1 Son

    In a bustling street of City B,a man was strolling around and observing the surroundings. A smile was painted in it's handsome face but who would have thought that the man was a 'woman' in a man's dress. Her silky short brown artificial hair had swayed from the air as if it was not a wig at all.

    "it's been a long time since I came here. How nice. There are already many new establishments in here. "

    Wu Jie Shi was a daughter of one of the aristocrat family in the City B. she was known for her being carefree, kind and filial daughter. Many people loves her but her sudden disappearance made them wonder what happened to her. She left or it could be said that she was forced to leave the country by her parents for her own safety and a year later of her sudden disappearance her parents died to a car accident which had made her relatives to feel suspicious to it. Six years had already passed and she was back to the place where she was born and raised by her family. Many things had happened in her life and one could say that she was way different as she was once to be. Living in a foreign place alone for so many years, she experienced and learned a lot of things and also met a lot of people.

    She walked around the place as if she knew the area like the back of her hand. She came across some high school students in their dark blue skirt topped with a white blouse uniform and stylish bags.

    "ah, how nice to be young"

    *rrinngg* (cellphone ringing)

    "Wu speaking"

    [Xiao Shi where are you?! we've been waiting for you like years already!]

    Wu Jie Shi glanced at her Wrist watch.

    "there is still 15 minutes before the appointed time Zihao."

    [aargghh! Are you for real? Everyone is here already. Hurry up!!!]

    *hung up*

    Wu Jie Shi looked at Guan Zihao's name on her phone and smirked.

    "*whispering* she's really scary if she's worked up *sigh* I guess it's time to go"

    She strode and made her way to where she and her friends would usually took a breather. It is the 'Hundred Star Pavilion'. It is a eight floor building that catered asian foods and teas. The ground floor,second and third floor was open to all customers while the fourth floor and up consist of function halls and private dining rooms. As she was about to open the door, she heard them talking about someone. By reflex, she stopped on her track and listened to what they were talking about.

    "the moment you informed me that sister cousin was back. I was stiffen and mind you I was in the bathroom relieving myself ahahaha GOD! I did not know how to react at all. I was happy, worried, anxious I don't know!" from his voice that may be big brother cousin Fan he is the same as before Wu Jie Shi silently laugh at her big brother cousin Fan.

    "Yuck! Do you really need to share what you were doing brother Fan?! I pity future sister-in-law" was that sister Mei? My god her voice has tinged of maturity already. Time really flew so fast.

    "about the thing that we discussed last week, did you guys found anything?"

    Hmm? Is that big brother Kei? What are they talking about? I could fell the aura inside change after he spoke

    "brother I got lucky and met my IT college senior after our meeting and on the same day at night we manage to get hold of the original cctv video on Aunt Xie and Uncle Mo Fie's accident five years ago. As of the car's plate number, I gave it to big brother Fan" said Shan Mei

    "oh! About that I was still working on it as for the update, the car wasn't registered in the City B"

    Everyone was silent for a moment and the air inside the room feels heavier than ever. One could feel the sorrow and regret of the people inside.

    Wu Jie Shi, who's outside the room listening to everyone, she felt gratified that she was blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. As she could no longer helped it, she pushed open the door and the aggrieve expressions on their face of the four people inside welcomed her.

    "hey! What is it? Does anyone you knew recently died? Why're ya all looked forlorn"

    She said as a wide grin was plastered in her face. The people inside took a while before they regain their senses and it was Shan Mei who first regained her senses as she immediately rushed to hug Wu Jie Shi.

    "Xiao Shi!!! you're finally here! I missed you so much!! huhuhuhu why did you left me behind? Why didn't you bought me along with you? You're heartless! Huhuhu"

    Shan Mei continued wailing on Wu Jie Shi's arm and she hugged her back. She looked at the other three persons in the room.

    "i'm back" she said and smiled to them.

    I'm back for good.

    It took some time before Shan Mei calmed down as so the group of five has now settled on their seats while Wu Jie Shi was now seated in between Shan Mei and Guan Zihao while she was interrogated more like she was squeezed until she was dry and the four persons ask for every single detail that had happened to her while she was away. There Wu Jie Shi was forced to tell them what state she had fallen three years ago and to why she was dressed as a man.

    "before I left, Father gave an address and letter to his bestfriend and was told to head there and to hand over the letter. Until now, I have no idea as to what father had said to the letter since after Uncle Jonathan read the letter, he burned it and asked me to disguise myself as his nephew and changed my name onto Austin Howard. It was awkward at first but as time had past I was more comfortable on wearing a pants than a skirt ahahahaha. It was really a literal hell for me for the first three years of my life because Uncle Jonathan trained me with martial Arts and even made me live with the guns. I mean literally with the guns. I knew a few with martial arts but I am more skilled with the guns and knives though. It was really tough but I love it. I can now protect myself. At first I was damn scared because with those kind of training I thought at the end of it I will grew some thick muscles!! Imagine how terrified I was!"

    the four of them did not said anything for a while and even looked at each other before looking back at Wu Jie Shi. After that, the room was filled with laughter. Wu Fan and Wu Si Kei was both holding their stomach while laughing hard.

    "hmmp! Then laugh more! You all are mean! I was really scared and now you all just laugh at me?! you lots don't love me at all! I hate you! *pout*"

    "haha I mean hahaha wait hah- I can't reall--- hahaha--"

    "fine! Just laugh it all. Till you all are done tsk"

    Wu Jie Shi crossed her hand on her chest while glaring at the four people who are still laughing.

    "oh! By the way, I already had a two years and nine months old son"

    The room immediately turned silent.
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