9 Is your grandson

    Li's household...

    In the dining room, the Li family is complete and was eating silently until the main course was done. When everyone was finished eating, the maids took the plates and another maid placed an another plate but this time it was a slice of Osmanthus cake paired with Osmanthus tea.

    "dad I heard that there are US soldiers in the base. Are they here for a mission?" Li Yunzhao asked to break the silence as he felt that there was something wrong with their parents. Their mom, Yang Xin was in daze while holding her tea and their father, Li Zuezhi was frowning from time to time.

    Li Zuezhi was taken a back as he heard his son asked him about Wu Jie Shi.

    "yes. But it was done now. They are returning back five days from now. Speaking of which, clear your schedules the day after tomorrow. There will be a party. We all need to attend."

    Li Zuezhi turned his attention to his wife and said.

    "darling, I need you to look for a gift to the Wu family's third generation young miss"

    Yang Xin was pulled out from daze when she heard her husband calling for her.

    She just nodded in response. Upon realizing that the Wu family's third generation young miss was Wu Jie Shi, Yang Xin dropped her cup and it was fortunate that the cup is now empty.

    The four men's attention was in Yang Xin. As Li Zuezhi was about to ask what happen, Li Chengyu cut off his father by asking

    "wait dad. Are we going to that family's party?"

    "yeah what of it? Do you perhaps know the Wu family's third generation young miss?" Li Zuezhi asked to his youngest son.

    "i.. I sort of knew her from the past. She was my senior back then."

    Li Zuezhi's attention is now all in his youngest son upon hearing his reply.

    "Are you acquainted by her? Do you know where she lives now? I heard is not in Wu Family's residence."

    Li Zuezhi asked eagerly to his youngest son. His eyes looked determined to know more about the young lady.

    On the corner, Li Zhiyue raised his right eyebrow and was starting to wonder who this Wu Jie Shi is as to why his parents was acting quite strange upon hearing about her name and knowing that Chengyu's claims.

    "she may not even know me dad. It's just that I heard that she was seen in the airport weeks ago with a child"

    Hearing about the child, Yang Xin froze on her chair for a moment but that did not escape on Li Zhiyue's eyes.

    What's with child that made mom have this reaction.

    Li Zhiyue thought.

    "a child? Whose child?"

    Li Zuezhi flinched when he heard about a child. While Yang Xin was nervous and took a glimpse of her son Zhiyue whose quietly drinking his tea.

    Not knowing what happened, Li Chengyu answered his father nervously.

    "Some said it was her son out of marriage as the child had the same eyes as her. They even said that the man fled of his responsibility upon knowing that Wu Jie Shi was pregnant."

    Yang Xin wiped her sweat that was forming in her forehead she nervously looked at her husband and Li Zuezhi slammed the table hard that it had shook from the force of Li Zuezhi's hand had brought.


    Li Zuezhi roared in anger. He is genuinely angry and he did not bother to hide it as the thought of his best friend's daughter has now a son.

    "Yunzhao! I need you to find who's that bastard that impregnated Jie jie. Take him to me I will teach that bastard a lesson I will beat him to pulp that no one would ever recognize him" Li Zuezhi said as his expression darkened.

    Yang Xin was silent as she looked at her husband who is fuming mad and was wondering why Li Zuezhi was mad for what had happened to Wu Jie Shi.

    Is he the childhood friend of Mo Fie that Little Xie had once mentioned? If he is, then what a small world indeed. I never once met Mo Fie before because I was abroad. Visiting my late mother's grave in Texas. My dear husband, the bastard that you are cursing now is no other than your proud eldest son. Wu Jie Shi's son is your grandson.
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