8 Dark Expansion- War Marches Onwards

    Orcs had been bringing airships increasing in size to the point they were now the size of the eight continents of earth placed together into Pangea again. So Nox retaliated with Shadow-Wraiths equal in size as well as mother ship typer aerial forms that would constantly create swarmers and launch boarding parties at these giant ships leading to the overwhelming of those on board. After the humans and other such species began to interfere in the war Nox had began to let the debris of battle fall unto the battlefield to destroy the machines such as tank or fortified locations or simply to kill more of the enemy. To her it didn't matter how many shadow forms died as they could be replaced from nothing but rather the amount of enemies killed also mattered to as it would eventually lead to their destruction and their loss in the war. She was also confused at how quickly the war between her and the orcs became all or nothing and soon evolved into a world war targeted in a singular location. Nox found it annoying that they are interfering after all she only wanted to kill the now missing orc emperor and stop the orcs from trespassing into DarkWood and cutting down all the trees but now DarkWood was only intact because of her protection over the forest resulting literally no damage to the forest at all. She had managed to end the fighting within DarkWood  very quickly when she created the wraiths at first she managed to push them out of the forest and they haven't got back in since but the sky is a different situation with the battle for air superiority being the most fiercest only second to the ground battle which has only one gap being the forest at its centre. The war at sea isn't that chaotic and a lot of the enemies are the allied races regarding the ocean and she would have to destroy aircraft carriers and the likes.

    The battle in the sky above DarkWood was limited to between her and the orcs due to how far inside the battlefield it actually was considering it was the centre of battle. What was causing her grief was a giant orc citadels being constantly connected to others making it more and more formidable and larger. It was the main source of industry of manpower for the orcs yet Nox couldn't break through unfortunately at the barricade of its defences such as the giant airship fleet. She had sent increasingly powerful Shadow-Wraiths and found that the result would only stay the same with a half destroyed orc defence fleet and an undamaged orc country floating above DarkWood. They were fast at repairs too and would pump out the reinforcements that were often superior to their predecessors which meant she had to increase the strength further leading into a cycle.

    However she soon had the idea on how she could break through and so she created twenty giant tendrils made of shadow and launched them up at the fleets escorted by countless amounts of sky swarmers and a multitude of other air based shadow forms. Whilst the orc fleet was being demolished and occupied by the airborne swarms Nox wrapped the tendrils around the citadel and then rooted them into the citadel, she then began to mass create shadow forms and send them through the tentacles unto the orc base in the sky sparking a giant battle upon it. At first she was at a disadvantage and as a result one of the tentacles were dislodged for a few minutes but quickly reattached. The airborne swarms soon flooded the orc base however and destroyed the fleets coming to defend the base and those being produced on the base.

    Countless forms were sent upon the base and the battle soon raged all across the base halting their industrial progress in the war and halving their efficiency. Soon the orc frontlines began to suffer due to lack of resources and were slowly being overcame by the devouring maws of darkness, that was when the orcs bought even more such bases into the battlefield annoying Nox after her effort to attack this one evermore had appeared and so she began to pull the orc sky fortress to the kiss of the earth initiating a violent earthquake throughout the country as it collided against the ground and the endless swarms of shadow consumed the remaining orcs within before dispersing back to the frontlines.

    Nox attacked and destroyed many orc air fortresses in the next week but soon found they had built naval ones as well and also had some built upon giant wheels or legs upon the ground and grew hopelessly annoyed at the orcs insistence of having a mobile fortress in the war. She created more and more tendrils to destroy the fortresses across the battlefield unknowingly to the allied races as they fought in the lukewarm outskirts of the war. Nox had been successful in the destruction of countless fortresses and tendrils also acted as a way to attack the orcs on the ground and destroy their air fleets and act as a general defence overall agains the orcs in the air and on the ground.

    Surprisingly, a new war front was born being that of underground also as the orcs decided to build underground cities in the attempt to hide more hubs for wartime progress aside from the fortresses that seem to be arriving in unending numbers. Again she used tendrils to destroy them by creating them beneath the cities and making them burrow the the surface and act as defences for and and air once again. She began to have tendrils in the sea also with allied races encountering one fo her tendrils when she created one to destroy a giant allied race fortress compatible to that of the orcs in the air as they tired to push further in.

    Nox soon found that the orcs had given up on the subterranean war and the war of the sea was mostly between her and the allied races. The orcs and their allies began to shrink in number before the darkness as their colossal cities crashed to the ground from the skies flooded with Nox's agents of chaos. It wasn't long until the final orc warship several times larger than that of the fortresses remained housing the orc emperor and the remaining the orc army's supplies and manpower reinforcements. Nox had shrunk back the orcs into a smaller front however, now found that the allied races were pushing even harder and so she kept it at its original size but used tendrils on them also shattering trenches and frontlines and puncturing the soft metal of their machines.

    The orcs had been in their last stand for months now and Nox was slowly wrapping her claws around their necks as she rejoiced at the eventual defeat of the orcs on the horizon; and so she sent even more and more waves of shadow beings even more vicious and deadly than the last and they soon tore their way through the final frontline on the battlefield of the ground. Nox decide to create countless tentacles to hold the orc bastion in place and pumped countless hordes of shadow beings upon it and found herself surprised when the advance was slowed due to the defence s and many tendrils and shadow forms were lost.

    The orcs had a trick up their sleeve however, and decide that in death they would inspire fear to all other races and so broadcasted the battle between the orcs and endless horrors of shadow creatures. A council of allied humans watched onwards in horror as yet unseen shadow creatures through themselves at the orc defences, all demolished or successful in their chase of bloodshed.

    The orc emperor had been in contact with the allied races leaders in a live contact broadcast where he showed and explained what they had learned about the darkness they had faced but at first he just laughed "Do you realise what you are up against? You pathetic bastards have been quaking in your boots when fighting not even the base of the iceberg! Le the show you what horrors we have faced fighting this enemy!"

    He showed them the footage of the shadow creatures they had never before seen tearing their way through the orc defences, he showed them the footage of the failed subterranean city operations in which dark tendrils emerged from underneath crushing them in their rising and sending out shadow creatures to finish the survivors.

    "That isn't even the worst of it either. Every time, we improve they seem to adapt to it by making equally or more so powerful creatures than what we bought to the table, in fact after this ors will become a rarity unlike before. Countless machines lie in ruin and orcs, goblins and even more lie dead partially eaten or tore to pieces amongst the sea of black. Do you know what caused this? We wanted to live in a damned forest! Then it trapped within an endless war that we would never hope to win. No matter how many died even more would come from the woodwork. It is likely however, that they'll disappear as quickly as they appeared upon our defeat. The dark sky is their doing too I imagine. Might even be just a giant one of 'em looking down at us, heck we aren't even sure what they are being governed by. If they do not disappear once we are defeated then I wish you good luck, you'll need it."

    The transmutation was cut short as Nox wrapped a tendril around the communications area and tore it off of the bastion dropping it down into the sea of darkness below. Nox had finally surrounded where the emperor resided and appeared in front of it in her dusk form looking up a the door. The shadow creatures all froze in movement as if frozen in time and the emperor  activated the secondary communications and focused the broadcast on Nox whom stood outside the first door inside. Her deep red eyes cutting through the darkness and the emperor looked on with hatred, he knew that thing was behind the death of the orcs and he would see to it that for the orc she has spilled he will bleed from her in return.

    The Allied force's leaders all watched onwards and soon the broadcast was made available to the world and people watched onwards as Nox approached the door and commanded a nearby behemoth to knock down the door which it did and was met with a torrent of gunfire killing it but Nox walked through unharmed by the bullets as if the bullets was going through air they continued onwards through her even upon contact. She created giant tendrils to smash through the floor of the castle jolting the bastion and knowing the emperor off his throne.

    She approached him and then reached into his chest causing him to violently convulse in which she pulled out his stone leaving him seemingly unharmed but clearly dead from his complexion and him being unmoving. She absorbed his stone as the broadcast ended as she dissipated and pulled the bastion unto the ground using the tendrils and continued the slaughtering of the remaining orcs.

    After the orcs were defeated she removed the shroud of darkness and dissolved the shadow creatures including their corpses leaving behind a field of wrecked orc machinery and blood and clear damage from war however, there was not a single sign of any body. The world was baffled however, two people were not. One looked on in amusement and red eyes that shone sadistically over the battlefield and the other whom looked on with hatred as she finally found the 'Dark Sister'.
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