4 Alien

    Two whole weeks had past and since then, Yang Xin decided to keep it to herself first and observed the little boy from the distance and there she noticed that some of his habits were identical to Zhiyue,his son. The longer she waits, the more uneasy she becomes. It was only because as the day would pass, Wu Fin Shi was becoming more and more like Zhiyue. She also had known that his name is Wu Fin Shi and was raised in a foreign country with his mother Wu Jie Shi while carrying the name and disguised as Austin Howard and the man called Jonathan Howard who was a friend of Wu Jie Shi's late father. Yang Xin was waiting for the physical examination to finished and she had already assigned a teacher to pull a strand of his hair in order to have a sample for the DNA test.

    [Xiao Shi. Are you really busy? did you have difficulties on your job already? do you need my help? can't you just go with me? i missed you already huhuhu]

    Wu Jie Shi heaved a sigh as she was listening with Shan Mei's request to stroll over in the mall. In this past few days, Shan Mei would always call to her and asked where she lived and to go shopping together with Guan Zihao.

    "i can't go right now. I need to go to the airport to pickup uncle Jonathan. How about this weekend? We can go shopping with Fin."




    Wu Jie Shi did not say anymore and just hang up the phone. Ever since they had enrolled Wu Fin Shi, she never met anyone because on that day, on their way home, she received a pop up notification on her phone that someone is trying to dig information about her and her son. Wu Jie Shi was suspecting that maybe someone that knew her son's father or his father himself had seen them and was trying to dig up the mother and child's data. From her phone, she activated some security layer to temporarily block them from accessing the network. Afraid of being known, Wu Jie Shi told her cousins and Shan Mei to leave first due to some emergencies from work. She did not told them her address and what kind of work she does. They only knew that she graduated as a Computer Engineer in the USA.

    Wu Jie Shi was in daze inside of the basement room. Inside the room, there are six monitors , a keyboard and a mouse connected in one system unit. There are also a big rectangular table and white board in another corner of the room. On one side of the wall, located the different figures and on-going project an automation that Wu Jie Shi was currently working out. On the other side of the room was a small room filled with different kind of riffles, revolvers,pistols and knives. Her gaze was shifted in one of the monitor which is a man in his tuxedo inside the airport with his three bodyguards at his back and a man with a stoic expression talking someone in his phone which could be his assistant or secretary. The man in a tuxedo has similar features with Wu Fin Shi. In a monitor next to it, there is a data of the man in a tuxedo and the monitor next to it, was picture of a middle age woman and it's data. Wu Jie Shi took quite a time to trace all the ip address originated from and based on the gps of the computer being used, it is in the Phoenix Academy. Wu Jie Shi took a profile search of all the employees in the Academy and examined which had the power to call such a high caliber hackers and IT professionals.Based on the gathered data, Yang Xin, is the one who conducted a search for Wu Jie Shi and Wu Fin Shi. This woman held a great importance to the nation. A high military ranking official and a principal of Phoenix Academy. Also a wife of the General of the army in the country. Her son, Li Zhiyue, CEO of the Li Corporation- the largest company in the country.

    "who would have known that you have such a powerful background. What would be your reaction if you have known that you had a son?"

    Wu Jin Shi smiled but her smile does not reach her eyes.

    3 years ago...

    At the well-known bar, 'The Dead Rabbit' in New York, USA. A group of young men entered and reach for the counter.


    One of the men showed a red card and upon seeing it, the bartender pressed a button and a waiter came rushing.

    "This way Gentlemen"

    The waiter lead the way to the vip room and opened the door for them.

    "Hey Liam! Your finally here!"

    A young man in a blue v-neck shirt waved his glass to the men who entered the room.

    "There was a heavy traffic man! An accident occur on the intersection near here. We were stuck man!" a man called Liam said as he took a seat and two sexy ladies made their way to him and flirt with him. Liam smiled to the ladies and kissed the lady in his right while he is busy touching the body of the lady in his left.

    "damn Liam flirting so early" the young man said and he advert his attention to the young man he recently met in the firing range and impulsively invited him to a drink.

    "so when was the first time you held a gun? And what was your name again? Sorry I really forgot though ahahahaha. By the way I am Lance Dover"

    The young man glanced over to the man who called himself, Lance and turned his attention back to his drink.

    "Two years ago. Austin Howard"

    "Howard? Awesome! I never thought I would make friends with the Howards I'll boast it to my relatives ahahaha"

    Austin squinted to Lance and asked."why? What's wrong with being a Howard? Is it peculiar?"

    Lance stopped laughing and looked at Austin like he was some alien in the world full of humans.
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