2487 Flaming Steel Se

    Chapter 2487 - Flaming Steel Set

    "The Earthen Chieftains' loot is actually so abundant?"

    "The number of items they dropped is at least triple that of the Grand Lords in the outside world!"

    The Hell Legion members' eyes glowed when they saw the five Earthen Chieftains' loot.

    There were plenty of Level 100-plus Grand Lords in the outside world, including Star Valley. Killing just one would net players a significant profit. If players were lucky, they might even obtain a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment.

    At this stage of the game, Level 105 Dark-Gold Equipment was considered one of the best equipment available even to the various superpowers' experts.

    As for Level 100-plus Epic Weapons and Equipment, they were things that could be obtained only by killing Level 100- plus Mythics-an incredibly difficult feat. Moreover, the drop-rate wasn't 100%, either. Usually, all Level 100-plus Epic items a Guild obtained would be allocated to the Guild's Elders. Even the Guild's peak experts would not get any. Hence, for most experts right now, Level 105 Dark-Gold Equipment was the best equipment available.

    Now, the five Earthen Chieftains had dropped loot equivalent to that of 15 Grand Lords in the outside world. This was simply a jackpot. Moreover, the Earthen Chieftains also granted much more EXP, equivalent to that of a Mythic monster in the outside world.

    While the Hell Legion members were quietly discussing this matter among themselves, Aqua Rose and the others quickly collected the Earthen Chieftains' loot.

    "Guild Leader, we're quite lucky this time. These five Earthen Chieftains dropped a total of 7 pieces of Level 110 Fine- Gold Equipment and 12 pieces of Level 110 Secret-Silver Equipment. Among the Secret-Silver Equipment is a pair of plate armor gloves that belongs to an eight-piece, Level 110 Secret-Silver Set Equipment," Aqua Rose joyfully reported to Shi Feng after organizing the loot.

    In regard to this situation, Shi Feng wasn't surprised in the slightest.

    Although they were currently on the Star Tomb's first floor, this place was still a God Mode Regional Dungeon. Such loot was very normal. Moreover, nobody had defeated these Earthen Chieftains before. The fact that these Grand Lords dropped Level 110 Fine-Gold Equipment and Level 110 Secret-Silver Set Equipment was nothing special at all.

    "Level 110 Fine-Gold Equipment and Level 110 Secret-Silver Set Equipment?" Hell Rush was astonished when he overheard Aqua Rose's report, because the weapons and equipment the Earthen Chieftains dropped were slightly better than even some of the items he had equipped.

    His equipment already ranked among the best available in the entire Netherworld Empire; only a select few in the Guild had better. Moreover, if not for the several pieces of Level 100-plus Epic items on him, then his equipment might have gotten surpassed altogether.

    "Mhm. Here, take a look," Aqua Rose said, smiling as she shared the Attribute Panels of the equipment they obtained with Hell Rush, not bothering to hide the items' Attributes. After all, everyone from Zero Wing had much better equipment.

    "Isn't this Flaming Steel Set a little too powerful? If one of our MTs were to equip it, they could most likely tank an Earthen Chieftain all by themselves!" Hell Rush exclaimed, a passionate flame burning in his eyes as he stared at a pair of plate armor gloves.

    Although the current Hell Legion's MTs were already well equipped, with some even possessing two pieces of Level 100-plus Epic Equipment, the overall standard of their equipment would still be inferior by a large margin when compared to the Flaming Steel Set.

    Just the bonuses from the set's five-piece and eight-piece set effects alone could already rival those from being fully geared in Level 110 Fine-Gold Equipment.

    The five-piece set effect increased not only the user's Defense Skill by three levels but also the user's Defense Attribute by 25%, while the eight-piece set effect increased the user's HP and physique by 25%. These bonuses allowed MTs to become sturdier with much greater mobility. An MT geared in the Flaming Steel Set would have no problems tanking Level 110 Mythic monsters in the outside world.

    Upon thinking up to this point, Hell Rush had the urge to have the Hell Legion continue grinding in the Star Tomb even after working for Shi Feng. After all, if the Hell Legion secured a complete Flaming Steel Set, it would have a much easier time raiding Level 100 super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

    However, Hell Rush soon shook his head and smiled bitterly.

    Although the temptation was strong, nobody in the Hell Legion was capable of tanking the Earthen Chieftains right now. If not for Aqua Rose and the others keeping the Grand Lords in check, the Hell Legion would've been helpless against the monsters.

    "If Commander Rush likes this Flaming Steel Set, once we collect a full set, I don't mind selling it to you," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw Hell Rush fall silent after seeing the Flaming Steel Set's Attributes.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, are you serious?" Hell Rush reflexively sought confirmation.

    The Flaming Steel Set was top-tier set equipment for MTs, which definitely could not be bought in the outside world.

    In fact, even the various Super Guilds did not possess such excellent set equipment right now. Moreover, one could use the Flaming Steel Set up to Level 115. Actually, although the set could grow only up to Level 115, with how excellent

    its Attributes were, players should still be able to use it even after reaching Level 120. Only Epic Equipment could surpass the Flaming Steel Set.

    "Of course. I never joke. In fact, if the Hell Legion accepts my condition, let alone one Flaming Steel Set, even obtaining 20 or 30 sets of set equipment on par with the Flaming Steel Set wouldn't be a problem," Shi Feng said, nodding.

    The Flaming Steel Set was indeed excellent for current Tier 3 players. However, as more players fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, such set equipment would become very common. Not to mention, after a certain point, experts should only be geared in Dark-Gold Equipment or Set Equipment at the very minimum because past Level 100, only Dark- Gold Equipment or better could adapt to players' Mana Bodies.

    If players with fully unlocked Mana Bodies fought using equipment at the Fine-Gold rank or below, they would rapidly deplete the durability of their equipment. In fact, after reaching Tier 4, players couldn't even consider using Secret- Silver weapons and equipment since such low-caliber weapons and equipment couldn't endure the power of a Tier 4 Mana Body, becoming useless after the execution of one Skill or Spell.

    This was the eternal pain that all expert players that had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies faced. Only, very few players in God's Domain had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, so players were still unaware that having an overly powerful body was also a problem.

    "Thirty sets?" Hell Rush could not help being tempted.

    Previously, he had felt that the one-month employment period Shi Feng proposed was too long. However, he started wavering after hearing that the Hell Legion could get its hands on 30 sets of set equipment that was on par with the Flaming Steel Set Equipment.

    After all, even if the Hell Legion desperately grinded for one month, few of its members could reach Level 120 in that period. Meanwhile, the Flaming Steel Set Equipment was top-tier set equipment that could still be used even after players reached Level 120. In other words, even after working for Shi Feng for a month, the Hell Legion would retain an edge over the teams of other superpowers when it came to equipment standards.

    Now, he felt that he needed to have a proper discussion with his superiors in the Guild.

    "Since we've taken care of the monsters already, we should head to the second floor. If we continue resting here, the monsters might respawn," Shi Feng said after seeing that everyone was sufficiently rested.

    Everyone promptly stood up from the ground and entered the tunnel leading to the Star Tomb's second floor.

    The tunnel was long and narrow. Not only did it not have any monsters, but the ambient Mana inside was also incredibly dense. This situation allowed everyone to relax their mental states considerably.

    Meanwhile, after walking for around five minutes, the team arrived on the Star Tomb's second floor, where a strong pressure greeted everyone.

    "Why is the gravity here so much higher than on the first floor?" Aqua Rose immediately felt uncomfortable when she stepped onto the second floor.

    On the first floor, she had barely felt the effects of the increased gravitational force. Now, however, she could actually feel her body growing significantly heavier. Even her mobility was negatively affected.

    "The gravity here is twice as strong as that of the first floor. It seems this floor will be our limit." When Shi Feng sensed the gravitational force on the second floor, he, too, felt a little surprised. He never thought that the gravity here would be so powerful.

    From what he knew, the gravitational force players experienced inside the Star Tomb would grow ever-higher with each floor they climbed. Hence, ascending the Star Tomb was incredibly difficult. After reaching the fourth floor, even Tier 3 players that had their Mana Bodies fully unlocked would be incapable of combat without anti-gravity equipment.

    However, anti-gravity equipment had always been considered incredibly rare in God's Domain. In fact, Lifestyle players couldn't produce it, as its creation involved ancient technology.

    Following which, Shi Feng and the others started clearing out the monsters outside the tunnel's exit.

    Although the gravitational force on the second floor had doubled, the monsters' strength and levels had barely increased. The only obvious difference was the larger number of Great Lord ranked Earthen Giants in each group of monsters. However, this change did not affect Shi Feng and the others at all.

    Moreover, to everyone's surprise, the monsters here granted at least three times more EXP than the monsters found on the first floor. As a result, everyone's leveling speed was now at least 50% faster than if they grinded in the outside world. In addition, the loot the monsters dropped was also much better. Even the Great Lord ranked Earthen Giants occasionally dropped Level 110 Fine-Gold Equipment.

    Aside from having better loot, the Star Tomb's second floor had much thinner Mana than the first floor. Hence, everyone could actually improve their control over the Mana inside their Mana Bodies as they fought, which inspired everyone to fight much more fervently.

    In such a way, the team grinded on the second floor for two whole days, moving from the outer area to the inner area. Many players on the team leveled up from the abundant EXP.

    Unfortunately for Shi Feng, as he had reached Level 111 already, the amount of EXP he received from the second floor's monsters wasn't particularly abundant. Hence, he did not manage to level up. As if to rub salt in the wound, despite killing numerous Grand Lords, he still didn't obtain a Star of Light during the past two days of grinding, contrary to his expectations.

    "Guild Leader, I discovered an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest over here!" Fire Dance, who was scouting ahead of the team, reported excitedly through the team chat.

    An Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest? Shi Feng was stunned when he heard Fire Dance's words. How is this possible?

    According to his memories, the Star Tomb shouldn't possess a single treasure chest, much less an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.
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