8 Permission Granted

    "Delta team on position"

    "Bravo and Alpha coming in"

    "Delta team on your mark, Bravo and Alpha the target is moving."

    "Greywolf on your 7o'clock" Wu Jie Shi said as she noticed something amiss at her phone. She then gave out a warning to everyone.

    In the van, which is the control unit that is located in a mile away from the target location, General Li and the IT specialist was inside. General Li was impressed to the sixth sense of Wu Jie Shi as she can noticed almost everything. He once again lamented in his heart that it would be great if he could take her as his daughter.

    On the peaceful night the citizens were lively chatting with their family members and eating with their dinner. Some youth was bar hopping and enjoying the scenery in the beach with their significant other. They are not even aware of what was happening in the other side of the city.

    Wu Jie Shi was in the sniper team, she was using Barrett M82 with a silencer. She was position in the branch of the tree that could see almost everything that is happening below. If one would look up, they would not be able to see her nor detect her presence. As Wu Jie Shi was also trained to conceal her presence. Most of the snipers are hiding in the bushes but Wu Jie Shi preferred above and her light body is her greatest advantage as she can move lightly and had a great balance. She was comfortable in the branch of the tree.

    Inside the residence, Kellie Joe and Henry Loopburn was in the middle of illegal transaction. Henry Loopburn was negotiating the price for a casket that has twenty or more firearms inside.

    Kellie Joe was very happy as she had a good feeling about the deal and was confident that they could get the deal done. As Henry Loopburn had a talent in negotiating it was just a pity that he was too greedy with money that he was even more willing to do illegal transactions.

    "General, I request for your permission to enter the premises." Wu Jie Shi said as she position her rifle in one of the branch.

    "Denied. It was still to early"

    "Sir. The one who would enter is not a human. It was bug shaped AI of mine. I will establish a connection to the control team. Luhan accept the invitation."

    In one of the monitor inside the van, pop up a notification and Mo Luhan click the accept button and they are able to see Wu Jie Shi.

    "Sir are you able to see me? I will now release koi."

    After speaking the view changed and one could see that it was moving downward. As it landed in the ground, it didn't bounce nor create a sound. It is now starting to move forward. Walking through the alley masked with the darkness. It could also pick up sounds within five meters.

    Using the other bugs of Wu Jie Shi, they are able to know the exact positions of the enemy and was able knock them out. Silently and flawlessly. Time past by and they are able to take out almost all of the bodyguards of Kellie Joe and Henry Loopburn.

    One of the bugs of Wu Jie Shi is currently entering the house. It moves forward in the shadows. A little while later, five people can be seen and a big casket on the side with 4 people on its side ready to lift, only waiting for the command.

    Kellie Joe and Henry Loopburn are identified together with its four lackeys beside the casket.

    "Sir. They seemed to be in the middle of illegal transaction."

    General Li stared closely to the person in front of Henry Loopburn.

    Why do I feel like I have seen him before?

    He thought to himself.

    "Delta team ready to take out the target anytime sir"

    "Bravo team on position"

    "Alpha team on position"

    Wu Jie Shi smiled in relief and noticed the signal given from the man she was with for years.

    Despite of many fights and misunderstanding, he is still willing to help me. You are really one of a kind.

    She thought and smiled. Wu Jie Shi looked through the front sight.

    "Sir. Request for permission to fire."

    Through the screen, General Li noticed something strange. The man in front of Henry moved a little bit side ways. It seems like he moved a little to give the snipers a good view to Henry.

    Or am I just imagining things?

    General Li rebuked himself.

    "permission granted"

    The people inside the van stiffed and looked at General Li with curious gazes and all Chinese soldiers was shocked to what they had just heard. They all shared a same thought in mind with only one word.


    On the Alpha team, Jonathan Howard did not react and focused his gaze to Henry Loopburn. But deep inside he felt conflicted.

    He liked her because she has the talent? Well... it will do good since he will be Austin's father-in-law in the future. That is if Austin will gonna marry that son of a bitch who impregnated my innocent daughter.

    Jonathan Howard begun to imagine to torture Li Zhiyue.

    Wu Jie Shi smiled and adjusted her gun a little,licked her lips wet, eyes are deep as an

    ocean and pulled the trigger twice. She jumped off the ground and walked out the residence.

    Everyone in the area was shocked as to what had happened in front of their eyes.

    As soon as Wu Jie Shi fired the first bullet, the man grabbed his gun from his back and pulled the trigger to the four lackeys of Henry Loopburn. In a split second, Henry Loopburn, Kellie Joe and other four men are now on the ground. Dead.
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