6 Conflict within the Darkness

    The elves had been attacking the goblins and other resources she uses for stones and she has reached a point of annoyance with the proud creatures, even if they mean no harm they causing too much harm for their own good. She knows that she will have to silence the elves before they take away all of her stones and so she cast a shroud of darkness over the village of elves. She had noticed that the druid elves had noticed the dark energy that is encompassing their village and it seems they are all preparing for her due arrival but for now she will watch as she always has done.

    The elves were swift in setting up their defence but the creature had found a new ability of its own just like the arch demons she could create her own creatures of darkness to serve her will all shaped in the forms of tall humanoid creatures at seven feet tall they tower over the elves and even orcs. She sent hordes of her dark creatures at the elven defence terrifying in their onslaught they remained unimpeded until the druids began to cast holy magic upon weapons and the dark creature were being cut down. Atop the tree tops the clash of weapons and claws echoed throughout the darkness as she watched onwards directing and creating her hordes of darkness towards the elven defences.

    The elves had pushed back her creatures and firing down at them from above as they tried to climb the trees and ascend the stairs and platforms towards the village. The child whom was prized as a prophet was questioned by the village elders once more this time he only cried until the elders finally cast him sown towards the hordes of dark creatures whom tore him shreds. The creatures kept advancing only multiplying in number and soon more variations began to appear such as sharper claws or they took more shots to kill until finally they were right up at the main defence once again and clashing with the defence of the elves.

    Volleys of arrows crashed into the hordes knocking them sides ways but only now serving to slow their progress and killing the few weak dark creatures that advanced up towards them. Their farms had long ago been covered with the blood of elves as the crops and animals laid trampled and slaughtered. One elven swordsman leaped over the defence and began slashing his way through the hordes and held them back and soon others joined in as they boldly advanced forward mercilessly killing the dark swarms that through their claws and strength towards them.

    The creature finally decided it was time to join in herself and all of a sudden the dark creatures stopped as if frozen in time surprising the elves at the defence but they all rejoiced until they noticed the glow of red eyes piercing through the darkness. The form of a little girl with giant claws reaching out from her hands approaching the defence and when the first arrow was fired towards it just barely missing the hordes continued their advance towards the defence this time more violently and ferociously and uncaring for their own life as they no longer defended them selves and only attacked killing several elves but nonetheless still being held back by the line of elven swordsmen.

    She stepped forward and swung her claw across the midsection of one such soldier cleaving him in half before she punched an another tearing through his armour and flesh like paper and allowing enough room for her creatures to get past and surround the swordsmen burying them in a sea of black as they were mercilessly slaughtered.

    "The one that looks like a girl is the centre of the darkness!" The elder druid called out to the other elves and their efforts persisted as the hordes threw themselves at them no care for how much time past and soon the defence grew weary as she emerged from the hordes and tore her way through the defences leaving shattered and eviscerated bodies in her path as she advanced through the village with her horde as they flooded the streets and killed every elf in their path sparing no life as soon the elven village began to collapse under the weight of the hordes and draw bridges cascaded down to the ground below taking the dark creatures on it down with them.

    The elves began to cut bridges in their retreat slowly stopping the bloodthirsty stampede of dark creatures until they were down on their last leg with only few left and one bridge remaining the dark creatures came to a stop and she walked ahead of her hordes across the bridge, her red eyes stabbing at them through the darkness.

    An armoured elf stepped forward and moved towards her on the bridge and shouted and order to one of the other elves before charging forwards towards her. He swung his sword down at her only to be parried by her claws and blocked her other set of claws with his shield that shattered of his arm from the impact. He stumbled backwards and she took the initiative to leap upon him onto his chest knocking him over where she furiously stabbed into his chest and the bridge began to collapse downwards upon one of his comrades slamming his sword against the rope that held up the bridge.

    She dissipated back into the darkness and ordered her hordes to climb up the trees and so they did only to be met by the torrent of arrows from the stubborn elves holed up atop their last tree and soon they reached the platform only to be kicked off by the elves as they tried to climb atop. So she had the hordes cut down the tree and so they began to furiously stab and chip away at the tree until it creaked with exhaustion and crashed down into the ground exposing the elves to the darkness. The lanterns burst and flames spread across the tree burning the hordes as they advanced ever closer to the few elves that remained defiantly fighting back the hordes until the last breath when the hordes were atop them and their blood soaked the forest floor. The elves were no more and so the darkness dissipated and the creatures fizzled away like smoke as if they were never there leaving ruin. The blood of elves was painted across their ruined village and they corpses laid unmoving amidst the once vibrant village. Roots burst from the forest floor and dragged the corpses one by one into the forest floor and absorbed their spirit stones and bodies feeding the creature as its knowledge and power expanded at the expense of the elves.

    She had found her name, Nox. Given to her by her creator and engrained into her very mind and now she knew her name, Nox had discovered many other abilities she could use to hunt every stone from every creature the tendrils of darkness had wrapped its cruel fingers around even outside of DarkWood and so she began to expand her influence towards a town nearby with an alarming amount of armed individuals and also a delectable amount and variety of stones.
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