tier 3 Spells from the Sacred Magic Temple?" Blackie asked eagerly when he heard Shi Feng's words.

    Tier 3 Skills and Spells were exceedingly rare. Despite grinding in the Demonwolf Mountain Range for so many days, they had yet to come across even one Tier 3 Skill Book or Spell Book. The Tier 3 Skills and Spells they possessed thus far were obtained through Legacy Skill Points. If they wished to learn more, they would have to find other ways to do so.

    If he could freely learn as many Tier 3 Spells as possible, then his strength would definitely skyrocket.

    "Learning Tier 3 Spells? Dream on," Shi Feng retorted, rolling his eyes at Blackie.

    If it were possible to learn Tier 3 Skills and Spells from the Sacred Magic Temple, there wouldn't have been so many Tier 3 players in the past that had failed to learn all of the standard Tier 3 Skills and Spells for their class.

    Having identified the Magic Key, Shi Feng had everyone search for the remains of the Magic Gate.

    At this point, everyone was mostly of the same level as the monsters roaming the Demonwolf Mountain Range's outer area, so scouring it became a lot easier. After spending just half a day exploring, they located a hidden cave below the frozen lake.

    After bypassing a Magic Trap, the team arrived before a ruin that had been abandoned ages ago.

    Sure enough, this place matches the information. When Shi Feng saw the tightly shut silver gate and the three-story Sacred Magic Temple, he inwardly breathed out a sigh of relief.

    Due to his reincarnation, the development of the current God's Domain had greatly deviated from his previous life's version. Hence, he hadn't been confident that the Demonwolf Mountain Range's Magic Gate still existed in this life.

    "Guild Leader, quick, look! It's the Magic Gate!" Blackie exclaimed in excitement, pointing at the silver gate. "With this, our Guild will also be able to travel between the two main continents!"

    Blackie had never imagined that they would actually find a Magic Gate leading to the western continent. Moreover, even if he wasn't an expert in magic arrays, he could tell by the looks of the gate's shape and the magic arrays engraved on it that the gate was not a one-time-use tool but one that allowed players to freely travel between the two main continents.

    Now that Zero Wing had access to the resources of both continents, there was no doubt that the Guild would develop into a superpower.

    "It seems the gate has been preserved quite well. The restrictions aren't that significant," Shi Feng said calmly as he inspected the silver gate.

    In its current state, the Magic Gate before him could be used only once a week, and each use allowed up to 10 players to be teleported, with each person costing 2,000 Magic Crystals.

    Shi Feng was relatively satisfied with this outcome. It was much better than some of the other Magic Gates he knew of that teleported only three to five people at a time. The only troublesome aspect about the gate before him was its long Cooldown.

    However, now that he had activated the gate, he just needed to wait a few more days to travel to the western continent and start raking in a ton of resources and Credits.

    After inspecting the Magic Gate, he shifted his sights to the Sacred Magic Temple.

    During his previous life, despite having access only to the Sacred Magic Temple's first floor, he had reaped a significant harvest, especially regarding his Mana control and Skill Completion Rate.

    As for the Sacred Magic Temple's second floor, all he had was hearsay. He had never personally visited it before.

    As for the third floor, he had never even heard of anyone reaching it, much less information about it.

    While everyone else was perusing the information available on the Sacred Magic Temple's first floor, Shi Feng went to access the second floor. He took out the Magic Key and started chanting the incantation.

    The activation chant was very short, and he completed it in four seconds. Suddenly, he felt the Mana around him roil. Immediately afterward, he received a system notification.

    System: Do you wish to enter the Sacred Magic Temple's second floor?
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