2 Your son looked familiar

    The four of them had stopped laughing.

    The room immediately turned silent. It took a while before they reacted. Guan Zihao, Shan Mei and big brother cousin Fan was stupefied. While big brother Kei's face darkened and drunk his wine attempting to calm his nerve before looking back at Wu Jie Shi. His piercing gaze was enough that made Wu Jie Shi shiver in fear.

    I never saw big brother Kei looking so angry and it's scaring me.

    "how did that happen? Who's the father? Where is he? Is he now running away from his responsibility?!"

    Big brother cousin Fan jolted as he heard big brother Kei's angry voice.

    "hey cousin Fan relax, your scaring her. Maybe she was joking okay? Relax. You'll grow gray hairs if your too serious."Wu Fan said as he was trying to calm Wu Sie Kei as well as calming himself and wishing that Wu Jie Shi indeed was just joking.

    "No. My son is real. He exist" Wu Jie Shi calmly said as she slowly drunk her juice.

    Wu Fan and Wu Sie Kei's faces were painted black as a charcoal. This time, it was Wu Fan who spoke and his face was more scarier than Wu Sie Kei a while ago.

    "Where is the boy now? Are you with his father? Or married?"



    "hey! Don't shout! You boys shut up! Your just making a stupid remarks! Control your damn emotions are you gay?!" Shan Mei roared as though she cannot fathom their remarks. She looked at Wu Jie Shi and held her hand.

    "Xiao Shi can you Explain to us why it happen?" she said like she was convincing Wu Jie Shi to tell them everything but ..

    "i'm sorry. For now I can't tell you everything but this is all I could tell you. I am happy with my son by my side. he is now my world. His father and I are not together nor in a relationship. He did not even know he is now a father.everything that happened was an accident. By the way a week after will be his birthday and are you all busy tomorrow? My son and I was planning to go his new school for enrollment"

    "oh My! Me! Me! I am free let's go and after that we could go shopping!" Guan Zihao said as she was so excited to meet the little guy.

    "say, Xiao Shi. Does your son looks like you? Or looks like the father?" Shan Mei ask shyly. Wu Jie Shi smiled at her and said

    "His eyes and lips are takes from me while the rest are from his father"

    "kyaaaahh~~~ really? I am now excited to see your baby. What's his name?"

    "Wu Fin Shi. While uncle Jonathan calls him Little Xander. Alexander is his English name."

    The next morning, Wu Jie Shi stood up exactly at 5 in the morning to cook for their breakfast. After cooking and cleaning the kitchen, she went to her son's room and gently woke him up.

    "my little sunshine~ it's morning already. Wake up now dear."

    The little guy gently open his eyes and the ray of the sun greeted his morning. He got up made a sign of the cross ,smiled and said.

    "thank you Lord God the Father Almighty for the another wonderful day you've given to us. I hope to see mommy's smile for the rest of the day.Amen"

    Wu Jie Shi smiled as she heard his son's prayer.

    I no longer care if his father knew his existence or not. He is my light and my world. I don't want to be apart from him. If it means to be apart from my son in exchange for his father knowing it, then I rather have him not knowing it forever. I am sorry Evan..

    "baby~ are you excited to see your aunt and uncles today?"

    Wu Fin Shi's eyes sparkled and immediately nodded his little hug. He got off the bed and went off to snuggle in his mother's embrace.

    "mommy, I really love your smell"

    {"hey you really smells great, it would be perfect if you were a woman"}

    Wu Jie Shi's body stiffens and smiled awkwardly to her son.

    "baby, it is rude to sniff on other people so don't do it to others okay? They may hit you. Do you want that to happen to you?"

    The little guy looked up to his mother with its teary eyes and hugged Wu Jie Shi tighter like he was afraid that he will be drag out and be separated to his mother. Wu Jie Shi laughed at her son's cute reaction and sighed heavily.

    He really looks and acts like his father day by day. I don't know if it is a good thing or not though.

    "come on my little sunshine let's take a bath and eat our breakfast early okey? We will be meeting aunt and uncle on 10 this morning."

    The mother and son pair took their time bonding each other and the little guy was more enthusiastic than he normally was. One could tell that he was excited to what they will be doing for the day. Time flew past and it is already 9:30 in the morning. Wu Jie Shi's phone ringed so she went and picked her phone as the caller was registered 'Guan Zihao'.


    [Xiao shi~ good morning, how's the little guy? Can't you just tell me where you live that I could just visit you there? Can't I just do that? Hmm~~"]

    Wu Jie Shi chuckled at Zihao and said

    "we will be there after, it will be just a few minutes and you will be able to see him. Don't worry we won't ditch you"

    Wu Jie Shi laughed secretly to Zihao's reaction and she knows that Zihao was not alone. The others are already with her. She already knew that this four people are eager to see her son as they were willing to do shameful things just to her bringing them to her house to see her son.

    "Xiao Shi you are so mean"

    Then Zihao immediately hung up the phone that made Wu Jie Shi sigh in defeat.

    In a cake shop near a private preschool, a group of four people were being in the limelight not just because of their stunning beauties but it is because of what they were doing.

    As to them being too anxious, Wu Fan was counting numbers from 100 to 1, Wu Sie Kei was looking quite serious as if he is doing something really important but he was only staring at his own reflection in the glass wall of the said shop. Shan Mei was looking up in the ceiling while muttering, "I am now an aunt" repeatedly. While Guan Zihao was looked normal on the group but her hands were wet as though it was being soaked in the water. After a while the four person heard a commotion that piqued their interest.

    "woah, that woman was so stunning"

    "hey hey look she had a child"

    "maybe she's already married"

    "they looked so good. Even the child was so good looking. The child's father must have a stunning beauty as well to have that child such beauty in such age."

    "ohh~ I really envy those who had good genes on them"

    Many commented on the mother and son pair as they were being observed by everyone as they went their way to the cake shop. As Wu Jie Shi was walking towards the group of four, Zihao looked like her eyeballs would fall in any minute while the others are flabbergasted.

    "hey guys, did ya all wait for too long? There was a slight traffic on the intersection. I am sorry if I was late"

    "hey Xiao Shi is that really your son?"

    "hmm what do you think big brother cousin Fan?"

    Wu Fan squinted his eyes and stared at the little guy. As the little guy stared at him too. Either of them are willing to back down.

    "say~ Xiao Shi. Why does your son looked familiar?"
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