11 Demons? Part 2

    Nox was ravenous. She was starved of power, of recognition. The only recognition came from a fairly common visiter whom speaking of the devil just arrived in a cloud of smoke. He was tall and slender, with long waves of black hair handing from his shoulders and a pair of horns that protruded from either side of his carefully constructed face. He almost looked human. In fact, Nox could tell he wasn't human as many of her attempts to consume him were blocked by a power much greater than her own most likely his power. She knew his power derived from faith but she was surprised that it could be much more potent than her source of power: Fear. Yet despite his overwhelming presence, he still felt like a father figure to her mostly due to the many souls he would bring for her consumption. She could tell she was more of a punishment to the damned than anything but nonetheless it gave her endless hiding a much more recognisable purpose aside from stripping areas of land of life and mind. But in the end, his visits were only bitter sweet. She knew he was being kind for the sake of her purpose to his grand scheme because without her he'd have to deal with an overabundance of souls. In fact many of the other Gods tolerated her actions mostly due to the benefits they all reaped from said actions.

    "Have you been busy?" Asked Mortus sitting himself upon a jaded rock that was almost absorbed in the darkness that encompassed everything. He waited for an answer staring into the two large red eyes with fear but not for her but the connection to those eyes. The darkness shuddered in response to his question 'Nothing.' Every time, he was surprised when the darkness gave its response. It was the voice of a female child which perplexed him as he thought it would have no discernible gender or even personality considering it was one of *her* personal creations. Despite this, he did find the creature somewhat endearing in its efforts to sate its endless hunger for power and its drive to pummel its enemies into the deepest canals of insanity. It was useful for that exact reason. As all he had to do was show compassion to it and it would bend a knee to his requests with an exception of the few.

    "I have a favour to ask of you." Mortus inquired leaning back as he felt the darkness lean in with curiosity. Not being able to shake off the innate fear that struck him when its colossal eyes peered at his entire being he continued "There is a country. Of prideful beings called elves. You may know its name?" The darkness shuddered a response back to him once more 'Poultry.' Mortus looked to it in amusement "No. Not what it means in the human language but Fervia. To them it means 'Kingdom of Golden Knives'." He then looked back to the darkness for a response which was received with another shudder of the darkness around him 'Consumption?' He grinned at the understanding and took a soul stone out of his pocket placing it onto the rock he was sat "A gift from your mother." He then disappeared to wherever he had come from leaving Nox with the 'gift'.

    She absorbed the soul stone and felt a massive surge of energy stab through her strengthening the darkness she commanded past even her strength when fighting the angel. Her Darkness was evolving and in turn becoming more cruel, more calculating. The night bended its will even more as the shadows bowed to her completely not even the darkness within hearts or minds were immune. They became hers also. She had ascended. She was no longer a darkness; She was the darkness.


    25th March 1066 II: The Royal Capital of Erendale

    "Inquisitor Tarkin calm yourself!" Shouted the high Judge of holy judgement as he slammed his hammer against the desk in front of him silencing the Inquisitor. After a brief moment of silence Tarkin began to speak once more "But there is clearly a demon infestation brewing around that town! How else do you explain the circumstance that surrounds the dead townspeople!" The judge slammed his hammer again silencing the shouting Inquisitor once again as he began to add his piece "But is there any proof that it isn't just a disease Inquisitor Tarkin? For all we know even going within that town risks the escape of an already established high lethality!" Tarkin slammed his fist onto the table beside as he shouted "What disease sends trained soldiers mad?!"

    The Judge didn't slam down his hammer in response but simply said "Wait for the summoning of the heroes then we can give you appropriate assistance." Tarkin quickly responded "So we don't even have the resources to deal with an infestation?"

    "Not for one of such magnitude! We've already exhausted a lot of resources to somewhat tame the growth of chaos!"

    "But what if this is just an army that serves that mad God?!"

    "Then it means they are making their moves sooner than anticipated! Remember this God even inspired fear in the council Gods! For all we know it may not even be another servant of chaos and may just be a fledging God! In which case it needs to be tamed or appeased!"

    "Tch! So you'd damn everyone around it?!"

    "For the greater good yes!"

    "But wouldn't it be more worth our resources to stamp out any kind of servant of chaos rather than vainly try to cut off its head?!"

    "Enough from you! You may conduct an investigation of you're own that is all!"

    "A compromise?"

    "After all if your suspicions are true then an investigation is the most we can do."

    "Thank you."

    Tarkin promptly left the room to which he met up with his partner whom was waiting outside for him "You could have come in with me you know." His partner was a young angel with golden blonde hair and ivy green eyes. "Hello?" She snapped out of her daze and looked at him in surprise.

    "Are you listening to me Violet?"
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